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Cat Moods? How to Use CBD for Cats for Different Cat Moods

Cat Moods? How to Use CBD for Cats for Different Cat Moods

If you’re a cat owner, you know all about “cattitude” and cat moods, and you should know that CBD for cats may help with different cat mood swings. There are many, and they can sometimes feel unpredictable or unmanageable at worst – but they are hilarious and sweet at best. These cat moods are a part of the reason many of us find our feline friends irresistible. 

Some pet owners use CBD for cats to help their cats maintain general wellness and consistency in their moods. While CBD can’t be used to “fix” mood swings, it can support your cat in sustaining a calm, relaxed demeanor throughout the day – which can keep you from getting cat mood whiplash.


bright eyed cat waiting for owner


Different Types of Cat Moods

Not all cat moods are bad. In fact, many of your cat’s moods are the reason you love them – from the purry baby that sits on your chest at night to the playful after-dinner kitty who wants to chase the laser. But sometimes, we see dramatic mood swings from happy to grumpy in the blink of an eye, which can be troublesome for both you and your cat. 

Here, we’ll talk about some of the hard-to-manage moods your cat might swing into, including:


  • Crazy, unmanageable cat
  • Hyperactive, stressed-out cat
  • Cranky or grumpy cat 
  • Scared or nervous cat


Crazy, Bouncing-Off-the-Wall Cat

Some people might call this the “parkour” cat, in reference to the training practice where athletes speed through complex environments by bouncing off walls and swinging off railings. When your cat feels crazy, its behavior can be absolutely shocking. They might even achieve some feats of physical fitness that you didn’t know were possible, such as reaching the curtain railing on an 8-foot-high window. CBD oil for cats can help support calm and overall well-being when regularly used so that it can be a great addition to your crazy kitty’s daily routine.

Hyperactive, Stressed-Out Cat

Another of the common cat moods is the stressed-out kitty cat. While hyperactivity can be a sign of stress in cats, sometimes a stressed cat will hide under furniture and be more still and subdued. 

A crazy cat is sometimes happy and sometimes distressed – often, only the owner knows the difference between their cat’s playful parkour mood and the stressed-out, hyperactive mood. Either way, both can be difficult for a pet owner to manage, especially if they’re trying to cook dinner or work from home. CBD for cats can help ease the daily stress your cat may be going through. 

Hisses and Scratches: A Cranky or Grumpy Cat

We all wish our cats could enjoy pets and purr at us all day, but most cats get into a cranky or grumpy mood at some point or another. This sometimes happens mid-snugglefest, when you’re rubbing your kitty’s belly and they suddenly decide it’s time to break out the claws and kitty fangs. A cranky or grumpy cat mood can mean a lot of hissing, scratching, and general dissonance in the household.  

The Original “Fraidy Cat”: When a Cat Is Scared

While we might not think of fear as one of the cat moods, you might notice your cat feeling afraid or nervous at strange intervals, so it can certainly be considered a mood state. Cats are easily startled, and if this happens, they might descend into a general suspiciousness of everything around them. If you drop a glass on the floor while they’re nearby, it might take them a few hours to get out of their nervous funk. 


grey cat laying in it's bed


What Causes Mood Swings in Your Cat

Several things can contribute to your cat’s new mood or a series of swift changes in cat moods. These might be: 


  • Changes to environment
  • New pets or family members
  • Overstimulation 
  • Underlying health issues


Changes in Environment Like a New House

Moving house or going on a trip is often a stressful experience for cats. While not all cats are the same – many love to go on adventures, and some even join their owners for permanently nomadic van life! – it’s safe to say that most cats find dramatic changes to their environment to be stressful. Thus, moving house or otherwise changing a cat’s environment can lead to a mood swing. Your cat friends often get stressed out with sudden changes, so it is important to be prepared. CBD for cats may be a good option when moving into a new home to help ease the transition. 

New Pets or Family Members

Introducing new people or pets to your family can be a delight for you, but your kitty might find it stressful. Even if they likely grow to love your new family member, the early days of introducing a new person or animal to your household can cause a dramatic change in cat moods. 

Cat Moods Might Change with Overstimulation

Changes in environment, new pets, new family members – all of these experiences can be summed up as overstimulation. Most cats like routine and familiarity, and when there are too many new things happening, they can get overstimulated. This can cause a dramatic shift in a cat’s mood. 

Underlying Health Issues

If your cat's moods are really hard to keep track of, they might be the result of some kind of health issue that your cat is trying to communicate to you. Excessive hyperactivity may be an indicator of stress in your cat. If your feline suddenly gets into a grumpy cat mood while you’re scratching their belly, there might be something tender or sensitive on their body that they need to get checked out.

If you really can’t find another reason for the rapid change in cat moods, and the swings seem dramatic and out of character to you, you should definitely consult your veterinarian.


cat playing with yarn scratch toy


How to Manage Cat Mood Swings

If your household is somehow disturbed by your cat’s mood swings, or if you find your cat is staying in a negative mood rather than a positive one, you will want to learn how to manage cat moods. There are a lot of effective strategies for this, including:


  • Daily consistency
  • Reducing stimulation
  • A special cat space
  • A solid wellness routine that includes CBD for cats


A Consistent Daily Schedule

One way to improve your cat’s mood swings is with a more consistent daily schedule. If you have a revolving door of people coming in and out of the house every day, you might want to separate your cat from that action. Your cat should know when to expect feeding times and playtimes, and keeping their environment and schedule regular may help control their cat moods. 

Consider Your Cat’s Daily Stimulation

Everybody loves a game of chase the laser, and engaging games are an important part of your cat’s mental health. But it is possible to overdo it – especially if everyone in the household is playing with your cat all day long!

Be considerate about how much stimulation your cat is getting every day. Be selective about when you play with them, and don’t pressure them to engage if they want to relax. Reducing your cat’s overstimulation might help them manage their cat moods. 

Create a Safe, Cat-Specific Space in Your Home

Your cat might need a space where they can retreat so they can avoid overstimulation. While you can adapt your household and create a somewhat consistent daily routine for cats, they might simply need a place of their own.

This might be a box or enclosed kitty bed in the corner with a blanket and their food and water bowls, or even a small closet or quiet room where they can retreat for privacy. It’s ideal to create a space with a cat door that only they can access, so they can escape from other pets or people if they need to. Offering this space to your furry friends might help them manage more consistency in their mood.


pawCBD 150 mg cbd soft chews for cats and 150 mg cbd oil for cats


A Solid Wellness Routine with CBD for Cats

CBD for cats can help with the everyday, normal feline mood swings in our favorite furry friends. Just like CBD offers well-being benefits for people, it can do the same for your cat too. CBD can help kitty maintain a sense of calm, manage signs of daily stress, support physical comfort, and complement everyday wellness. Introducing CBD oil for cats or CBD treats for cats into their daily wellness routine can help them sustain a calm demeanor throughout the day. 

Manage Your Cat’s Moods with These Strategies

If you have a moody cat on your hands, now you know why. “Cattitude” and mood swings are likely caused by something simple like a change in routine or overstimulation. Of course, if you have any concerns, always talk to your veterinarian to rule out underlying issues. If your kitty gets a clean bill of health but just needs a little help with those cat moods, try creating a safe space, introducing CBD for cats to their wellness routine, and being consistent with their stimulation each day.


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