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Is CBD Oil Right for My Pet?

With the growing popularity of CBD oil and its multitude of health and wellness properties, millions of people are choosing this natural product and seeing how it can help them feel and function better. It’s only natural that many are wanting to provide their pets with the same health options.

As published in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, a Colorado State University study reported that in a survey of 632 pet owners, more than half used a veterinarian-approved CBD oil product.

The study also reported that of those pet owners, 63.9% believed CBD oil “helped a moderate amount” or “helped a great deal” in providing pain relief for dogs. And 50.5% said it either “helped a moderate amount” or “helped a great deal” in aiding with sleep for dogs. Of cat owners, 64.8% said they perceived CBD “helped a great deal” or “helped a moderate amount” in providing pain relief for cats.

As the CBD market becomes flooded with offerings for pets, how do you know which CBD oil is right for your four-legged family members?

If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s important to educate yourself before deciding if CBD oil is right for your pet. We hope this guide will provide answers to your questions and give you an understanding of what is – and isn’t – in your CBD tinctures, treats, and balms before purchasing them for your pets.

As the CBD market becomes flooded with offerings for pets, how do you know which CBD oil is right for your four-legged family members?

Understanding CBD oil for your pet

Many people mistakenly believe that CBD oil only comes from marijuana. Although hemp and marijuana come from the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa, their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the cannabinoid that contains the “high” inducing properties – composition is not the same.

Marijuana is generally cultivated to contain high THC content; on the other hand, hemp is grown with a much lower THC concentration. Hemp-derived CBD oil products are considered federally legal only if extracted from industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC.

Once the Agricultural Act of 2014, referred to as the “Farm Bill,” was passed into law by Congress, it paved the way for

closely monitored industrial hemp growth on farms in the U.S.

The bill granted the legal right to state governments to grow and research industrial hemp through state-regulated agriculture and pilot programs. In addition, hemp and hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC were classified as separate from marijuana cannabis.

In 2018, the updated Farm Bill made it legal to grow, produce, sell, and ship hemp and hemp-derived products to all 50 states.

Why it’s important to only buy high-quality CBD oil

Now that it is legal to farm and process domestically again, U.S. grown hemp is the best option for manufacturing CBD oil and products. The farming practices and the plants grown here are subject to higher quality controls and growth standards, including limiting exposure to pesticides.

If you are looking to buy the highest-quality CBD oil for your pet, always check to see if it is made from domestically grown hemp plants.

The process of supercritical CO2 extraction results in an oil with more of the cannabinoid properties readily available. Because the extracts are heated and cooled to an exact level, a more pure CBD oil extract is produced.

Why price isn’t always a reflection of quality CBD oil

The old adage “you get what you pay for” isn’t always accurate. It’s natural to assume that a more expensive product means a better quality product. With CBD oil, cost and quality aren’t always equal.

After product testing in 2016, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that over 20 products that made claims of including CBD oil either did not contain any cannabinoids or contained less CBD than stated. Products ranged in price, and every company boasted that their products and processes were among “the best.”

When making your CBD oil selection, don’t just shop for an expensive product assuming it is the best quality. Instead, educate yourself about the company’s extraction process and review their lab reports to determine the quantity of cannabinoids you are getting in every supply. Product labels can be misleading; study daily recommendations and milligrams carefully.

Educate yourself about the company’s extraction process and review their lab reports to determine the quantity of cannabinoids you are getting in every supply.

Where to Buy CBD Products

With the rise in popularity of CBD, it is available from many sources: online, at medical dispensaries, and at specialty retail stores.

One of the concerns with buying CBD at retail locations is quality control. The products are typically purchased from extractors who don’t always provide purity analysis or lab reports for the oil.

It is always recommended that you buy CBD oil direct from companies that post verified lab reports and provide details about their manufacturing process to ensure you are getting high-quality CBD oil.

Make sure your products contain the right amount of CBD

Reputable CBD sources use USA organically grown hemp, proper manufacturing techniques, and provide third-party lab reports. Now it’s time to look at another important question: how much CBD you are getting per product?

CBD products will display a number on the front of the package, typically ranging from 300 mg to 5000 mg. It is important to understand that this number is not the amount of CBD you get in every supply, but rather refers to the total amount of CBD in the whole product (bottle, jar, package).

To calculate the actual amount of CBD you will get in each intake, take the total CBD number on the package (in milligrams), and divide it by the number of servings. If, for example, you order a one-ounce bottle of 1500 mg CBD oil, the breakdown should indicate that you are getting 50 mg of active CBD per drop.

Five factors to look for when buying CBD online

When buying any CBD product, here are five things you should avoid:


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