What Is the Best CBD for Small Dogs?

What Is the Best CBD for Small Dogs?

Finding the best CBD oil for small dogs is a matter of choosing a high-quality pet CBD product and then ensuring you have a low enough concentration to give your small dog the right dosage of CBD. Small dogs are not wildly different from large dogs in their physiology, but they certainly have different needs because of their size and weight. In the same way you don’t want to overfeed your little dog and put them at risk for dog obesity, you don’t want to give them too much CBD and put them at risk for negative side effects. Here’s what to consider when shopping for the best CBD for small dogs.

What to Look for in the Best CBD for Small Dogs

The best CBD oil for small breed dogs will meet the same rigorous standards of the best CBD oil for large breed dogs. Some of the characteristics of the best CBD dog treats are not unique to your pet’s size or weight, but the concentration of the dog CBD oil is a consideration that is especially important for smaller dogs.

Start with These Characteristics of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

The best CBD oil for dogs will be THC-free,* so you don’t have to worry about your pet experiencing any psychoactive effects from their CBD dosage. High-quality pet CBD will also be designed for dogs specifically (not pets in general) and sourced from USA-grown hemp plants, because domestic agricultural regulations are often more stringent than those in other countries. It’s also important that the other ingredients in your CBD dog treat are pet-safe and non-GMO. Finally, you’ll need to ensure a company’s trustworthiness by looking for a Certificate of Analysis, which provides independent laboratory results proving the concentration of the product, the accuracy of the ingredient list, and that it’s free from dangerous heavy metals or other toxins.

The Best CBD Oil for Small Dogs Will Be Lower Strength


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Once you’ve ensured a CBD oil for dogs meets those standards, you can start to consider what’s best for your small dog. The appropriate dosage is key to ensuring your dog experiences the benefits of CBD in full. While a CBD tincture for dogs offers some flexibility in dosage, it is going to be very difficult to get an appropriate amount for your small dog from a CBD oil designed for larger dogs. This is because the strength – the grams of CBD per mL of oil – will be very strong, so even a very small serving might be too much CBD for your dog.

The best CBD oil for small dogs will be designed for smaller breed dogs. This means the product will have a low concentration of CBD and the label will provide instructions for how to administer the product to dogs of a low weight range. Always start with the lowest recommended amount of dog CBD oil and use that amount for 30 days before changing your routine.

How to Use Paw CBD for Small Dogs

At Paw CBD, our products come in separate strengths for small dogs. We bring the same high-quality, trustworthy, tasty dog CBD oil to our little friends with clear instructions on how to use the product.

CBD Oil for Small Breed Dogs

Our popular CBD oil for dogs comes in 150 mg for our smallest dogs under 25 pounds. One dropper is a single mL of dog CBD oil which contains 5 mg of CBD. It’s very easy to do a half dropper, too, if you have an especially small dog that could use less than 5 mg of CBD. Paw CBD oil for dogs comes in peanut butter and natural flavors, so you can drizzle it onto your pet’s food or directly into their mouth with the pet-safe plastic dropper.

Our calming CBD oil for dogs comes in a 250 mg option, which is what we recommend for small dogs. This dog CBD oil comes in a blueberry flavor and includes our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD along with additional relaxing ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile. For dogs under 25 pounds, we recommend starting with a single 1 mL dropper, which includes 8.5 mg of CBD. As with the regular CBD oil for dogs, you can adjust this amount to be even lower by using a half or quarter of a dropper to give your dog less CBD per serving.

Dog Treats with CBD for Small Dogs

Our award-winning crunchy peanut butter CBD dog treats also come in a specialized strength for small dogs. With CBD dog treats, it’s especially important that you purchase a product that has an appropriate amount of CBD for small breed dogs, because it is a little more challenging and messy to break up a treat than to simply use less of the oil. The 150 mg bag of Paw CBD dog treats for small dogs includes 30 treats, each with 5 mg of CBD. One of these a day is the recommended starting dosage for a dog under 25 pounds.


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Small dogs tend to have small teeth, too, so crunchy treats can sometimes be a challenge for them. Especially if your dog is missing some teeth or has dental issues, you might want to consider a tender, chewy CBD dog treat. Our chicken and bacon flavored CBD dog treats for small dogs are easy on your pet’s teeth and come in a 150 mg jar with 30 treats, each delivering 5 mg of CBD to your happy little pooch.

These soft, chewy bites also come in a calming formula with the same small-dog strength (30 treats with 5 mg of CBD each). Paw CBD calming treats for small dogs feature soothing ingredients like L-tryptophan, chamomile flower, and passion flower in a turkey-flavored nugget that will give your little dog the best chance of chilling out.

Small Dogs Don’t All Need the Same Amount of CBD for Dogs

The best CBD oil for small breed dogs will be a high-quality product that is pet-safe and enjoyed by your canine companion, but it will also be available in a low concentration that allows your small dog to experience all the benefits of CBD without any side effects. It’s important to remember that not all dogs need the same amount of CBD. While 5 mg a day will be the perfect fit for some dogs under 25 pounds, other dogs will need a little less, and other dogs will need more.

Once you start exploring your options for high-quality CBD dog products for small dogs, you may find your dog needs something a little stronger – which is fine! Take your time discovering the appropriate CBD regimen for your small dog and ensure they are getting the best CBD oil every day.