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CBD Oil for Cats: How It Can Make Your Pet’s Life Better

CBD Oil for Cats: How It Can Make Your Pet’s Life Better

Cats are incredibly intelligent, observant creatures who are very sensitive to their surroundings and environment. Cat owners know that their pets are smart and that each cat has its personality. You want your kitty – no matter its age or conditions – to be healthy and happy, so cat parents are always looking for new ways to support their cat’s wellness. CBD oil for cats can be a perfect addition to any feline’s daily health regimen.

Perhaps a friend or family member recently mentioned that CBD has helped them feel more relaxed at bedtime, and you started to wonder if it could help your nocturnal kitty chill out when the sun goes down. Or maybe a fellow cat owner mentioned that they had seen impressive results with CBD oil for cats. Whatever has led you into research, you’re already making a great decision for your pet by gathering information and learning about this tool before introducing it to your favorite feline.

The pet industry is an expansive space, and unfortunately, not all products you can find on the market are produced with care. But the benefits of these products have become obvious to many pet owners, so you’re smart to investigate further into this pet wellness trend.

A grey cat sleeps with its head on its arms atop a yellow couch

What Is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD is the common abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of many cannabinoids, or compounds found in the hemp plant. Most of us have heard of the cannabinoid THC, another compound found in the hemp plant. CBD and THC, while found in the same plant, are very different substances that create a very different response in the human and animal body.

THC generates the psychoactive response known as “being high,” but CBD will not get you, or your cat, high. Instead, this particular cannabinoid has become popular because of the potential wellness benefits achieved without any psychoactive effects. Hemp-derived CBD for cats, specifically, is extracted from industrial hemp, a plant that cannot legally contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Industrial hemp is intentionally designed to be non-intoxicating.

Is CBD Oil for Cats Safe?

You might have started to hear more about CBD in the past several years because of the 2018 Farm Bill. This legislation made the use of hemp – and hemp-derived products – federally legal. The Farm Bill made it much easier for the public to access this remarkable wellness support for themselves and their pets.

CBD oil tinctures for cats are not only legal, but they are also becoming increasingly available for your pet’s use. While there have been no formal studies completed, there are veterinarians who support and condone the use and benefits of CBD for cats.

One of the main reasons CBD tinctures for cats seem to provide an array of benefits is that CBD interacts with the same system in cats that it does in humans: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Found in all mammals, the ECS impacts a lot of bodily processes such as sleep, appetite, stress signals, skin, nerves, and immune response. When you administer CBD oil or CBD oil treats for cats, the CBD connects with receptors in the ECS to create the positive bodily effects that many cat owners see when they use these products.

A beautiful grey and white cat rushes through the bushes

The Benefits of CBD Products for Cats

Kitty parents use CBD for cats because they have seen, firsthand, how it can positively affect a cat’s life. Here are some common scenarios in which cat owners have reported seeing wellness results.


Senior cats can sometimes struggle with standing, walking, and jumping – all very important components of a happy kitty life! Daily discomfort can reduce your cat’s freedom of movement and make it difficult for them to take part in their favorite activities. Some cat parents have noticed that, with the right diet, regular exercise, and the use of CBD tinctures for cats, Socks is a little more eager to chase after his favorite laser pointer or ball of yarn!

Similarly, if your cat is healing from an injury or has undergone some form of surgery, you might notice reduced movement as they recover. Their movement is naturally limited during this time, but a swift and full recovery is important for both you and your kitty. CBD for cats can be an excellent way to enhance any physical therapy your cat may need to recover.


Your cat might be uninterested in food sometimes or seem to have trouble knowing when he should stop eating. While occasional issues may not be concerning, always talk to your veterinarian if your cat’s appetite changes suddenly. If your cat is just a finicky eater at times or likes to overindulge at others, you may find the addition of CBD to your kitty’s daily routine can have some positive overall wellness benefits. The ECS has some influence on appetite, so CBD may be a good choice to maintain a healthy diet.


Cat owners have reported that CBD can contribute to an overall sense of calm and well-being in their cats. Does your cat hide beneath the couch when strangers come or constantly meow on the cat cam while you’re at work? These are stress signals – it’s your kitty’s way of showing you that he or she is nervous and uncomfortable. Pet owners have noticed that these products can help ease everyday distress issues and leave their feline friends more relaxed.

Cats’ Skin

Many cat owners have experienced skin issues in their kitty. Irritated, dry, or scaly skin on their exposed belly or even beneath the fur on other parts of the body are common occurrences. Some pet owners have said one of the benefits of CBD for cats in topical form is that they’ve noticed healthier, less irritated skin.

