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CBD for Pets:

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about CBD for pets? We’ve got answers! Read on to learn more about CBD for dogs and cats, the safety and proper use of this wellness resource, and the details on all of our Paw CBD products.

CBD for Dogs

  • Should I use CBD dog treats or CBD oil tinctures for my dog?
    • CBD provides a wellness support tool that offers a variety of benefits in your dog’s life, from a more regulated sleep schedule to increased physical comfort. You can deliver the powerful benefits of through chewy dog treats, crunchy CBD dog treats, or CBD oil that you can easily incorporate into their existing diet. You can even use a combination of CBD oil for dogs and different kinds of treats, as long as your dog is getting the appropriate amount of CBD each day.

  • What kind of CBD oil is best for dogs?
    • The best CBD oil for dogs is designed specifically for the canine body – never give human CBD oil to your dog. Other things to look for in a high-quality dog CBD product include the THC-free* label, a Certificate of Analysis, and a safe formula that includes other wholesome, beneficial ingredients. The best CBD oil will also be in a flavor your pooch will love!

  • How does CBD make my dog feel?
    • CBD that is derived from the hemp cannabis plant has none of the psychoactive effects of THC, which is found in higher concentrations in marijuana cannabis. You don’t have to worry about your dog feeling high, disoriented, or confused if you give them the right amount of CBD each day. CBD is meant to help your dog maintain their comfortable, happy, calm demeanor so they can continue to engage in all their favorite activities.

  • Does CBD work immediately for dogs?
    • CBD benefits are typically seen in the first days of use. CBD takes time to build up in your dog’s body, which is why we always recommend giving your dog the same amount for 30 days before changing your regimen. It might take a month or more to notice how CBD is generating benefits in your dog’s daily life.

  • Can CBD for dogs calm them down?
    • CBD for dogs can make it easier for your pet to manage stress signals and tap into their existing well of chill. From meeting a new friend at the dog park, to thunderstorms, to simply being away from you, our canine companions can have a lot of intense experiences that can cause them to panic or feel stressed in their daily lives. CBD for dogs can support your pet’s ability to remain strong and relaxed in the face of these struggles.

  • Can I give my dog CBD daily?
    • Yes, we recommend that once you decide on a daily amount of CBD to give to your dog, you stick with that amount for 30 days before increasing or decreasing. The method by which you give your dog the CBD can be different every day, or even throughout the day – you might give them half of their daily CBD as a drizzle of oil over their morning kibble bowl, and the remaining half as a treat before bed. As long as they get their specific amount each day, you can create a schedule that works best for you and your pooch and provides some variety and fun!

  • Is CBD good for older dogs?

CBD for Cats

  • Is CBD OK for cats?
    • CBD for cats is a safe wellness resource that can help your kitty stay relaxed and comfortable so they can enjoy their favorite activities – whether that’s snoozing on the couch or scaling their cat tower! When given in the right amounts as part of a healthy daily routine, CBD can create benefits such as increased calm in your pet’s life – without any psychoactive effects.

  • What does CBD do to a cat?
    • CBD impacts your cat’s endocannabinoid system – a system that felines share with humans as well as dogs and other mammals. The ECS controls a lot of bodily functions and processes, from the nervous system to the digestive system. This is why CBD has such a wide range of benefits for your cat’s body. Not only does it complement their daily wellness and physical comfort, but it can help them maintain a sense of calm and manage signs of daily stress.

  • How long does it take for CBD to work in cats?
    • You might start to notice the benefits of CBD for cats within the first week of daily use, but we recommend choosing a daily amount and sticking with it for at least 30 days before changing your routine. CBD takes time to build up to the proper strength and impact your cat’s ECS fully, so sometimes the benefits won’t be noticeable until your cat has been steadily provided with CBD for 30 days.

  • How often can I give my cat CBD?
    • The benefits of CBD are most readily available to your cat when they are given the same amount every day. Once you’ve decided on the right amount of CBD for your cat – this will depend on your cat’s size, weight, and specific needs – you can choose to give it to them in a single treat or multiple methods of delivery throughout the day! CBD for cats comes in tempting flavors like catnip, so like any tasty treat, you might consider breaking up their recommended amount throughout the day, rather than all at once.

  • Does CBD make cats sleepy?
    • CBD, if given in proper amounts, should not make your cat overly sleepy. However, some cat calming products, especially those combined with soothing ingredients like melatonin and chamomile flower, can support relaxation and regulate sleep cycles that are healthy for your pet. It’s always important to understand your cat’s sleeping habits to ensure they are getting the proper amount of sleep to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Does CBD help calm a cat?
    • Yes, one of the greatest benefits of CBD for cats is that it can support your cat in managing stress signals and maintaining a calm demeanor. Cats can be moody and sometimes hyperactive, so CBD can be a crucial wellness tool for ensuring they feel confident and ready to take on the day, rather than nervous or sensitive.

  • How can I get my cat to take CBD oil?
    • With the tasty flavors and textures of our cat CBD products, it won’t be hard to entice your feline friend into taking their daily CBD amount. Cats with dental issues will appreciate the soft, chewy texture of our CBD cat treats. CBD oil tinctures are easy to drizzle over anything your cat will ingest – from their favorite treat to their bowl of cat food (wet or dry). Our oils also taste good enough to feed to them directly, and it’s totally safe with our plastic dropper tool that makes it easy to put the oil directly into their mouth.

CBD and Pet Safety

  • What is CBD?
    • CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of several cannabinoids found in hemp, a type of cannabis plant. This cannabinoid has been found to have unique benefits for wellness in humans and other animals, including dogs and cats.

