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CBD for Pets: Establishing a Wellness Routine

CBD for Pets: Establishing a Wellness Routine

Your pet will experience the wellness benefits of CBD best if you set up a regular CBD routine in their daily lives. Some pet owners are overwhelmed by how to do this, but it’s very simple. Just like you have a feeding schedule every day, you can make CBD part of their routine every day!

The wonderful thing about a CBD routine is that it can cater to you and your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle. While you need to remain consistent in the amount of CBD you give to your pet daily, you can alter other parts of the routine – such as delivery method – to accommodate your schedule and their preferences. Because there are various ways to give CBD oil to your pet, it’s not hard to find the best routine for you and your furry family member.

An infographic details the steps to establishing a wellness routine for pets with products from paw cbd

5 Steps to Establishing a CBD Routine for Your Pet

You’re just five simple steps away from finding the best wellness routine for your best friend. Check out our handy infographic, then read more about each step below!

1. Consult Your Veterinarian

This is always the first step when introducing anything new to your pet. No matter how well we know and love our pets, veterinarians bring a wealth of knowledge to the table that is important when making decisions about their wellness. That’s why all of our products at Paw CBD are veterinarian-formulated!

Your veterinarian can offer invaluable insight into your pet’s specific physiology and needs. They can likely provide some insight about how much CBD to give to your pet and the best delivery method for their breed, size, and needs.

2. Find the Right CBD Serving Size for Your Pet

When getting started with CBD, one of the most common questions, “How much CBD should I give to my pet?” It is a great question, and the answer is very important because the wellness benefits of CBD are directly correlated to using the appropriate amount. Your pet’s health and happiness will be best supported when they are given the right serving size of CBD.

The amount of CBD your pet needs depends on its size, which is why a reliable CBD product will always provide choices for small, medium, or large animals. But your pet’s unique make-up will also determine how much CBD they need. Some pets might need more CBD than others to see the benefits, while some pets might need less than other animals their size to remain happy and alert.

A doberman runs beside his owner in the background behind a stack of cbd dog chews from paw cbd

3. Choose the Right Delivery Method (or Methods!)

CBD oil tinctures, soft chews, crunchy CBD treats, CBD peanut butter, special formulas to support hip mobility, calming, or kidney health – the options for how to give CBD oil to cats and dogs are nearly endless!

Different delivery methods for CBD offer various benefits for your pet. CBD soft chews for cats provide a unique treat specially catered to a cat’s small, sensitive teeth. Likewise, the CBD soft chews for dogs offer an option for smaller dogs or senior dogs with sensitive teeth. You might want the portable, pre-measured convenience of a CBD-infused pet treat, or you might want to be able to control serving size with your bottle of pet CBD oil tincture.

You’ll also want to consider other health goals for your pet. Our hip and joint soft chews for dogs offer mobility support, and our kidney support chews for cats feature ingredients specifically chosen to support kidney wellness.

It’s important to remember that your pet’s CBD doesn’t have to be provided in one serving a day or even in one method. As long as you keep the daily total of CBD the same, you can mix and match different ways to give your pet CBD. You can always try new delivery methods while keeping the amount of CBD the same.

For example, if your canine companion needs 20 mg of CBD daily, you can add 10 mg of CBD oil tincture for dogs to their breakfast kibble, then give them 5 mg of CBD peanut butter later in the day, and then end the day with 5 mg of our award-winning peanut butter CBD treats. Three separate (and delicious!) goodies for your pet, but the total of 20 mg of daily CBD remains the same!

Or, if your feline friend needs 10 mg of CBD a day, you might give her 5 mg of salmon-flavored CBD oil in the morning and a yummy 5 mg chicken and catnip soft chew for cats later in the day. Our CBD pet bundles make it easy to add variety to your pet’s CBD routine!

A sleepy golden retriever lays his head on cbd dog chews from paw cbd

4. Maintain the Same Serving Size for 30 Days

Thirty days might sound like a long time, but it’s really important to be consistent with your pet’s serving size for the full 30-day period. CBD will build up in your pet’s body over time, and you might not notice immediate benefits. You also need to give your pet time to adjust to this new wellness routine.

Every pet is different, so the amount of time it takes for the CBD to accumulate in their system will vary. That’s why the next step is so important!

5. Monitor Your Pet and Adjust as Needed

It’s an unfortunate reality that our pets can’t talk to us. We are entirely responsible for watching their behavior and identifying how a new wellness routine is impacting them. You know your pet better than anyone, so you’re uniquely suited for this job!

Keep an eye on your pet after you introduce CBD. You might not see any benefits on the first day, but be on the lookout for ways your pet might be demonstrating its health and happiness. You want to ensure your pet is comfortable, moving easily, and maintaining an appropriate amount of energy.

If your pet appears groggy or lethargic, you likely need to reduce the serving size of CBD or find a different formula for their needs. Or, if you are not seeing the benefits you were hoping for, you can gradually increase the serving size, try the next strongest product, or try a different delivery method.

Adapt Your CBD Routine as Needed

Once you’ve monitored your pet for thirty days, you can change how you use CBD oil for pets. Maybe you want to see how your pet does with a few milligrams more or less of CBD each day. Or maybe, now that you know exactly how much CBD your pet needs, you’re ready to start experimenting with other delivery methods or flavors. The process of keeping your furry friend happy and healthy can – and should – be a pleasure. Don’t be afraid to try new things!


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