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Free Shipping On All Orders in the US

Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats

Our Paw CBD treats for dogs offer an easy, convenient option to provide the perfect amount of premium, hemp-derived CBD in a tasty, crunchy hard chew your best friend will love.

Our Paw CBD treats for dogs offer an easy, convenient option to provide the perfect amount of premium, hemp-derived CBD in a tasty, crunchy hard chew your best friend will love.

Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats

  1. 150 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Hard Chews 150 mg
    Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats
  2. 300 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Hard Chews 300 mg
    Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats
  3. 600 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Hard Chews 600 mg
    Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats






Why Should I Give My Dog Hard Chew CBD Dog Treats?

Paw CBD treats for dogs are the easiest way to add our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil formula to your best friend’s wellness routine. We start with premium, hemp-derived CBD, add in natural flavors – with no artificial fillers or unnecessary ingredients – and bake it all into a crunchy treat your dog will love.

And because we put pets first, all of our products are made with US-grown hemp that is processed to be THC-free* and then ISO-certified lab tested for quality and safety. You’ll love the convenience of providing all the powerful health benefits of CBD in a tasty treat – and they’ll love the tail-wagging flavors that will have them sitting up and begging for more!

The Best CBD Dog Treats

Looking for a convenient way to offer your dog a daily serving of CBD? Our CBD treats for dogs come in pup-approved peanut butter and baked cheese flavors that provide all the properties of CBD without any fillers or artificial ingredients. Both flavors are available in three strengths based on your dog’s weight, so you can choose the one that’s just right for your pampered pooch. CBD treats for dogs are the best way to provide the perfect, portable amount of CBD for your best friend.

How to Use CBD Dog Treats

Our treats come in three strengths (150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg) based on your dog’s size: small, medium, or large. Follow the package instructions and start with the recommended daily amount. Every pet is different in weight, age, and how they respond, so follow the suggested serving size for 30 days before making adjustments.

Treats can be used to provide your dog’s daily CBD, or in combination with other forms like tinctures or soft chews, as long as you do not exceed the total recommended daily serving amount of CBD for your dog’s size.

Are CBD dog treats safe?

As a pet parent, you want to know what you’re giving your pets is safe. Like all of our CBD for dogs, our treats are made with premium, hemp-derived CBD that is processed and tested to be free of THC. If you use the strength recommended for your dog based on weight and follow the daily serving suggestions, CBD is safe for dogs.

However, if your pet is on medication or being treated for any health issues, please talk to your veterinarian before adding CBD to your dog’s wellness routine. Every dog will react differently to CBD, so follow the instructions on the packaging and monitor how your dog responds.

Can I give my dog CBD dog treats every day?

Yes! Our CBD dog treats offer up a pre-measured amount of CBD, so it’s easy to provide the exact amount recommended for your dog’s size. You can give them the whole serving all at once, or break the chew into pieces throughout the day. If you are using other CBD products like tinctures or peanut butter, just be sure you don’t exceed the daily recommended amount of CBD in whatever combination you and your pup prefer.

Will CBD treats calm my dog down?

CBD offers many benefits, like helping manage signs of daily stress so your canine companion can maintain a sense of calm. Every dog is different and will react differently to CBD, so choose the right mg strength of CBD treats for your dog and use it for 30 days so it has time to build up in their system.

If you still don’t see the results you’re looking for, you can make adjustments to the amount or strength of their daily CBD. And for those times when your dog really needs some extra comfort, try one of our CBD Calming products for dogs, which blends CBD with soothing herbal ingredients and melatonin or L-tryptophan to help them relax.


of CBD Hard Chews for Dogs

How do you use CBD treats for dogs?

CBD treats for dogs deliver a perfectly measured amount of CBD in a tasty, easy-to-use treat. Include CBD dog treats in your pet’s daily wellness regime by giving them a treat at any time of day – as a reward after obedience training or as a dessert when they finish their dinner!

What’s the difference between CBD dog treats and CBD tinctures for dogs?

CBD tinctures for dogs come in liquid form and allow you to adapt serving size easily, should you need to give CBD to two dogs of different sizes. CBD hard chews for dogs administer an exact amount of CBD every time. They’re portable, consistent, and delicious!

Do CBD dog treats help with pain support?

CBD dog treats can promote calm and overall wellness in your pet. When used as part of a healthy daily routine that includes exercise and a wholesome diet, CBD contributes to your pet feeling relaxed, happy, and healthy. There are also specialized hip and joint formulas that include special ingredients for mobility support.

How long does it take for CBD dog treats to work?

We recommend that you stick with the initial amount recommended for your animal’s weight – for at least 30 days. The properties of CBD can compound in your dog’s body over time, so it’s important to make CBD a consistent part of a daily routine and watch your pet carefully.

Does CBD help with aggressive dogs?

Aggression in dogs is a behavioral issue that should be discussed with your veterinarian. A dog is happiest when they have a daily wellness routine that includes a healthy diet, lots of exercise and mental stimulation, a safe environment, and proper care. CBD can be a positive addition to your dog’s daily routine and can help them manage daily stress and maintain a sense of calm.

If using CBD for 30 days as recommended doesn’t offer the balancing effects you are looking for, talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s aggressive behavior.

When should you give your dog hard chew CBD dog treats?

Our CBD treats for dogs are the perfect way to reward your good boy or girl anytime! You can give them CBD whenever you choose – as a special treat before you leave the house, on the way to the dog park, as a tasty dessert, or before bedtime. It’s really up to you and what works best with your schedule. Our hard chew treats are super convenient and portable, so you can take them along wherever you go.

How often can you give your dog hard chew CBD dog treats?

Once you’ve determined the correct mg strength of CBD treats for your dog based on weight, you can give your dog these tasty hard chews any time – or break one into smaller pieces throughout the day. While you can give them to your dog every day, the important thing is to not exceed the total amount of recommended daily CBD, especially if you are using other CBD products as well.

Are the hard chew CBD dog treats the same as the calming chews?

No, our CBD hard chew dog treats are not the same as our calming soft chews. Calming chews are soft, chewy treats specially formulated with an herbal blend of soothing ingredients and L-tryptophan for added calming benefits. While our hard chews are made with CBD, which can generally help dogs manage daily stress and support calm, the calming chews are for dogs who need more support for calm and relaxation.

Do the hard chews have THC?

No, our CBD dog treats do not contain THC. We only use premium, US-grown hemp that has been cultivated and processed to be free of THC for your pet’s safety. While some pet CBD oil products may contain full spectrum CBD oil, Paw CBD products are carefully crafted with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil formula, so you can trust what you’re giving your pets.

Are CBD dog treats human grade?

While our CBD dog treats are made with our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil formula and human-grade ingredients for your pet’s safety, we do not recommend them for human consumption. We suggest you try one of many premium products from our parent company, cbdMD, the industry’s most trusted name in CBD.

Where can I get hard chew edible treats for dogs?

Paw CBD treats for dogs can be purchased here on our website and delivered to all 50 states. Enjoy free shipping on all orders and a 60-day money back guarantee on all of our premium pet products!

Will my dog get high?

No, your dog will not get high using our CBD dog treats. All of our products are derived from hemp that is grown in the US and then processed and third-party lab tested to be THC-free* so there is no psychoactive effect.

Do CBD dog treats work for hyper dogs?

CBD in general can support a sense of calm if used regularly. However, if you have an especially hyperactive dog, we recommend our Calming soft chews for dogs. These specially formulated chews provide not only CBD, but a soothing herbal blend and L-tryptophan for a calming effect.


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