  • What are cannabinoids?
    • Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. Two of the most common types of cannabis plants are hemp and marijuana. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is found in large concentrations in marijuana cannabis and causes a psychoactive sensation known as being high. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and instead produces general wellness benefits such as a sense of calm and relaxation – making it safe for pets.

  • Do I need a prescription for CBD?
    • No, you do not need a prescription to use CBD or to give it to your pet. It’s important that you understand your state’s laws around CBD before purchasing any CBD products online or in stores.

  • Is CBD for pets legal?
    • The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the sale of hemp-derived products on a federal level, so hemp-derived CBD products for pets are legal no matter where you live. Because this is a relatively new development, states are still evolving in their legislation and it’s important to understand the specific regulations in your state. You can read more about CBD regulations in this blog: Regulations for Pets: What You Need to Know.

  • How do I give CBD products to my pet?
  • Should I use pet CBD treats or CBD oil tinctures?
    • Either or both! There are different benefits and considerations to using CBD oil tinctures and CBD pet treats. Some pet parents choose to combine the two for a fun daily CBD regimen. As long as your pet is getting the same amount of CBD each day, you can choose how to give it to them

  • Will CBD get my pet high?
    • No, CBD will not get your pet high. CBD is completely different from THC, which is the component in cannabis that creates the sensation of being high.

  • Can my pet overdose from CBD?
    • While your pet can’t overdose on CBD, it's important to give them the appropriate amount of CBD each day. If your pet is given too much CBD for their size, they might become lethargic or drowsy. With the correct recommended daily amount of CBD, your pet will only experience wellness benefits.

  • Do veterinarians recommend CBD for pets?
  • Is CBD for pets safe if they are on other medications?
    • You should consult your veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet. While veterinarians are limited in what they can say about CBD as a wellness resource, they can inform you if CBD will interact with your pet’s existing medications, or if your pet may have allergies or other conditions that might make it difficult for them to experience wellness benefits from CBD.

  • Is CBD safe if my pet has food allergies?
    • You should always read the ingredient list before giving a CBD product to your pet. As long as the product has a Certificate of Analysis, you can rest assured that the ingredient list is honest and complete. Your pet is unlikely to be allergic to CBD oil, but may have allergies to other ingredients that are included in a CBD product such as treats.

  • What are the recommended servings for Paw CBD?
    • Your pet’s recommended daily amount of CBD will depend on their size and personal needs. Finding the right amount of CBD for your pet may take time, as CBD needs to build up in your pet’s body before the benefits are apparent. This is why we recommend starting with the smallest amount for your pet and maintaining that regimen for 30 days before making any changes.

  • Can pet CBD be given daily?
    • Yes – in fact, the benefits of CBD are most readily apparent when your pet is given the same amount of CBD every day. You can choose to mix this up in multiple products, such as CBD treats and oil, or give them their entire amount in one sitting. A daily routine is not only recommended for the benefits, but our CBD products are so tasty your pet will want it every day!

  • How long will the results last?
    • As long as you maintain a daily regimen of the correct amount of CBD for your pet, they will experience the benefits of this wellness resource. We recommend giving them their CBD at the same time every day to ensure a consistent routine. If after their initial 30 days you don’t see the results you’re looking for, consider an increase in their daily amount or try the next strongest option available.

Paw CBD Product Information

  • Do you test your pet CBD products?
    • Paw CBD regularly uses third-party, ISO-certified labs to test all of our products from start to finish. We test to ensure the proper amount of hemp-derived CBD is present in each product as promised on the label. We also test to ensure that our products do not contain any other unwanted chemicals, metals, or additives.

  • What ingredients are used in Paw CBD products?
    • Ingredients vary by product, but all of our CBD products are made with non-GMO industrial hemp that’s grown right here in the US. Our superior CBD extract is then combined with a range of ingredients, with all products being made in our GMP-certified labs. Our CBD treats are made without added fillers or unnecessary ingredients and our specialty formulas are carefully crafted with pet-safe, appropriate functional ingredients. Please refer to our product pages or product packaging for ingredient details.

  • Are Paw CBD products gluten free?
    • Our CBD oil tinctures are gluten free, as are our CBD soft chews. If one of our products has a gluten-free label, like our Calming CBD Chews for Dogs, you can rest assured that it is completely free of gluten. Not all of our products are gluten-free, so check our independently certified ingredient list to be sure.

  • Are Paw CBD products vegan?
    • Paw CBD oil tinctures for dogs and cats are vegan, as they contain only our Superior Broad Spectrum formula, MCT oil, and natural flavors. However, our various CBD treats are not vegan.

  • What is the proper way to store Paw CBD products?
    • We suggest storing our products in a dry, cool place with no direct exposure to constant light or excessive heat. Proper storage, as recommended, will increase the effective shelf-life of our CBD products.

  • What is the shelf-life of Paw CBD products?
    • Best-by dates will vary based on ingredients, formula, and type of product. Check the product packaging or contact our customer service team to learn more about specific products. Tinctures generally last for approximately one year when stored properly.

  • Can you ship pet CBD products to my state?
    • Yes! CBD pet products can be shipped directly to you. Because the 2018 Farm Bill made the sale of hemp-derived products legal on a federal level, our pet CBD products can be shipped to every state. However, as the regulatory landscape is constantly changing, it’s always a good idea to stay current on CBD regulations for pets.

  • What is the Paw CBD return policy?
    • Paw CBD offers a best-in-business 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 60 days for a full refund.


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