Best Holiday and CBD Gifts for Dogs

Best Holiday and CBD Gifts for Dogs

The winter gifting season is upon us and we can’t let our furry friends be forgotten! Giving a gift to the dogs in your life allows you a special way to recognize that pet and also generate some warm fuzzies for their parents. Everyone loves it when their dog is loved!

Wondering what to get your favorite dog for the holidays? Read on for the best CBD gifts and more, with something for all the dogs in your life and their owners.

A Gift for the Canine Athlete + Adventurer

A well-made, high-quality dog harness is hard to beat as the best gift for the canine athlete on your list. You’ll want to shop for a harness that is reviewed as being durable and snug enough to keep a hold on even the most slippery canine. If there is a dog on your list who is constantly adventuring with their family, a solid harness will be a well-used gift from the mountains to the beach.

For dogs that are hitting the rocky trails and canvassing tough terrain, consider throwing a dog CBD balm stick in the gift bag. This rich, moisturizing balm delivers shea butter, cocoa butter, and the comfort of CBD to hot spot areas like elbows, noses, and paws, which need a little extra love when they’re getting so much action. The balm is an especially great gift because you don’t need to know anything about the dog’s dosage requirements. Topical CBD isn’t included in the dog’s daily serving of CBD, and you can’t overdose, so dog parents can be liberal when applying the balm.

The Best Gift for the Fashionable Dog and Owner

Dog hoodies and jackets are a great choice for the fashionable dog and owner in your life. Dog clothes aren’t just about style – many dogs actually need the warmth of a jacket in the winter months. If you live in a cold climate, or the dog you know is particularly small or hairless, a cozy piece of outerwear will be a perfect gift. There is no shortage of selection online – all sizes and all prints and colors. Make sure your gift recipient doesn’t have any allergies or skin issues because some dogs can be irritated by unusual fabrics. Stick with cotton or wool as a safe option. Also pay attention to washing instructions – a dog coat is going to get dirty, so it should be a simple matter of throwing it in the washing machine. Don’t buy hand-wash-only delicate clothes for dogs!


A dog laying down on a blanket with hip and joint chews 300 mg bacon in front of it - Paw CBD


A Gift for the Dog Who Needs a Little Extra Comfort

Do you know an older, stiff canine who needs a comfy place to rest his weary bones? A dog bed is just the ticket for this old hound on your list. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, so seek out something special for a holiday gift. Memory foam makes a lovely cushion to protect a dog’s hips and joints, and you’ll also want to be intentional about the appearance and care of the bed – it should be machine washable and seamlessly blend into the interior design of your friend’s home. For example, if their home is decorated in whites and grays, you should probably avoid a fuschia-colored dog bed.

To create a great combination gift for the slow senior dog on your Christmas list, throw in a jar of our specialized Hip + Joint CBD dog treats, made with glucosamine HCL and chondroitin to support hip and joint health. Dog parents will see the benefits of CBD and these joint health ingredients as they notice their pooch has an easier time jumping on the couch, or doesn’t seem as stiff in the morning. The dog will just be happy you got them bacon-flavored treats for the holidays, which will make you the favorite aunt or uncle for years to come.

A Gift for the Dog Who Can’t Stop Chewing

For the heavy duty chewer, the gift of a durable, hard-to-destroy dog toy will keep Fido entertained for hours. Many naughty chewers partake in that behavior because they are bored or understimulated, and interactive dog toys can provide engagement for the canine in need of some action. While a toy is no substitute for playtime, it can provide some relief when mom and dad need a break. A particularly fun option is a hide-the-treat toy, which requires some mental and physical effort on behalf of the dog to dig out or release treats from the toy.

As an added bonus, combine a treat toy gift with some CBD dog treats. CBD can support a chewing dog’s calm and relaxation, which will make them less likely to be hyperactive and destructive. Between the restful properties of CBD and their new interactive toy, the family of this gift recipient will be in for a more enjoyable holiday!



A Gift for Dogs and Parents: Calming CBD Oil for Dogs

If you know of a dog and some dog parents who are in desperate need of some rest – and don’t we all? – consider gifting them a calming CBD oil for dogs. Available in two strengths for different-sized dogs, this blueberry-flavored oil will support a dog’s effort to maintain their chill and stay calm in the face of holiday stressors like noise and crowds. In addition to the soothing properties of CBD, this oil features an herb blend with valerian root, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile, and melatonin. This wellness resource will enhance a proper sleep and wake schedule and keep the dog in more careful control of their stress responses, which will make everyone’s holiday more pleasant!

For an extra-special present, bake some of the calming dog CBD oil into some homemade dog treats. Make the individual treats a relatively low strength and inform the parents about their content so they can adapt their dog’s CBD routine as needed.

Give the Gift of a Chill Holiday with CBD for Dogs

CBD for dogs makes the best holiday gift because it generates benefits for canines and their human owners. One of the primary benefits of a CBD routine is a relaxed and chill dog, which means humans can enjoy their favorite activities this holiday season with less stress and more joy. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Give the gift of a happy holiday with CBD for dogs!