CBD Pet Bundles Offer Variety, Savings, and Specificity

CBD Pet Bundles Offer Variety, Savings, and Specificity

CBD pet bundles are a wonderful way to introduce your pet to CBD, try new products, and find the best wellness regimen for your cat or dog.

Whether you’re new to CBD for pets and still figuring out the perfect health regime for your animal, or a knowledgeable CBD user who knows exactly what your beloved furry friend wants and needs, CBD pet bundles can be a great way to save money. And they allow you to have fun with your pet’s daily routine and ensure your dog or cat stays happy and healthy.

What Is a CBD Pet Bundle?

Bundles are simply a grouping of pet CBD products offered at a discount. Some of them address specific needs or flavor preferences, while others offer variety. A bundle always provides an extra value with discounted prices, and of course, it always features the premium, hemp-derived CBD that Paw CBD is known for having.

Why Consider CBD Bundles?

Bundles provide value and variety for your pet’s CBD routine, which makes them perfect if you’re new to CBD and not sure what your pet will like best. For that same reason, they can make perfect gifts for other dog and cat owners, too. Having choices of what type of CBD to use makes your everyday process with your pet a lot more fun.

Great Value

All of our pet bundles feature a significant discount for purchasing all the products at the same time. For example, if you purchased all the products in our Dog Lover’s Bundle individually, it would cost $99.97. The bundle costs just under $85! The cost savings are significant when you plan ahead for your pet’s CBD routine.


Your pet might need wellness support in different areas at different times of the day. Maybe your furry friend needs some calming support in the evenings to help them maintain their sleep schedule, or they wear themselves out at the dog park and could use mobility support to ensure they can keep chasing their favorite tennis ball. Different CBD formulas can address these maintenance requirements.

Bundles offer you and your pet choices, which are vital to the quality of life. You want to be able to let your pet nap when they’re tired, and take them on a walk when they’re feeling energetic, and feed them when they’re hungry. Similarly, you want to have the perfect CBD product on hand for what they need or to adapt your pet’s wellness routine to address their specific, unique situation.

A bottle of cbd hip and joint chews for dogs from paw cbd sits on a wall


Your pet might sometimes be in the mood for a certain flavor or delivery method, but that doesn’t mean that is always their preference. And your needs change, too. Perhaps it’s easier when you’re home during the week to give them their CBD tincture with dinner, but when you travel for camping trips on the weekends, you want to bring along a bag of pre-measured, compact CBD treats.

With CBD pet bundles, you have variety. Not only does this make your life easier, but it also keeps things interesting for you and your pet!

Perfect Gifts

Bundles make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for your fellow pet parents. If you know other dog owners who may have considered CBD or have mentioned specific wellness goals like calming or mobility support for dogs or kidney support for cats, they would really appreciate the gift of a bundle. Or maybe a friend wants to try CBD for their cat and wants options to please their finicky feline. Remember, it’s never too early to start your special-occasion or holiday shopping!


Your pet’s wellness doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, those of us who love our pets are trying to infuse all the joy and pleasure we can into their daily lives. A variety of exciting, delicious CBD products in various textures and flavors ensures that you and your pupper never get bored and are always ready to meet the day and try something new.

CBD Pet Bundles from Paw CBD

Paw CBD has a selection of bundles to meet the needs of every pet owner. All of our bundles boast high-quality products and are backed by our 60-day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. When you buy a CBD bundle from Paw CBD, you can rest assured your pet’s CBD is:

  • Superior Broad Spectrum: Our products are made with our proprietary Superior Broad Spectrum formula, ensuring your pet gets the very best parts of the hemp plant.
  • Made from domestic hemp: We only use extracts made from USA-grown hemp in our products.
  • Veterinarian-Formulated: We get input from the pros when designing our products, so a veterinarian has provided input on how our products are made.
  • THC-free*: No psychoactive effects here!
  • Third-party lab tested: Check the Certificate of Analysis for proof – we are completely transparent about the ingredients in our products.

Check out our bundles for cats, dogs, senior pets, newbies, peanut butter lovers, and those pets who need a little more relaxation in their lives.

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CBD Bundles for Cats

The CBD kitty catnip bundle features two of our most popular cat CBD products in delectable flavors that your kitty is sure to love. The bundle includes a 150 mg bottle of CBD oil for cats in catnip flavor, perfect for dropping the perfect serving size onto food or treats and carefully controlling your pet’s CBD intake.

For days when you want to give your kitty a little treat, or you want ease and convenience, the bundle also includes a tub of 30 chicken and catnip-flavored CBD chews for cats. These soft little treats are easy for your kitty to enjoy and offer 5 mg of CBD per chew.

The cbd dog lover's bundle from paw cbd sits in a blue void

Dog Lover’s CBD Bundle

The dog lover’s CBD pet bundle is all about variety. Maybe you’re just getting started with CBD, or you have a few different wellness maintenance goals for your pooch. Whatever it may be, you can likely find the perfect combo with the three products featured in this bundle.

