• Pet owners are quickly discovering the universal properties of CBD for a wide range of animal ailments, including separation anxiety.

As much as we would love to be surrounded by our beloved besties at all times, sometimes you simply can’t. Whether you have to board them in a strange new environment, or you’re out of town for an extended amount of time, separation anxiety is bound to set in. Symptoms can range anywhere from loss of appetite and energy, to excessive barking and aggressive behavior. All pet parents know just how hard it is to say goodbye to those puppy dog eyes. Ease that separation pain by using paw cbd products to help calm your cat and prepare your pup for that time apart. While harsh pharmaceuticals can have negative side effects, CBD is a clean, alternative approach to dealing with the myriad of symptoms that can affect your favorite furry family member.

Separation anxiety is one of those things that will affect each pet differently. While some are fine with chilling on the couch, others can be a bit more demanding in their need for attention. Give our all-natural, additive-free CBD oil a try and discover how hemp can truly help heal your pet in more ways than one!