The Best Dog Mom Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

The Best Dog Mom Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the women in your life who parent furbabies, so here’s how to choose an appropriate and useful dog mom gift.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, it’s important to think outside the box of chocolates and beyond the bouquet of flowers, especially when it comes to recognizing a loved one who goes above and beyond as a dog mom.

Most places welcome flowers and warmer weather in May, making it the perfect time for celebrating Mother’s Day. As the world blooms, it seems natural to appreciate the women in our lives who nurture and protect their babies – and that includes furbabies!

A dog mom gift provides an opportunity to creatively demonstrate your appreciation for the woman in your life who has cared tirelessly for her canine companion. Whether she’s a friend, a sister, a wife, or a daughter, we all know an excellent dog mom – and on Sunday, May 8, she deserves a thoughtful, lovely Mother’s Day gift just as much as the other mothers of the world! And to make that happen, you need to know how to choose the gift and consider some inspired and original gift ideas like a trip to the groomer or a CBD dog products bundle.

How to Choose Dog Mom Gifts

Hopefully, you know mom and her dog pretty well because that will help you choose the perfect gift for them. The best gifts are specific and thoughtful and will help mom and her dog enjoy themselves, whatever that means to them. When it comes to finding the perfect dog mom gift, it’s important to consider two factors: what mom likes and what her dog is willing to do.

What Does Mom Like?

There are all types of dog moms, from the active hiker tramping up mountains with her fit pupper to the more relaxed mama who likes to Netflix and chill with her furbaby by her side. Many dog moms love to take their pups on road trips, while others would prefer to let Sparky stay behind and hang at a friend’s house or his much-beloved doggie day camp.

When choosing a gift for the dog mom in your life, you need to consider what type of activities mom likes to do and whether she enjoys taking her pupper along or if she’d appreciate a little time away. Just as some Mother’s Day gifts feature time with the human kiddos, and some provide coveted alone time, dog mom gifts will need to follow the same trend depending on likes and preferences.


A dog outside sitting on the ground with a backpack and a hat on


What Will Her Dog Enjoy Too?

When choosing a gift, you’ll also need to consider the ability and interests of the dog. For example: If your friend has a lazy Basset Hound whose favorite spot is the couch, then a doggie hiking backpack might not be the best choice for a gift. But for a wild and energetic Jack Russell Terrier, that might be just the ticket.

Consider the dog’s energy level, fitness, and age before buying a gift that’s activity-related. Also, remember that it can be hard for Mom to leave her best friend alone if a dog has separation issues, even if she knows the dog is well cared for. You want your dog mom’s gift to be for pleasure and not create pressure!

Five Great Dog Mom Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day gifts, sadly, have a tendency to be a little tedious. Many moms end up with a hand-painted mug four years in a row or a hastily prepared breakfast in bed. While it’s the thought that counts, especially when the gift comes from human children, the best dog mom gift will require a little more effort if you want the recipient to be truly pleased.

The best dog moms’ gifts fall into three categories: experiences, treats, and accessories.

Experience Gifts

A gift might not always come in a box. The best dog mom gift might be a certificate that provides a happy experience for mom and her furry friend.


  • Dog-friendly hotel stays. If her dog is a happy traveler and behaves well in the car or a carrier on the plane, then a night or two at a dog-friendly hotel may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Many popular chains, including Aloft, Hotel Indigo, and Westin, have dog-friendly hotels in popular destination cities like San Diego and New Orleans.
  • A stay at the local dog hotel. While furry friends rarely like to be apart from their owners, sometimes it’s easier to leave them at home if they’re nervous travelers. It’s especially hard to travel with large dogs because they often aren’t allowed on planes, and even some pet-friendly hotels have a weight limit. So for the mom with a couple of Great Danes, a gift certificate to the local dog boarding camp is a wonderful gift. You can also offer to dog-sit while she goes off for a weekend vacation!
  • A visit to the groomer. If the dog mom in your life likes to keep her pet looking fine with regular visits to the groomer, it would be a nice gesture to pay for one such visit in recognition of Mother’s Day.
  • Massages for mom and dog. Massages are almost always an excellent gift, especially for active and busy dog moms. As an added bonus that she will certainly appreciate, you can include her pooch in the massage fun! An appointment with a professional dog massage therapist can support physical mobility and comfort. If mom prefers to keep her hound close to home, simply offer to dogsit while she goes to get her massage. You can also gift her a little bit of CBD dog balm and suggestions for an at-home dog massage, if she wants her pet to get pampered as well.


