Holiday Travel with Pets and Why CBD Can Help

Holiday Travel with Pets and Why CBD Can Help

Holiday travel is a reality for many pet owners and CBD for pets can be a valuable resource when you’re planning a trip. The proper CBD routine can keep your cat or dog comfortable, calm, and collected during travel – both while en route and while staying in a new place. If you’re planning to travel for the winter holidays, pet CBD should be at the top of your packing and planning lists. Here’s why.

How CBD Keeps Your Pet Calm for Holiday Travel

Change can be stressful for our pets because we can’t explain it to them. For dogs and cats, traveling via car or plane to a new destination isn’t necessarily an exciting adventure or relaxing vacation – it’s a stressful experience that makes them feel insecure and nervous. And traveling with a fearful or anxious pet is not going to be very much fun!

Pet CBD promotes calm in dogs and cats by impacting the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, a processing system shared by many mammals including humans. The ECS influences many other bodily functions, including the nervous system. When the ECS is regulated and in top working order, your pet is better equipped to handle stress and remain calm during times of change and flux – like when you’re traveling for the holidays.

For both cats and dogs, CBD benefits the ECS and helps to bring your pet’s body into a balanced state of wellness. When your pet is feeling their best, they can handle the stress of travel in stride, stay calm, and adapt more easily. When you keep your pet’s routine consistent, CBD is a powerful tool for ensuring holiday travel with pets goes smoothly.

How CBD for Dogs Can Help with Holiday Travel

The most crucial thing when traveling with your dog will be trying to keep their daily routine as consistent as possible – give them their meals at the same time each day, bring along familiar items like toys and their dog bed, and be sure they get their daily amount of CBD for dogs.

CBD for dogs supports your pet’s wellness by helping them maintain a sense of calm, manage stress signals, and feel physically comfortable and confident. CBD builds up in the body over time, so don’t wait until your trip to start using CBD. Get your dog on an established pet CBD routine that can be consistent while you travel, so they always experience the benefits of CBD – especially when travel hiccups make things a little more challenging for them.

No matter what, you want your dog to be calm and well-behaved while traveling. If your dog is freaking out, it’s going to make the trip a nightmare – not only for them, but for you and your family, as well. Consider replacing their regular daily dosage of CBD with a calming CBD for dogs tincture on the days surrounding travel. The added soothing support of ​​melatonin and the herbal blend of valerian root, passion flower, lemon balm, and chamomile will make it more likely they can stay quiet and comfortable during the flight or drive.

Helpful hint: A calming CBD treat for dogs made with soothing ingredients in a tasty, turkey-flavored chew is a portable, convenient way to provide extra calming support, especially when traveling.


Tips for Traveling with Felines and How CBD for Cats Can Help

Traveling with cats can be a greater challenge than traveling with dogs, but it’s certainly possible. Cats aren’t the most agreeable when it comes to change and disruption, so it’s crucial to keep their schedule as normal as possible and limit disruptions wherever possible. You’ll need to ensure your cat is at peak wellness before, during, and after a travel experience, and CBD for cats is a major part of that.

Maintaining your cat’s CBD routine will also be an important part of preparing them for travel. CBD generates a variety of benefits in your cat’s body, especially as it accumulates over time and impacts their endocannabinoid system (ECS). To experience the most valuable benefits of CBD for cats, be sure to start your cat on a consistent CBD routine before your trip. Your pet’s CBD should be administered every day, either in a yummy treat or a CBD oil for cats, and that regimen should be consistent no matter where you travel to.

Helpful hint: Even if your cat is on a daily CBD wellness routine, consider switching to a calming CBD oil for cats formula for extra soothing during travel.

Other Tips for Successful Travel With Pets

While travel with dogs is different from travel with cats, there are a few tips that apply regardless of your animal’s species. Whenever you’re planning a travel with pets, remember to:

  • Consult your veterinarian about travel plans
  • Keep identification on your animal at all times
  • Confirm pet-friendly accommodations before arrival
  • Don’t forget papers and pet personal items

Consult Your Veterinarian About Travel Plans

Your veterinarian can give your pet the health check-ups (and any required vaccinations or certificates) they need before air travel and they can also help you prepare for any type of trip you want to take with your dog or cat. They might be able to provide sedatives or other medications that will help your pet cope with the stress of travel, or even sleep through it. Most of all, your veterinarian can tell you honestly if your pet is healthy enough to travel and whether traveling with your pet is a good idea or not.

Your Traveling Pet Needs Clear Identification

One of the most important things to remember when traveling with pets is that your cat or dog should always have proper identification on their body. Even if your pet is microchipped, a proper, well-fitted collar with updated contact information for you should also be on them at all times. Your pet getting lost or running away while traveling to an unfamiliar place is not only more likely, but it’s also more risky because they might not be able to get back home safely. The environment is unfamiliar to them, so the best way to protect them from getting lost is with identification. Collars can fall off or be removed, but any stray animal that is picked up will be scanned for a microchip, making it the best way to keep your pet properly identified and safe. Just be sure the chip is properly registered and your contact information is current.

Keep all of your pet’s items in one place, as you would for your own items during travel. Pack a small bag with hard copies of identification and vaccination papers, toys, pet CBD treats, leash, pet food, poop bags, litter, and any other items your dog or cat might need for the trip.

A cat standing next to a suitcase - Paw CBD

Confirm That Your Pet Is Welcome at Your Destination

Always confirm with your final destination that your pet is welcome. Many hotels, AirBnBs, vacation rentals, and even your family’s homes might not be open to having a cat or dog as a guest. Still other accommodations will require a deposit or forewarning or specific paperwork if you are arriving with an animal. There are a variety of chain hotels in the US that are pet-friendly, but always confirm that your dog or cat will be able to join you at the place you plan to stay.

Pack Your Pet’s Papers and Personal Items

Don’t forget to bring along your pet’s immunization records just in case. While it’s unlikely you’ll have to show them to anyone on a road trip, they might be required for plane travel. Some hotels will also ask for proof of your pet’s shots. You should also keep your veterinarian’s name, address, and phone number on hand in case there is an emergency and they need to be contacted.

Also, don’t try to save space by buying pet items such as blankets, toys, food, and treats when you arrive at your destination. Instead, pack all of your pet’s familiar items so you don’t risk having to change your cat or dog's diet or routine when you get to your destination. Having to eat a new food or being separated from their favorite toy might ruin your pet’s travel experience and also make it harder on you because they are unsettled.

Traveling with Your Pets Won’t Always Be Possible, But Pet CBD Can Help

While boarding your dog at the vet’s office or getting a pet sitter for your cat are valid options, many people don’t like leaving their pets behind when it comes time to travel. While it’s a bummer to be away from your best friend, traveling with pets will not always be the best choice. Your animal loves being with you, but if traveling by car or plane stresses them out, you’re better off finding a great pet sitter or boarding facility where you can leave them during your trip.

When it is appropriate to take them with you, the added help of pet CBD, can make it a little easier for your beloved furry family member to join in all the fun. Use CBD for dogs and CBD for cats to ensure that your pet can tap into their well of chill and enjoy the experience of traveling rather than feeling stressed or worried.