A grey cat looks into a dish of food decorated with a hemp leaf

Choosing the Best CBD Oil Products for Cats

While cats share an ECS with humans and other mammals, they also have a uniquely sensitive digestive system – meaning that a good cat CBD oil product will be formulated specifically for cats and their digestion.

It’s also vital that your chosen product uses a high-quality, trustworthy CBD oil. Factors like where the hemp is grown, how the CBD is extracted, isolated, and tested will influence the final pet CBD tincture quality.

The best CBD oil for cats will be:

  • Extracted from domestically grown hemp. USA hemp production is carefully monitored to ensure the highest-quality hemp plant from which to source CBD.
  • Veterinarian formulated. A professional expert should have input in how any treats for your pet are designed and formulated. Look for the magic words – “veterinarian formulated” – on any CBD products for cats that you decide to purchase.
  • Available in various strengths. From the Singapura (which is typically half the size of an average feline) to the famously large Maine Coon, cats come in all sizes, which means they all need a specific serving size of pet CBD oil. The best products will come in various strengths based on your cat’s weight so you can create the perfect wellness routine.
  • Made from Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula. Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts, achieved through a process unique to Paw CBD, ensure your product has all the goodness of CBD, along with the other vital cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant, but without any THC contamination.
  • Third-party lab tested. The best CBD for cats will have results from an independent laboratory that tested their products to ensure they are free of THC. The lab’s independence is important – a third-party lab has no incentive to alter the results, so you can rest assured the product really won’t give your cat any psychoactive effects.

Types of CBD Oil Products for Cats

Once you have identified the best, most high-quality CBD oil for cats, you can now decide what delivery method is the most appropriate – and the most fun! – for Mr. Pickles. There are plenty of choices, from CBD oil treats for cats to pet CBD tincture. Each type of product has different benefits, from consistency to portability, so you can find what works for your furry family member.

CBD Oil Tinctures for Cats

Tinctures are very simple to use and allow cat parents to have complete control over serving size, making it easy to adjust as needed. A tincture can be delivered directly into the cat’s mouth, dropped onto a treat or into a food bowl, or even dissolved in a bowl of water or milk for your kitty. CBD tinctures for cats come in fun flavors like catnip, so your feline friend is sure to enjoy her daily serving of CBD!

CBD Oil Soft Chews for Cats

A soft chew is perfect for senior cats or any cat who struggles with tooth sensitivity. These CBD chews for cats are also great because they’re portable, and you can remain confident about delivering the correct serving size every time.

Special CBD Pet Formulas for Cats

If you have specific wellness goals for your kitty, you might want to seek out a special formula that harnesses the power of CBD and other ingredients to address certain goals. Kidney issues are sadly common among kitties, especially senior cats more than seven years old. Our Kidney Support Chews for Cats deliver all the benefits of CBD for cats along with supporting ingredients like licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract to support your kitty’s kidney wellness.

A yellow tabby cat sits in the grass and looks off into the distance

Introducing CBD to Your Cats

To see the benefits of CBD for cats, you have to administer the correct serving size with consistency. Figuring out exactly what works for you and your sometimes finicky feline might take some time, so be patient with the process. Here is how to introduce pet CBD oil to your kitty’s routine:

  1. Do your research. By reading this article, you’ve made a strong start! Once you’ve made a purchase, you need to read all of the instructions, ingredients, and other packaging information available to you, including detailed information on the best serving size for your cat’s weight.
  2. Have a chat with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian should always know about any changes to your pet’s daily wellness routine, and that includes your decision to incorporate CBD oil for cats.
  3. Start small. No matter the size of your furry friend – even for the fluffiest Maine Coon! – you need to start with the smallest recommended serving size for that cat’s weight. You might not see the benefits until you’ve been using it for a while, so wait 30 days before increasing the amount.
  4. Watch closely. Watch your cat closely during this month-long period and consider their normal activities and behaviors. Are they scrambling up the cat tower a little more quickly? Do they continue to nap on the couch even when the doorbell rings? Are they scarfing down their yummy dinner with a little more gusto? The benefits of CBD for cats might appear in small ways.
  5. Increase if needed. If you’ve seen no change in your cat’s wellness after 30 days, you might need to try a larger serving size.

CBD Oil Products for Cats Make a Great Wellness Addition

CBD products for cats are versatile and can generate many benefits for your feline friend. Whether you are looking to support a specific need for your kitty, such as kidney health, or even if you’re just looking to enhance your cat’s quality of life, CBD for cats can be a simple way to promote your cat’s well-being.


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