Using CBD Oil for Cats Makes Dosing Easy

Using CBD Oil for Cats Makes Dosing Easy

One of the primary benefits of CBD oil for cats is its ease of use. When a simple carrier oil like MCT oil is infused with the powerful properties of CBD, you can give it to your cat with no fuss and little fanfare. Just drizzle the oil over your cat’s daily bowl of kibble, soft food, or onto their favorite treat. Or, if your kitty is agreeable, you can give it directly to them with our plastic, pet-safe dropper! Using CBD oil makes it easy to adapt your cat’s dosage if you need to change their routine or if you have multiple cats in your home.

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Cat?

Choosing the right amount of CBD oil for your cat is the first and most important step in establishing a proper, effective CBD routine. Knowing how much CBD oil to give your cat for the best outcome might take some trial and error. If you don’t use enough CBD for your cat’s body, they won’t experience the full benefits such as increased calm, additional comfort, and reduced stress response. If you use too much CBD for your cat’s size, they might experience lethargy or sluggishness.We know you don’t want your kitty to lose their cattitude – you just want them to feel a little more relaxed!

The beauty of CBD oil for cats is that the product can be easily adapted to different serving sizes. You’ll want to start with a strength that is suitable to your cat’s size. The best CBD oil for cats will be available in different concentrations for cats of different weights. For example, Paw CBD oil tinctures for cats come in a 150 mg bottle for cats under 15 pounds and a 300 mg bottle for cats over 15 pounds. A dropper-sized serving of the oil is about 1 mL, which contains 5 mg of CBD in the less concentrated bottle and 10 mg of CBD in the stronger bottle.

You’ll always want to start with the smallest recommended amount for your cat’s size, which is a single dropper per day – or 5 mg of CBD for cats under 15 pounds and 10 mg a day for cats over 15 pounds. Even if your cat is a big boy in a higher weight range, start with the smallest amount – there are many variables in your cat’s physiology (not just weight) that will determine how he or she reacts to CBD. Stick with this dosage routine for 30 days before making changes such as adding an additional dropper. If you notice side effects like dry mouth or lethargy, you can reduce their serving size and give them half of a dropper.



What Is in CBD Oil for Cats?

When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it is added to a simple carrier oil like MCT oil. This is a common, pet-safe oil that is derived from natural sources. When looking for the best CBD oil for cats, it’s important to find a clean ingredient list with no fillers or additives. Our cat CBD oil has just three ingredients: hemp extract, MCT oil, and natural flavor. Nothing complicated here!

The hemp extract is the shining star of this simple mixture. Paw CBD’s hemp extract includes 98 percent naturally occurring phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabinol, to generate those amazing benefits by impacting your cat’s endocannabinoid system and making them feel chilled-out and comfortable. We use a carefully crafted Superior Broad Spectrum formula that includes precise levels of each phytocannabinoid as well as other awesome parts of the plant to deliver all the good stuff to your cat – and none of the unnecessary, like THC, which can be harmful to pets.

Our flavorings are simple and allow for flexibility in how you deliver CBD oil to your cat. If your cat loves their food or the treats you currently buy for them, our unflavored oil won’t disrupt the tasty profile of those goodies – it will just add delicious CBD to the existing yummy flavors that they love. Or, you can also place the CBD directly into your cat’s mouth because our droppers are made with pet-safe plastic and the oil comes in a delicious catnip flavor!


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CBD Oil Works Best for Many Cats

While CBD cat treats can be a fun, effective choice for some feline family members, CBD oil works best for many cats because it is so easy to use and can be mixed into just about anything. If you’re looking to give your cat an extra dose of calm, our naturally flavored calming CBD oil has all the benefits of regular CBD oil, but with the added calming support of melatonin and an herbal blend for more regulated sleep cycles and general comfort. Whatever you choose, CBD oil for cats is flexible for easy dosing and proper cat care for all the felines in your life!