CBD Treats For Dogs

Our Paw CBD treats for dogs offer an easy, convenient option to provide the perfect amount of premium, hemp-derived CBD in a tasty treat your best friend will love.

Our Paw CBD treats for dogs offer an easy, convenient option to provide the perfect amount of premium, hemp-derived CBD in a tasty treat your best friend will love.

CBD Treats For Dogs

  1. 150 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 150 mg
    CBD Treats For Dogs
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  2. 300 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 300 mg
    CBD Treats For Dogs
    As low as $34.99
  3. 600 mg - Peanut Butter
    CBD Dog Treats 600 mg
    CBD Treats For Dogs
    As low as $64.99
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    CBD Treats For Dogs
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CBD Treats for Dogs

Looking for a convenient way to offer your dog a daily serving of CBD? Our CBD treats for dogs come in pup-approved peanut butter and baked cheese flavors that provide all the properties of CBD without any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Both flavors are available in three strengths based on your dog’s weight, so you can choose the one that’s just right for your pampered pooch.

Properties of CBD Dog Treats

Paw CBD treats for dogs are the easiest way to add our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula to your best friend’s wellness routine. And because we put pets first, all of our products are made with US-grown hemp that is processed, and then ISO-certified lab tested to be THC-free* for your dog. If you want a simple CBD solution, you’ll love the convenience of providing the powerful benefits of CBD – and they’ll love the tail-wagging flavors that will have them sitting up and begging for more!

CBD Treats for Dogs Application

Our treats come in three strengths (150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg) based on your dog’s size: small, medium, or large. Follow the package instructions and start with the recommended daily serving. Every pet is different in weight, age, and how they respond, so follow the recommended serving size for 30 days before making adjustments.


of CBD Treats for Dogs

How do you use CBD treats for dogs?

CBD treats for dogs deliver a perfectly measured amount of CBD in a tasty, easy-to-use treat. Include CBD dog treats in your pet’s daily wellness regime by giving them treats at any time of day – as a reward after obedience training or as a dessert when they finish their dinner!

What’s the difference between CBD dog treats and CBD tinctures for dogs?

CBD tinctures for dogs come in liquid form and allow you to adapt serving size easily, should you need to give CBD to two dogs of different sizes. CBD treats for dogs administer an exact amount of CBD every time. They’re portable, consistent, and delicious!

Do CBD dog treats help with pain support?

CBD dog treats can promote calm and overall wellness in your pet. When used as part of a healthy daily routine that includes exercise and a wholesome diet, CBD contributes to your pet feeling relaxed, happy, and healthy. There are also specialized hip and joint formulas that include special ingredients for mobility support.

How long does it take for CBD dog treats to work?

We recommend that you stick with your initial serving size – the amount recommended for your animal’s weight – for at least 30 days. The properties of CBD can compound in your dog’s body over time, so it’s important to make CBD a consistent part of a daily routine and watch your pet carefully.


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