This bundle includes one 300 mg bottle of our regular peanut butter-flavored CBD tincture for dogs, which can be added to food or treats or put directly into your pet’s mouth, giving you plenty of control over serving size. The application process is the same for our 250 mg bottle of blueberry-flavored CBD calming oil for dogs, which features additional relaxation-supporting ingredients like melatonin. The turkey-flavored calming chews in this bundle also feature mellowing ingredients like L-tryptophan.

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Senior Dog CBD Bundle

As the years go by, you might notice your good boy or girl getting a little stiff or slowing down. Our CBD bundle for senior dogs features two products that are perfect for your aging pupper’s daily wellness routine. The 300 mg bottle of dog CBD oil tincture comes in a tasty peanut butter flavor that can add a little CBD boost to your pet’s treats or food.

To help support your dog’s physical comfort as they get older, use the 300 mg jar of Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs. Each treat has a soft, chewy texture for sensitive senior teeth and packs a punch with other mobility-supporting ingredients like glucosamine HCL. These products will complement your dog’s routine with every passing year!

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Best in Show CBD Bundle

Only the best for your pooch. And Paw CBD has some products that have been formally identified as “The Best!” The Best in Show bundle features two of our award-winning CBD products for dogs: a 300 mg bag of our crunchy, peanut-butter flavored dog treats and a 300 mg jar calming chews for dogs.

Portable, easy-to-use, and irresistibly tasty, our peanut butter hard treats were voted the 2021 Product of the Year in a survey of 40,000 consumers by Kantar in the CBD Pet Product category. A 2020 Pet Innovation Award Winner, our CBD calming chews for dogs include chamomile and L-Tryptophan to support your pup’s relaxation in a turkey-flavored soft chew perfect for sensitive teeth.

The paw cbd starter kit for dogs sits in a yellow void

Paw CBD Starter Kit for Dogs

Have some fellow pet parents who have noticed how content and calm your doggo has been since introducing CBD into their routine? This bundle makes a particularly unique and excellent gift for other dog lovers who might be considering CBD. And if you have yet to try pet CBD, this bundle can make a perfect starting point for you and Sparky, too.

The CBD starter kit bundle for dogs features three different types of CBD products formulated specifically for our canine companions, allowing you to find out exactly what your pet enjoys most and what works for your family. A variety of flavors and product types (each in the 300 mg strength option) offer you plenty of choices.

Peanut butter-flavored CBD oil tincture for dogs can be added to food, treats, or directly into your pet’s mouth with our plastic dropper. Our award-winning crunchy CBD treats for dogs, also in the beloved peanut butter flavor, are an easy and portable option for hikes, the dog park, or the backyard. And our chicken and bacon-flavored soft treats offer a different flavor profile and a chewier texture for smaller dogs or pets with sensitive teeth.

The peanut butter lovers bundle for dogs from paw cbd sits in a blue void

Peanut Butter Lover’s Bundle

Rich, delicious peanut butter is a really special treat for most dogs. Combine this beloved flavor with the wellness benefits of CBD, and you have an irresistible combination! Our peanut butter lover’s bundle is perfect for the parents who know their furry friends love that savory taste.

The 300 mg jar of CBD peanut butter, or the peanut butter-flavored CBD oil tincture, can be directly administered by the spoon or dropper or be added to homemade dog treats! The bundle also features our award-winning crunchy peanut butter-flavored CBD treats in a lightweight, resealable bag for when your dog is the copilot for your adventures.

The calm canine bundle from paw cbd sits in a purple void

Calm Canine Bundle

You want your dog to live a stress-free, relaxed, happy life, and our CBD calm canine bundle can help your pet maintain its easygoing attitude. Each bundle features two CBD pet products with a unique calming formula. The turkey-flavored calming soft chews feature chamomile, passion flower, and L-tryptophan combined with the wellness-supporting power of CBD. Blueberry-flavored calming CBD oil tincture for dogs also includes chamomile, along with melatonin and valerian root to ensure your dog keeps up with her nourishing sleep schedule.

Because serving size is so important when it comes to your pet’s CBD routine, our calm canine bundle comes in two sizes: one for small to medium-sized dogs and one for medium- to large-sized dogs. The smaller package features a 250 mg bottle of tincture and a 300 mg jar of soft chews, while the bundle for a bigger pooch features a 500 mg tincture and 600 mg soft chews.

Consider CBD Pet Bundles for Variety and Savings

Wellness routines are going to look different for every cat or dog, depending on a variety of factors. You want the best for your pets, which means ensuring that you can offer your pet CBD in favorite flavors, in the best delivery method, and with ingredients that support well-being. Our CBD pet bundles allow you to create the perfect daily plan and change it as needed.