Choosing the Perfect CBD Valentine’s Gift for Your Cat or Dog

Choosing the Perfect CBD Valentine’s Gift for Your Cat or Dog

Show your love for your pet this Valentine’s Day with one of these calming, delicious CBD Valentine’s gifts for cats and dogs.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to spoil your furry friend, and CBD for dogs and cats is the way to do it. CBD products can ensure that your pet really feels the love this season and enjoys this sweet holiday as much as you do. Whether you choose to treat them to a CBD bubble bath or drizzle some catnip-flavored CBD for cats on their morning meal, your pet is sure to understand that February 14th is a special day. Here’s how to choose a special CBD Valentine’s gift for your pet.

Why CBD Makes a Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Pet

You have plenty of choices when it comes to a special Valentine’s Day gift for your best furry friend. So why choose CBD for dogs over a new dog bone, or CBD for cats instead of a new laser toy? Here is why CBD makes a perfect gift for your pet on this holiday:


  • CBD is a gift for your pet that also benefits you as their owner
  • CBD can make it easier for your pet to enjoy their favorite activities
  • CBD might help your pet manage stress triggers from Valentine’s Day festivities


A Calm Pet Means a More Relaxing Holiday for You

Valentine’s Day is about appreciating, celebrating, and spending time with the ones we love. That can be difficult if you have a crazy dog who is howling or a moody cat who is bouncing off the walls. When your pet has a solid CBD routine, they can tap into their well of calm more naturally and take it easy while you enjoy your holiday. If you’re planning a romantic dinner at home with your special someone, a relaxed pet is key to a successful evening.

CBD Can Support Your Pet’s Physical Comfort

From a climb up the cat tree to a round of fetch, engaging in play with your cat or dog is a wonderful way to share the love and bond with them on this holiday that’s all about love. In order to enjoy their favorite activities, your pet needs to maintain their physical comfort and mobility. CBD can keep your feline friend or canine companion in tip-top shape so they can play hard – on Valentine’s Day and every day!

CBD for Dogs and Cats Can Support Stress Management

If you’re hosting some friends for a Valentine’s Day party, or you have a house full of kids hopped up on sugar from Valentine’s candy, your pet might face some stress triggers. Whether it’s noise aversion or nervousness around strangers, the gift of CBD can make your holiday evening go more smoothly and allow your pet to feel the love, not the stress.

CBD Valentine’s Gifts for Dogs

From bathtime to “dessert,” there are plenty of gift ideas for a special Valentine’s Day with CBD for dogs:


paw cbd pretty pup cbd dog shampoo 250 mg green tea and cucumber turkey flavor calming chews 600 mg large dog nose to toes dog balm 250 mg and canine calming hemp oil 500 mg blueberry containers all next to each other


  • Canine CBD shampoo for a relaxing Valentine’s Day bubble bath
  • Calming CBD oil for dogs with melatonin
  • Calming CBD chews for a turkey-flavored treat
  • CBD balm for a soothing Valentine’s Day dog massage


Pamper Your Pooch with CBD Shampoo for Dogs

A CBD bath with one of our two Paw CBD dog shampoos is sure to leave your pet relaxed and smelling delightful for all the Valentine’s Day festivities – whether that’s a movie on the couch or a Palentine’s Party with dozens of guests.

Our Itchy Pup CBD Shampoo soothes your pet’s sensitive or irritated skin with olive oil, honey, and oatmeal. Pretty Pup CBD Shampoo will fluff and shine your pet’s coat and you’ll both enjoy the lingering, fresh scent of cucumber and green tea. Whichever you choose, your pet will feel the love this Valentine’s Day during their CBD bath time.

Give Your Dog Sweet Dreams with a Drizzle of Blueberry CBD Oil

The gift of rest is perhaps one of the best gifts of all, and you can give it to your dog with our Calming oil for dogs with melatonin. Melatonin can support regular sleep and wake cycles for your pet, and regular sleep will ensure they can live life to the fullest each day. With an herbal blend of valerian, passion flower, lemon balm, and chamomile, your pet’s sure to get some great zzz’s – and the delicious blueberry flavor doesn’t hurt, either.

