Best Holiday and CBD Gifts for Cats

Best Holiday and CBD Gifts for Cats

We can’t forget our furry friends during the season of giving. Even though a cat will probably be more interested in the box their gift comes in, there are many holiday treats that will be appreciated by cats and cat parents alike. From CBD cat treats to interactive toys, here is a gift guide for cats and those who love them.

Gift CBD Cat Treats for a Chill Christmas

CBD cat treats are a wonderful gift item for the cat parent on your list who could use a little break. Even if the cat on your list hasn’t started using CBD yet, you can introduce them to this wellness resource with a jar of tender, chicken-and-catnip flavored bites that deliver the soothing support of premium, high-quality CBD derived from domestic hemp.

Unless you’re confident that your gift recipient is a feline over 15 pounds, it’s best to give cat treats with a lower concentration of CBD. Serving size is crucially important for an effective CBD routine, and when giving it as a gift, you want to give the cat parent options. With a smaller concentration, they can play around more easily with the cat treats to see what works best for their feline friend.

Best Gift for the Kitty Adventurer

Maybe the gift recipients on your list are avid travelers. While it might seem unusual, cats can be lovely travel companions and can even enjoy leash walking. Cat leashes and harnesses come in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for the active cat who wants to be included. Consider durability when selecting a harness – nylon is a popular material that will hold up well for a long time. Another cool feature on some cat leashes in a bungee cord that makes it easy to avoid harsh tugging when a cat darts after things.


A cat playing with a cat toy on a scratching post - Paw CBD


Interactive Cat Toys for Holiday Fun

The market for interactive cat toys is wide and varied, because cats need a lot of mental stimulation and cat parents can’t always be around to play laser tag. The gift of a cat toy can provide hours of entertainment that gives mom and dad a chance to relax while their kitty is occupied. Toys run the gamut from noise-making balls to elaborate scratching posts. Some scratching posts offer multiple ways to play, and it’s like giving your kitty friend two gifts in one! Look for a neat post that includes corrugated cardboard and thick rope for scratching, as well as some hanging toys to bat around.

Best Gift for the Cozy Cat in Your Life

Almost everyone has a couch potato cat on their gift list. Kitties who are the king of cat naps will love a soft, new cat bed – especially one that is shaped like a cave to allow for ultimate coziness! Cave beds are a popular choice for most cats because the shape of the bed creates an enclosure that makes cats feel safe and hidden. Think about style, too, when shopping for a cat bed: many can be an eyesore, so find one that is beautifully made to please both your cozy kitty gift recipient and their fashionable cat parent. With cave beds, be conscious of the cat’s size: a larger cat will need a larger bed in order to fit, and a smaller cat might not get the desired sense of safety if the bed is too big. Do your research – shopping is the fun part!

Give the Gift of Relaxation This Year with CBD Oil for Cats

If you know your friend’s cat gets a little loony during the holidays – whether from separation anxiety, noise aversion, or other stress triggers – then you might consider gifting their family a cat CBD oil that will support regular sleep schedules and relaxation. Paw CBD oil for cats comes in two different strengths for cats, with the lower concentration made for cats under 15 pounds and the higher concentration made for cats over 15 pounds. If you aren’t sure about your gift recipient’s weight, go with the lower concentration so the cat parent can adapt the routine to suit their cat’s needs. You also have a choice of flavor, with a tasty catnip option and a natural flavor that will complement any of their favorite treats or can easily be drizzled over their meals.

For an extra boost of calm for those cats that you know are hyperactive, up the comfort factor of your gift by choosing the calming cat CBD oil formula. The CBD works in tandem with an herbal blend and melatonin for extra holiday chill.

Gift Cat CBD for a Restful Holiday for All

While harnesses, leashes, toys, and beds make wonderful holiday gifts, cat CBD oil and treats are going to be the most exciting thing to give to cats and their parents this year. Cat CBD will enhance the lifestyle of any cat and make them more comfortable and easygoing, which will make the holidays happier for everyone.