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CBD for Pets: A Guide to Help Improve the Life of Your Pet

CBD for Pets: A Guide to Help Improve the Life of Your Pet

The community of pet owners is a passionate, loving group of people. For most pet parents, their dogs and cats are the centers of their world. Which means they spend a lot of time and energy finding ways to keep their pets happy and healthy.

If you count yourself among this group – many of whom say they were rescued by their animals, not the other way around! – you have probably heard rumors about CBD for pets. Family and friends have likely attested to the changes they’ve seen in their animals after introducing CBD pet treats or pet CBD oil tinctures into their animal’s routine. Alternately, many pet owners have become curious after experiencing the wellness benefits of CBD for themselves.

Whatever has led you to think about using CBD products for pets, you’re right to be curious about this new frontier in pet care. And as a responsible pet parent, you want to learn everything you can about this hemp-based resource, from the safety and benefits to the best types of products for pets and how to use them. Here is what you need to know, so Fido and Fluffy can start experiencing the peace and pleasure of CBD right away!

A jack russell terrier sits patiently and waits on a cbd treat from paw cbd

The Benefits of Pet CBD Oil

Because the behavior of CBD within the human and animal body is very similar, the benefits for cats and dogs are also identical to those experienced by humans. Human's often talk about how adding CBD to their daily lifestyle supports a sense of calm and manages stress signals. Pet owners also report that their animals experience these same benefits.

There are lots of scenarios in which pet owners report using CBD to benefit their dogs and cats, including noisy settings or events, like thunderstorms or the Fourth of July or stressful situations like moving, traveling, or even just the daily grind of their family’s busy schedule, which might inspire separation issues for some pets. Other pet parents say they use it for general health maintenance, like mobility support for a senior dog or a cat who had recent surgery.

The Benefits of Pet CBD Oil for Cats

Cat owners know that their felines can be a little mercurial – most kitty parents are familiar with that unpredictable switch from “pet me!” to “get away!” Cat owners can’t read their pets’ minds, but they can read their behavior. Simply by monitoring their activity level and habits, cat parents know when their feline friends feel stressed or in pain.

CBD oil for cats benefits overall cat health as a more nature-based, holistic alternative. Because CBD interacts with other processes in a cat’s body, owners who use these products have noticed a general sense of calm and freedom of movement in their cats after using CBD alongside a comprehensive health plan. It won’t change their cattitude – who would want that, anyway? – but you might see them climb to the top of the cat tower a little faster than usual!

The Benefits of Pet CBD Oil for Dogs

Dogs are well known for their happy, spirited nature. Even the laziest, most nap-prone basset hound has the drive to play, and it is extremely obvious to pet owners when their canine buddies are feeling down or off-kilter.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from separation issues, noise aversion, or nervousness in unfamiliar situations. For some dogs, these issues can cause daily distress because they affect other processes, like appetite or the desire to be active. No pet owner wants to see their beloved dog suffering at all – much less with any regularity.

Because CBD is known to promote calm, many pet owners have seen that CBD pet products have made their dogs’ lives a little easier. Dogs might demonstrate more willingness to eat or drink without encouragement or have a little more pep in their step when you get out the leash. CBD can be a useful part of a healthy daily routine to ensure better, happier days for your dog, regardless of its age or conditions.

A diagram shows the endocannabinoid system of a dog and highlights the different cb receptors

Is it Safe to Use?

Safety is the number one concern for any pet parent. With all the different products and tools offered by the massive pet industry, owners have to be careful and well-informed about introducing anything new to their furry friends’ world.

CBD is growing in popularity for both human and pet use. Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you probably have friends or family talking about how they use it for relaxation or exercise recovery. It has become a positive part of the wellness routine for many people – and the same goes for their pets. These pet lovers see the benefits and that adverse effects are uncommon, giving them confidence in using CBD for dogs and cats with few or no issues.

How CBD for Pets Works

CBD for pets works very similarly to CBD for humans because it affects the same part of the body: the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which all mammals have. The ECS works with other systems in the body to regulate sensations like appetite and digestion, immune response, sleep, and skin health. Studies are limited to the benefits of CBD for cats and dogs, but there is a robust community of pet owners who have made it a part of their pets’ daily lifestyle because they see its impact.

While these products are gaining a loyal following, not all of them are created equal. Read more below about how to choose the best CBD for pets.

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The Best CBD Pet Products

Once you have decided that CBD pet products might be a good choice for you and Sparky or Simba, the real research begins. This is a relatively new industry, and there are a lot of choices to make. It’s important to be an informed user and find the best product for your pet’s needs and physiology.

What to Look For in CBD Products for Pets

Here are some signs of good-quality CBD products for pets. The more of these boxes that are checked, the more confident you can feel about the company you are purchasing from.

