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Can I Give My Cat CBD Dog Treats?

We strongly recommend only using CBD for cats, and saving the CBD dog treats for your canine companion. Here’s why.

Pet owners with multi-pet households might be wondering if it’s okay to give a cat CBD dog treats. If you’ve already purchased dog CBD, it might seem unnecessary to buy an entirely new product for your cat. If you have a high-quality CBD for dogs, it’s unlikely that the CBD in that treat will hurt your cat – but there might be other ingredients in there that aren’t safe for felines.

We strongly recommend only using CBD for cats, and saving the CBD dog treats for your canine companion. Here’s why.

CBD Dog Treats Are Unlikely to Hurt Your Cat, But It’s Possible

CBD impacts the same system in cats and dogs that is impacted when humans take CBD: the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Because we share this system with cats and dogs, we have a better understanding of how CBD affects our pets. If your CBD dog treat contains trustworthy Superior Broad Spectrum CBD that is derived from domestically grown hemp and certified THC-free,* then the CBD in the dog treat is technically safe for your cat to consume.

It’s likely that you could give your cat a CBD dog treat and they would be fine. But you’re trying to improve your cat’s daily wellness with CBD, and that goal is going to be achieved more effectively with CBD cat treats that are designed for the feline body. Rather than cutting corners with a CBD dog treat, we recommend finding a feline-specific formula for CBD cat treats that can generate amazing benefits for your pet.

Cats Are Usually Smaller Than Dogs, Which Complicates the CBD Dosage Amount

How much CBD you give to your cat or dog daily is a very important component of a successful routine that creates meaningful improvements for your pet’s wellness. The serving size for dog CBD and cat CBD is calculated by weight and size as a starting point, and a package of CBD dog treats will offer instructions for how to dose your dog with CBD – not your cat. While you could do some research and try to estimate an appropriate amount for your cat, this puts your cat at risk of getting too little CBD and not seeing any benefits (or getting too much CBD and feeling lethargic).

Using CBD for cats instead will ensure you’re following exact dosage instructions and meeting your cat’s specific needs.

CBD for Cats Can Support Feline-Specific Wellness Goals

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In the same way a CBD dog treat might present unnecessary risks for your cat, a CBD treat that is designed for cats can include some specific benefits. For example, Paw CBD’s Kidney Support Chews for Cats deliver Superior Broad Spectrum CBD along with herbal ingredients designed to support your cat’s kidney health, including licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract. Since cats struggle with kidney and urinary health, this is a specific formula for our feline friends that we don’t offer for dogs.

In CBD dog treats or generalized CBD treats for pets, these cat-specific issues aren’t considered or addressed with specialized ingredients. So if you give your cat CBD dog treats, they might be missing out on additional health support.

Cats Are Less Likely to Enjoy a CBD Dog Treat

Unlike vaccinations and traumatic (but necessary) drives to the veterinary office, CBD is an additional way to support your cat’s wellness that doesn’t upset them or make them uncomfortable. On the contrary – your cat’s CBD dose might be something they look forward to every day!

Giving your cat a CBD treat is a way to bond with them by offering up a yummy surprise that will delight their taste buds and bring them joy. And while some flavor profiles may seem universal for dogs and cats, there are certainly some flavors that cats prefer – like salmon or chicken and catnip. It’s very important that your cat consumes the complete serving size of CBD each day so that it can accumulate in their body and create the benefits you both want. The best way to ensure this happens is by offering up a CBD cat treat in a flavor they can’t resist, rather than hoping they enjoy your dog’s CBD treats.

Furthermore, cats are far more prone to dental problems than dogs. This means that the crunchy, tougher texture of a CBD dog treat might be difficult for them to eat. A soft, chewy texture is more well-suited to our feline friends, and you’re more likely to find a tender bite in a CBD cat treat.

Never Give Human CBD Products to Your Pets

As we’ve explained, it’s unlikely that a CBD dog treat will impact your cat negatively. You might just not see as many benefits as you would if using a CBD treat for cats.

The same is not true for human CBD products. Never give your pet – cat or dog – CBD products that are designed for humans. Because THC is legal for human consumption in many places, it is possible that such a product will contain THC in levels that can cause psychoactive effects for your cat or dog and make them uncomfortable and possibly sick. Furthermore, there are a number of ingredients that are completely safe for humans and very toxic to dogs and cats, such as chocolate, grapes, and alliums like onions and garlic.

Keep It Simple: Give Your Cat CBD Cat Treats

CBD cat treats offer plentiful benefits to your cat. They are designed with the feline body in mind, so you can ensure your cat is getting the exact correct dosage of CBD each day. Additionally, CBD cat treats often include additional ingredients that can support your cat’s general wellness as they face health challenges common to felines. We know you want the best for your feline friend, and the best for your cat is not a CBD dog treat – it’s a tasty, chewy CBD cat treat!