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CBD Calming Oil Tincture for Dogs

When life gets ruff, our CBD calming oil tincture for dogs can help relax your canine companion with premium, hemp-derived CBD and melatonin in a delicious blueberry flavor sure to please your restless pup.

When life gets ruff, our CBD calming oil tincture for dogs can help relax your canine companion with premium, hemp-derived CBD and melatonin in a delicious blueberry flavor sure to please your restless pup.

CBD Calming Oil Tincture for Dogs

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    Pet CBD Oil Calming Tinctures for Dogs
    Blueberry - 250 mg - 30 mL






CBD Calming Tincture for Dogs

Does your dog get nervous or overexcited? Have an aversion to loud noises, thunderstorms, or being left alone? Try our calming tincture for dogs, made with a soothing herbal blend and melatonin. Combining hemp-derived CBD and a delicious blueberry flavor, our CBD oil tincture offers a tasty, easy way to serve up CBD. Your best friend will love the sweet blueberry option, and you’ll love this wholesome option for your stressed-out pup.

Properties of Calming CBD Tincture for Dogs

We started with the Superior Broad Spectrum formula of our CBD oil for dogs and blended in melatonin, a natural sleep aid safe for both people and pets. The addition of soothing herbs like valerian root, passion flower, and chamomile creates a calming tincture when your best friend needs a little extra comfort and care.

Our calming CBD oil for dogs is carefully crafted and tested to be free of THC while harnessing all the power of CBD. The additional ingredients in our CBD calming tincture blend are pet-friendly, and the dropper is made of plastic for pet safety.

As with every Paw CBD product, the calming tincture for dogs is available in two strengths to make it easy to serve up the proper amount of CBD to help support your dog’s calm and well-being. You can use daily or as needed for those tricky situations when your pup needs a little extra TLC.

CBD Calming Tincture for Dogs Application

Our calming tincture comes in a fruity blueberry flavor dogs love, making it the perfect sweet option you can drizzle over their snack or meal or give to them directly. Two strengths (250 mg and 500 mg), based on your pet’s weight, let you choose the option that best matches your dog’s size. From there, start with the suggested daily serving amount and see how your dog responds. CBD can take some time to build up in the system, so it’s best to use the calming tincture consistently before making any adjustments.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian when adding anything new to your dog’s wellness routine, especially if you have concerns about their behavior or well-being.


of CBD Calming Tincture for Dogs

How do you use calming CBD tinctures for dogs?

Calming CBD tincture for dogs is perfect for supporting your pet’s relaxation at bedtime, during stressful situations, or at any time of the day. To administer the tincture to your dog, you can drop the oil onto a chew or into dog food or squirt from the plastic dropper into your pet’s mouth. They’ll be thrilled with the blueberry flavor!

What’s the difference between regular CBD tinctures and calming CBD tinctures for dogs?

Both calming tinctures and the regular CBD tinctures for dogs feature our premium, high-quality CBD derived from domestically grown hemp. Our unique calming formula also features an herb blend with valerian root, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile, and melatonin – all ingredients that can promote relaxation and encourage rest.

Are there any negative reactions to calming CBD tinctures for dogs?

If you use more than the recommended serving size for your pet’s weight, your dog might start feeling drowsy or excessively sleepy. If this happens, reduce the serving size and monitor your pet to find the perfect balance of relaxed and rested, yet still ready to play!

Does CBD promote a sense of calm for dogs?

Many things can make a dog feel excited or out of sorts – Fourth-of-July fireworks, thunderstorms, a visitor in the house, or even just the rattle of the leash when you’re getting ready for a walk. CBD calming tinctures for dogs can encourage your pet to feel relaxed throughout the day and approach these common situations with a sense of calm.

Do calming CBD tinctures for dogs interact with other substances?

You should always consult your veterinarian before introducing CBD to your pet. They can provide detailed information on your pet’s specific routine and how to incorporate CBD in the proper manner.


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