The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and the People Who Love Them

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and the People Who Love Them

You’re making a list and checking it twice – so what are the best holiday gifts for dogs and cats this season? Here are our recommendations.

It’s that time of year again – you’re making a list and checking it twice, and you certainly can’t leave off your best furry friends and their owners. Many of us have at least one pet to shop for this holiday season, and often many more animal lovers on our list. Check out our guide to the best gifts for cats, the best gifts for dogs, and the best gifts for your friends and family who always put their animals first.

The Best Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers

Cats and cat lovers will appreciate almost any item cat-related, whether it’s a gift directed towards the animal or the human. Here are our favorite gifts for cats and their owners:


  • An entertaining, interactive cat toy
  • The cutest cat-cessories
  • Can’t go wrong with catnip


The Best Interactive Cat Toy for Gifting

While there are many different kinds of interactive cat toys that can provide a feline with hours of entertainment, one of the most popular and perhaps most-giftable items in the toy category is a robotic feather chaser. These cat toys provide hours of entertainment simulating the predator-and-prey relationship for a cat of any size or breed. They are small and portable, so they won’t clutter up the home of a recipient who already has every other cat toy. Plus, many of them are rechargeable with a USB charger, so no batteries are necessary. Not only will the feline on your list love and appreciate this toy, but the cat mom or dad will also be grateful for the hours of hands-off entertainment it will provide for their pet.

Give the Gift of Cute Cat Accessories

Cat clothing and accessories for cats make wonderful gifts because they’re often something that a cat parent won’t buy for themselves. While it’s important to be very careful what kind of costumes or clothing you put on an animal, there are plenty of high-quality, useful cat accessories that can make great gifts. Consider giving the gift of a new collar or a cozy cat sweater, or for a sillier gift recipient, maybe a kitty snowman costume.

A Cat Can Never Have Enough Catnip

Catnip is one of those gifts that is nonperishable and always appreciated. Most owners keep a constant stash of catnip, so it makes a great gift because it saves them a trip to the pet store to refill when they start to run low. Be sure to give only the best and opt for organic catnip that is free from pesticides and chemicals. Catnip also comes in many forms – spray, dry, and even oils – so find out what your feline friend prefers before filling their stocking.


A cat looking up at it's owner as she gives her cat a gift that is wrapped


The Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Dogs are relatively easy to buy for, as are their owners. There is no shortage of fun, comfortable, useful gifts for dogs and the people who love them, but here are our favorites:


  • An automatic ball launcher to keep dogs busy
  • A matching sweater set for parent and pet
  • Balls for chasing and throwing


The Coolest Dog Toy Holiday Gift

An automatic ball launcher is one of the best interactive toys for dogs and it comes in plenty of sizes and speeds for different breeds and personalities. This is an especially great gift for your friend who has a dog with boundless energy who can play fetch all day long. The automatic ball launcher makes it possible for your favorite dog parent to get a much-needed break. They can simply set it up in the yard or inside while they’re working or away, and the dog stays entertained and gets worn out so they sleep well at night.


A man and his dog wearing the same blue hoodie


Keep Your Canine Recipient and Their Parent in Style

Dog Threads carries a wide selection of matching outfits for dogs and their parents. From casual flannels to cozy sweaters, a matching set of clothing can be found for all sizes of pets and people. These can be super meaningful gifts that can also serve the purpose of keeping the recipients warm and stylish all season long.

A Dog Can Never Have Enough Balls

It’s rare to meet a dog who doesn’t like tennis balls or other types of rubber balls to play with. They might like playing fetch or simply chewing on them, but a ball is rarely going to go to waste in a household where a dog lives. Be sure to pick the right size ball for your canine recipient – a ball that’s too small for a dog’s mouth might present a choking hazard, while a ball that is too big will be hard for the dog to chew on.

Other Great Holiday Gifts for Animal Lovers

Here are a few other suggestions for amazing gifts to give to animal lovers of any species:


  • A pet portrait
  • A donation in their name to the local animal rescue
  • A starter kit for CBD for pets
  • A personalized bowl or bed


Celebrate with a Pet Portrait

Pet portraits make wonderful gifts, and all they require is a photograph of the pet. There are plenty of companies who will do funny takes on a pet portrait, dressing cats up in funny outfits and painting dogs as royalty, and there are also many talented artists who can complete a realistic, life-like portrait from a photograph. These make especially lovely gifts for someone who has recently lost a pet because they provide a beautiful way to commemorate that animal – but they also make great gifts for pets that are still with us.

A Donation to the Local Shelter or Humane Society

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) both take donations in the name of a gift recipient. This gift is not only meaningful to the animal lover on your list, but it also goes toward a worthy cause. Most local rescue organizations and shelters will also accept donations in a person’s name, and often these donations will include some kind of gift (such as a tote bag or other schwag).

The Gift of CBD for Pets

Whether the animal lover in your life is a veteran CBD user or they’ve never tried it, CBD products for pets can make wonderful Christmas gifts for dogs, cats, and their owners. Depending on the animal’s size and needs, you can choose a CBD bundle for pets specific to dogs or cats to get the owner started on this wellness resource and figure out what their pet likes. For newbies, the Paw CBD Starter Kit for Dogs or the Paw CBD Kitty Catnip Bundle both make excellent gifts for any pet lover in your life.

A Personalized Pet Bowl or Bed

Personalization is always a pro move when it comes to choosing a wonderful gift. A personalized pet bowl, pet stocking, or pet bed including an animal’s name on it is a thoughtful gift that both owners and their cat or dog will appreciate. These items are very easy to find online, but check out reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality product that won’t irritate the animal’s skin. Also, you’ll need to order these gifts in advance, as personalization often takes a little additional time and you’ll want the gift to arrive before Christmas.

Don’t Forget Gifts for Dogs and Cats This Season

Holiday gifts for dogs and cats can bring joy all around, to both the animals themselves and their owners. Most people enjoy seeing their pets receive great toys, snacks, and accessories. Now that you know the best gifts for dogs and cats, you’re ready to start shopping for all the animal lovers in your life.