  • Veterinarian-formulated: If a veterinarian is involved in the creation process, you can rest easy that the product is formulated specifically for your pet’s needs.
  • No fillers or artificial flavors: Your beloved furry friend doesn’t need any of that!
  • Derived from high-quality hemp: US-grown hemp is ideal because domestic farms have more stringent quality control. CBD products are only as good as the hemp they are derived from!
  • Third-party lab tested: The use of an independent third-party lab ensures that a CBD product is truly free of THC – meaning THC is undetectable at the lowest level when consistently detected using valid scientific analytical tools. Trustworthy companies will provide a Certificate of Analysis as proof.
  • Serving size choices: A conscientious company will offer varying serving sizes and strengths, based on a pet’s weight, so you can administer exactly the amount you want to give to your pet. A tiny cat and a huge dog will need different amounts of CBD to see the benefits, so it’s important that any product you buy offers you plenty of choices.
  • Other supporting ingredients: While you don’t want any unnecessary artificial fillers in your CBD pet product, other beneficial ingredients can help support pet health. For example, special CBD pet formulas that include melatonin and chamomile can be a useful complement to CBD oil for pets if your goal is calm and relaxation or improved sleep for your pet. Likewise, enriching ingredients like the glucosamine and Omega-3s found in our Paw CBD Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs can encourage healthy joints and muscles and help maintain optimal mobility.
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Types of CBD Products for Pets

The only kind of federally legal CBD oil is hemp-derived CBD, which is extracted from – you guessed it! – the industrial hemp plant. These plants are a variety of Cannabis sativa specifically bred to be non-intoxicating. And once the CBD is pulled from the plant, it can be incorporated into a variety of different materials for delivery to your pet, including CBD oil tinctures, CBD treats, chews and balms, and even CBD peanut butter!

  • CBD pet tincture: Tinctures are a popular choice for cats and dogs because of their ease of use. CBD pet tincture comes in varying strengths and can simply be dropped directly into the pet’s mouth or added to food or treats.
  • CBD treats: For a more portable option, many pet owners choose to give their dogs CBD treats with the oil baked into them. These are great for on-the-go times when your pup needs to chill at the dog park or for rewards after obedience training!
  • CBD soft chews: CBD soft chews for cats and CBD soft chews for dogs are easy on the teeth, particularly well-suited to senior and smaller animals.
  • Specialty CBD Pet Formulas: Some product lines offer special CBD pet formulas to target specific aspects of your pet’s wellness needs. For example, a CBD soft chew for cats that includes licorice root powder and nettle leaf extract can support kidney health, while a CBD calming oil with melatonin helps soothe stressed-out dogs when they need a little extra TLC.
  • CBD balms: The rub-on balm formula offers pet owners an opportunity to nourish sensitive skin areas with CBD and other soothing ingredients. Even just the act of rubbing on affected areas like pads, paws, and elbows can be a pleasant experience for your pet!
  • CBD-infused peanut butter: A particularly great way to deliver the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, CBD-infused peanut butter makes a wholesome, tasty treat for your pup!

Choosing the best products will depend on a lot of factors – your animal’s breed and size, their specific needs and diet, and your goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different delivery methods to ensure you see the distinctive benefits!

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How to Use CBD Products for Pets

Once you’ve decided on the type product you want to try with your animal, here’s how to introduce CBD into your pet’s daily health regimen:

  1. Please read carefully: Read all the packaging and any other information that comes with the product before introducing it to your pet. The quality and thoroughness of the information provided will also reflect the quality of the company you’re purchasing from. If they don’t offer plenty of information, answer all your questions, and give clear instructions, you might want to think about buying elsewhere. Knowledge is power when it comes to pet care!
  2. Talk to your veterinarian: It’s also important to tell your vet that CBD oil is on your mind – keep them apprised about your plans to introduce it into your animals’ life. Your vet might also be able to provide some guidance on how it might benefit your animal, as well as serving size.
  3. Be consistent with serving size: A general rule when introducing a new supplement into your pet’s diet is to start small and maintain that initial serving size for a full 30 days. The product needs time to take effect, and this also gives you an opportunity to monitor how your pet is behaving closely.
  4. Increase or decrease as needed: If you aren’t seeing the remarkable benefits of CBD for pets after this period, you can increase the serving size marginally and wait another 30 days. Be patient – your pet is unique, and it might take some time to find the perfect delivery method and serving-size for your beloved canine or feline!

Use CBD Oil for Pets to Improve Their Life – And Yours!

They say “happy wife, happy life,” but “happy pet, happy life” is the real mantra for most devoted pet parents. CBD for dogs benefits your pet in many ways so that you can look forward to more long, happy, active days at the dog park. CBD for cats benefits you by keeping your feline friend content, calm, and purring. Whatever the breed, size, or age of your animal, pet CBD oil can support a natural, healthy lifestyle. And when your pet’s happy and relaxed, so are you!


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