Treat Gifts

The average dog mom is going to enjoy watching her furbaby eat a scoop of doggie ice cream as much as she might enjoy a human scoop herself. That’s why treats often make great dog mom gifts. Be sure you know if the dog has any unique allergies, likes, or dislikes, and maybe include a matching treat for Mom, too!


paw cbd canine hemp oil 300 mg peanut butter flavor paw cbd turkey flavor calming chews 300 mg medium dog and paw cbd canine calming hemp oil 250 mg blueberry flavor containers next to each other with treats laying outside a container


  • Consider a subscription. If you know some treats that the family loves or what kind of food mom prefers to buy for her canine companion, you can purchase a few months of a subscription. This saves her both the money and time of buying dog food or treats every few weeks. And every mom could use a little more time and money!
  • CBD Bundles. If you know the dog mom in your life likes to use CBD pet products, a CBD pet bundle from Paw CBD makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The bundles provide a selection, allowing Mom to find new products she and Fido might love. For example, the dog lover’s CBD bundle includes peanut butter-flavored tincture, calming oil, and CBD calming chews for dogs. Other bundles offer products for peanut butter-loving canines or senior dogs and collections of award-winning products and calming products. There is even a CBD bundle of products for newbies if you think mom might want to give pet CBD a try for the first time.
  • Homemade dog treats. You can easily make dog treats in your kitchen from a few simple ingredients, and mom will surely appreciate the love and effort that goes into a wholesome, handmade gift. Pro tip: create the ultimate gift by pairing a jar of CBD peanut butter along with a handwritten recipe for peanut butter dog treats for a super thoughtful dog mom gift!


Accessory Gifts

Just like human children, dog children require a lot of accessories: beds, blankets, harnesses, leashes, collars, jackets, and even boots! An accessory that can make mom’s furbaby a little more comfortable and cozy can make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea. Remember with accessory gifts that sizing is important – make sure you get the dog’s measurements or have a general idea of their weight.


  • Dog backpacks. If the dog mom in your life is a big hiker, a high-tech bag for her canine might make the perfect present for Mother’s Day. There are plenty of hydration packs, saddlebags, and even backpacks in which mom can carry her dog if the hound gets tired.
  • A nice collar. A beautiful new collar makes a wonderful gift for every dog mom. Some collars even come with cool tracking devices.
  • Bath products for mom and dog. While they won’t use them at the same time, it can be touching to get some fancy bubble bath as a dog mom gift and pair it with a nice dog shampoo for her furry best friend! Mom will appreciate that you included the pooch in your gift, and they will both come out of bath time smelling good and feeling refreshed.
  • A new toy to keep Fido occupied. Maybe mom just needs some time to herself. One way to give it to her is by getting her dog an interactive toy that can keep them engaged and entertained so she can slip away to get some work done or just relax. While it’s technically a gift for her dog, it’s also a dog mom gift because it buys her precious time. Our list of the Top 10 Best Interactive Dog Toys is a great place to start your shopping trip!


Choose a Great Mother’s Day Gift for the Dog Mom in Your Life

Dog moms are hardworking, and they love their furry babies through and through. They deserve to be recognized! Celebrate the mom in your life this year by choosing an appropriate, useful Mother's Day gift. From a stay at a dog-friendly hotel to a CBD pet bundle, there is surely a dog mom gift that will keep her smiling and her best friend’s tail wagging.