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Choosing the Best CBD Treats for Dogs: What Your Pet Really Needs

Choosing the Best CBD Treats for Dogs: What Your Pet Really Needs

Is there anything cuter than the way your dog comes running when he hears the rustle of the treat bag? It’s impossible not to be charmed by a pupper’s genuine thrill at the most simple things.

Dog parents everywhere want their pet’s entire life to be one long, happy treat, which is why CBD pet treats have increased in popularity. Combining the wellness benefits of CBD with a tasty, wholesome chewable, or hard snack makes treat time not only fun but also productive.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a CBD dog treat, but – like every dog mom or dad – you want only the best for your best friend. The best CBD treats for dogs are going to be clean, delicious, THC-free, and made from the most high-quality ingredients possible – including the best hemp-derived CBD oil.

If you’re interested in using CBD treats for dogs, here’s what you need to know.

What Are CBD Pet Treats?

CBD pet treats are any treats designed for your pet’s consumption that feature the wellness benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound found in the industrial hemp plant. Cannabidiol is one of more than 80 cannabinoids found in this plant, the growth and cultivation is outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill essentially jump-started the CBD product industry by legalizing all products of the hemp plant.

THC is another compound found in the hemp plant, but industrial hemp can’t legally have a concentration of more than 0.3 percent THC. This amount is so low that you can rest assured CBD products won’t cause any of the psychoactive effects associated with THC and marijuana – for you or your pet. The best CBD dog treats will give Fido the wellness perks of CBD, and that’s it!

An older black dog runs through a meadow with a large stick in his mouth

The Benefits of CBD Pet Treats

Right now, the formal studies into the benefits of CBD dog treats are limited. What interests most pet owners is the anecdotal reports from other dog parents about how they’ve seen these products benefit their animals. Noise aversion, separation stress, muscle stiffness, and general well-being are some of the reasons pet parents turn to CBD treats for dogs.

Support Calm

Noise aversion is a real struggle for many dogs. Their hearing is remarkable – while humans can only hear up to 20,000 hertz, dogs can hear up to 65,000 hertz! This ability is an impressive evolutionary development that helps them hunt prey. Although Spot isn’t going to need to hunt down his dinner any time soon, his ears are still primed for that purpose.

Noises are a part of daily life for your dog. From fireworks displays on the Fourth of July to the typical summer thunderstorm, loud noises, despite being common, can cause great discomfort for your pet. You might notice your dog cowering, trembling, or whining during noisy situations. Some pet parents have seen that CBD oil dog treats can provide calming support when everyday noises cause a disturbance.

Comfort During Separation

Many dog parents have a pet camera that they’ve set up to watch their canine companion while they’re at work. While we’re hopeful that our pet will just relax while we’re away, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes our departure is a really stressful, sad experience for our pet that can result in behaviors like excessive whining and barking, destruction of your belongings, or accidents inside the house. These behaviors might seem frustrating, but they are a dog’s way of saying, “I’m scared when you leave me!”

Separation issues are very real for many dogs, and they can be a struggle for pet parents, too. CBD dog biscuits might make it easier for your animal to relax while you’re out of the house and feel more joyful and confident that you will come home. It also might save you from the purchase of a new pair of shoes or a lengthy clean-up when you get home from work!

Support Movement

Whether you have a hyperactive Jack Russell terrier who needs to chase the ball for an hour every day or a lazy basset hound who just needs to jump up on the couch for his nap, dogs need to move. Activity is a vital part of a healthy pet’s daily life, even if it’s just the short saunter between the dog bed and the food bowl.

Senior dogs can experience stiffness in their joints or aching muscles as they get older. While this slowing down is a normal process, you want to help them maintain as much comfort and activity as they can for as long as possible. An extra-long day at the dog park can also cause some soreness, even for young, active puppers. Whatever the reason for your pet’s discomfort, dog treats with CBD might make the scramble for the tennis ball a little more fun!

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How to Find the Best CBD Treats for Dogs

There are specific qualities to look for in an excellent CBD pet product – both the things that should be in the treat and the things that should not.

The best CBD treats for dogs will be:

  • Veterinarian formulated. Veterinarians know what’s best for your pet, so it makes sense that a trustworthy CBD pet treat would use a veterinarian’s expertise in its design.
  • THC-free. These words are gold when imprinted on a new CBD product for you or your pet. If you want all of the wellness benefits of CBD with none of the psychoactive effects of THC, your product should be labeled “THC-free.” This indication means no THC can be detected at the lowest levels using valid scientific analytical tools.
  • Third-party lab tested. When you give out a treat, you want to know exactly what you’re giving to your dog, so it’s important to be sure an independent laboratory has tested the product and reported back about its contents. CBD products should come with a Certificate of Analysis that verifies the product is pure and powerful.
  • Superior Broad Spectrum. Dog treats can be made with different hemp extracts, including isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and Superior Broad Spectrum. Superior Broad Spectrum is designed by cbdMD, the parent company of Paw CBD. It’s a special formula that includes pure CBD isolate and some other helpful terpenes and cannabinoids from the remarkable hemp plant. All of the good, none of the bad!
  • Available in various strengths. The best CBD dog treats will come in various strengths, making it easy for you to give the right serving size to your dog, no matter his or her size. For example, our CBD Oil Tinctures for Dogs come in several strengths, from 150 mg per bottle for the little doggos to 3000 mg per bottle for the big woofers!
A cute brown dog lays beside the award winning cbd dog treats from paw cbd

The best CBD treats for dogs WILL NOT be:

  • Full of fillers or artificial flavors. Your best friend deserves only the best, and the best CBD treats for dogs will only contain wholesome ingredients and tasty flavorings. Be wary of fillers that might upset your dog’s stomach or unnecessary artificial flavors in general. When you look at our “turkey” flavored CBD Calming Chews for Dogs, you can see exactly where the turkey flavor comes from because it’s right there in the ingredients: turkey!
  • Designed for any animal but dogs. Do not give your pet CBD intended for humans. Especially in places where recreational marijuana use is legal, some CBD products for humans will have more than trace amounts of THC in them. Furthermore, the formulation of a pet treat specifically for dogs will consider their unique make-up, digestion, and other factors.
  • Derived from a plant grown outside the U.S. Hemp grown in other countries may not be subject to the same rigorous standards as industrial hemp produced within the confines of the U.S. American hemp farmers are responsible and highly regulated. We know that the best CBD dog treats derive from the best CBD oil, which comes from the very best hemp plant! Stick with CBD products that come from domestically grown hemp.

Hard Dog Treats with CBD

Simple, small, and crunchy CBD treats for dogs come in an easy-to-use, resealable pouch. With an exact amount of CBD extract baked into every treat, you know precisely how much CBD your pet is getting each time you give them a snack. Mouth-watering flavors like peanut butter and baked cheese are sure to inspire some tail-wagging!

The Best Choice for Your Furry Family

When it comes to choosing the best CBD treats for dogs, everyone’s needs are going to be different. Factors like your dog’s age, breed, weight, activity level, and other conditions will play into the decision of what pet treat is best.

Your doggo is unique, and so is your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to try a few different approaches when you introduce CBD treats to your pet – for example, try giving them the treat at another time of day if you don’t see the benefits you’d like. The best CBD treats for dogs are the ones that keep you and your canine companion happy, healthy, and ready to take on your next adventure – even if that’s just a big night of snuggling!

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