Treat Them to a Turkey Chew with L-Tryptophan

If your dog needs some added support to stay calm and collected for your festive Valentine’s Day party, try our CBD soft chews for dogs with L-tryptophan. With a tasty turkey flavor, your pet will appreciate the added yumminess in their day, and the relaxing properties of L-tryptophan will keep them feeling relaxed and centered, no matter how loud the party gets. Soft chews are a perfect gift for our senior dogs or dogs with dental issues, as the tender, soft texture is easy on sensitive or aging teeth.

Give Your Dog a CBD Balm Massage for Valentine’s Day

Massages are a wonderful way to communicate your love for anyone, and that includes your pet. Dogs can benefit from various canine massage techniques that are easy to employ at home. Make that massage extra special by using our CBD balm for dogs, with shea butter and coconut oil to soothe your pet’s skin, paws, and nose.

Valentine’s Day Gifts with CBD for Cats

For our feline friends, here are some Valentine’s day gift ideas with CBD for cats:


paw cbd chicken and catnip flavor soft chews 150 mg and feline calming hemp oil 150 mg next to each other


  • Calming CBD oil for cats with melatonin to help your kitty rest
  • Chewy chicken-and-catnip treats with CBD
  • CBD Bundles to celebrate the holiday with fun and variety


Encourage Proper Valentine’s Day Cat Napping with Calming CBD Oil

Cats spend many hours of their day sleeping, and if that sleep is interrupted, it can make it hard for them to enjoy their favorite activities. Show them the love this Valentine’s Day with the gift of calming CBD oil for cats with melatonin, which can help them regulate their sleep and wake cycles and ensure they’re getting all the good kitty rest they need to enjoy your company.

Chewy Chicken and Catnip Goodness for a Special CBD Valentine’s Gift

With our CBD soft chews for cats, your favorite feline gets all the wellness-supporting benefits of CBD to keep them mobile, stress-free, and content. Plus, the two-for-one flavor combo of chicken and catnip is sure to feel like a special form of love to your furry friend. The chewy, tender texture of these treats makes them a perfect gift for cats, who tend to have dental issues and small, sensitive teeth.

Try Multiple CBD Products with a Valentine’s Cat Bundle

If you really want to spoil the kitty on your Valentine’s gift list, consider buying a bundle of products so you can find out what kind of CBD for cats they really enjoy. Bundles also make it easy to diversify your cat’s CBD routine by including oils and chews throughout their day.

Keep Your Animal Safe This Valentine’s Day

While CBD Valentine’s gifts are going to make the day sweeter, there are some risks associated with this holiday that you should know about in order to keep your pet safe:


  • Watch out for toxic plants in your bouquet
  • Keep chocolates and Valentine candies out of reach
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash


Your Valentine Bouquet Might Be Unsafe for Your Pet

Floral bouquets are a common token of love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day. While these beautiful arrangements can be a wonderful surprise for a human, they can present a serious risk for the animals in your home.

Make sure your bouquet doesn’t include any plants of flowers that are toxic to pets, such as lilies, foxglove, or milkweed. Better yet, just make sure the bouquet is placed somewhere completely out of your pet’s reach.

Chocolate and Candies Can Be Poisonous for Animals

Another popular Valentine’s Day gift is the classic box of chocolates or other sweet treats like conversation hearts. Keep your pet away from chocolates, which contain theobromine and caffeine that can be poisonous for dogs and cats. Also watch out for Valentine’s candies that contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that can be fatally toxic for dogs. To be safe, just skip the sugary treats for your pet this Valentine’s Day and keep any you have out of reach.

Don’t Forget to Empty the Trash Can

Once this sweet and loving holiday is over, you might toss some chocolates, flowers, or candies into the trash. This delicious post-Valentine feast can tempt even the most well-behaved pooch or curious cat. Empty your trash before everyone heads to bed to avoid waking up to a mess – and possibly sick pet.

Show Your Pet Love with CBD Valentine’s Gifts

Don’t wait until February 13 to get started on your Valentine’s day gift line-up. Your furry friends deserve to be a part of the celebration, and CBD Valentine’s gifts are the best way to make that happen. With our array of tasty, tempting CBD for dogs and cats, your pet is sure to know how much you love them.