Pet Safety Guide for Thanksgiving

Pet Safety Guide for Thanksgiving

Pet safety is crucial year-round, but particularly so during the holiday season. For many people, a wealth of new risks will appear during Thanksgiving, from the new foods and overflowing trash cans that can make your pet sick, to the strange visitors and big crowds that might stress your pet out. Here’s what you need to know about Thanksgiving holiday pet safety and how pet CBD can support your pet’s wellness during this busy time.

Food Risks for Pets During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is a food-centric holiday, and some of the foods that humans get most excited about during this holiday can present a serious pet safety risk. To keep your pet’s gut and digestive system happy this Thanksgiving, follow these tips.

Be Aware of Dangerous Foods

It’s very important that you know the specific fruits, vegetables, and ingredients that are dangerous to dogs and cats. Some of the most common ones include chocolate, grapes, tomatoes, alliums like garlic and onions, and anything with xylitol, a sugar substitute often found in peanut butters. Anything that is high in sugar, salt, or fat will probably not make your pet feel very good, and can even make them throw up or seriously ill.

If you aren’t sure how a particular food will impact your dog or cat’s digestion, you should consult your veterinarian or look it up online. Be extra careful when cooking with foods that could make your pet sick.

The Trash Can Might Threaten Pet Safety

Don’t assume that once you’ve thrown away a risky ingredient, your pet is safe. Especially during the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving preparations, your pet might find an opening to get into the trash can and eat something that could make them sick. Place the trash can out of sight and access, perhaps in a cabinet or a utility room. Empty it regularly and keep a close eye on your pet, even when you’re busy with cooking.

Stick to Your Pet’s Diet and Celebrate with Them in Healthy Ways

While it can be tempting to give your pet table scraps (we all know how effective those puppy dog eyes can be), it’s best to stick to your pet’s standard diet to ensure holiday pet safety. A wholesome, well-rounded diet is crucial to your pet’s health and sticking to consistent portions, content, and times for their meals will ensure regulated digestion and safety.

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This doesn’t mean you can’t include your pet in the Thanksgiving festivities with some yummy homemade dog treats or cat treats with the addition of CBD oil for relaxation and comfort. You might even prepare your pet a small plate of safe Thanksgiving foods like boneless, white turkey meat and a bit of sweet potato – and you can drizzle their serving of dog CBD oil onto this special meal, as well.

Don’t forget to communicate with your visitors about your holiday pet safety, as well. If you don’t want Fido or Mr. Socks to get table scraps, make sure everyone knows that!

Pet Safety Around Holiday Crowds

Another common pet safety issue during Thanksgiving is stress and anxiety. Pets often feel overwhelmed and nervous around the large number of visitors that appear during this holiday. But holidays are meant to be spent with family, so follow these tips to ensure your cat or dog feels safe and comfortable despite the busy Thanksgiving crowd.

Provide Your Pet with a Safe Space

Always provide a safe space for your dog or cat. This should be an easily accessible space with everything your pet needs, including a water bowl, toys, and bed. It should be relatively quiet and your pet should be left alone while they’re in their safe space. This provides your pet with a much-needed retreat if they become overwhelmed by the holiday festivities.

Ramp Up Exercise on Thanksgiving Day

Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation before the festivities begin. Take your dog on an extra long walk in the morning or play a few extra rounds of laser chase with your cat. If your pet is tired from the extra movement, they will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed when your guests arrive. You might also consider introducing a new toy to your pet on the day of the Thanksgiving celebration, so they are distracted and entertained during the party.

Enhance Holiday Pet Safety With a Calming CBD Pet Treat

Your pet’s daily CBD regimen will help to keep them calm and collected during the chaos of Thanksgiving. Pet safety is all about keeping your pet feeling stable and secure so they can enjoy the fun of Thanksgiving rather than feel stressed or hyperactive. Calming CBD dog treats (in a tasty turkey flavor!) can support your pet’s chill factor so they enjoy the holiday as much as their humans. You can even choose a calming CBD oil for your cat or dog on Thanksgiving to give them a little boost of tranquility.

Pet Safety During Holiday Travel

Even if you’re not the Thanksgiving host this year, many of the pet safety concerns during this holiday will still be relevant. And if you are traveling to celebrate the holiday with family, there are some other tips to consider for traveling with pets.

Plan Ahead for Traveling with Pets

Don’t assume the Thanksgiving host is welcoming your dog or cat – always check before taking off with your pet to celebrate the holiday. Plan far in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. If you’ll be traveling overnight, make sure you find pet-friendly hotels along the way that will welcome your furry friend and keep them comfortable.

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Remember that dogs and cats often experience motion sickness when traveling in a car. This can be somewhat mitigated by taking regular breaks for a little fresh air and movement, and also skipping breakfast on the day of travel.

Always Carry Your Pet’s Documents During Travel

It’s always a good idea to keep your pet’s documents handy, including their rabies vaccination and microchip information. You can keep copies of this information on your phone for easy access or place hard copies in the car so you always have it when you and your pet go on adventures.

Maintain Your Pet’s CBD Routine for Holiday Pet Safety

Whether you are leaving your pet with a sitter, placing them in a boarding kennel, or taking them on a road trip with you for Thanksgiving, you should maintain their CBD routine throughout the holidays. Consistency is key in holiday pet safety, and the more you can maintain your dog or cat’s normal regimen, the more likely it is that they will feel calm and happy and therefore behave well so you can enjoy your holiday, too. Provide your pet’s caregiver(s) with clear instructions on their CBD dosage and make sure they understand how pet CBD works so they can support your pet while you’re away.

Prioritize Holiday Pet Safety This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about food and fun, and you’ll enjoy yourself more if you follow our pet safety tips to keep your dog or cat comfortable and happy. If your pet is calm and relaxed, you will be too. Watch out for the many food risks presented by the Thanksgiving holiday, keep a close eye on your pet while cooking and serving food, communicate with your guests about your pet’s care, and provide them with the calming support of a safe space and pet CBD treats.