Keeping Pets Calm with CBD During Holiday Parties

Keeping Pets Calm with CBD During Holiday Parties

Pet CBD can be an extremely useful tool when you’re trying to keep your pet calm during the holidays. If you’re hosting this year – whether it’s just a one-night party or multi-day houseguests from out of town – your pet might experience some stress. Even if they’re usually easygoing, the strange people and smells, noise, and hustle-bustle of the holidays can really trigger your cat or dog’s anxiety, so it’s crucial that you have a routine in place that includes CBD for cats and dogs to keep your pet calm.

Pet CBD Promotes a Calm Demeanor

With the help of CBD, your pet can experience a more relaxed and calm demeanor that will make your holiday parties much more pleasant for everyone. If you’re worried about your dog or cat freaking out, it will be hard to be an attentive and present host for your party guests. Furthermore, an anxious or frightened pet is more likely to lash out and potentially hurt one of your guests – or at least make them feel very unwelcome!

While you should always provide a safe space where your pet can escape to relax, keeping your pet in a separate room while the noise of the party goes on nearby might still be stressful for them. If they have the added soothing support of a calming CBD oil for dogs or for cats, they can join in the fun and be more confident among the party crowd. As long as your pet is getting the same dose of CBD each day, according to their established routine, you can switch out their regular CBD for a specialized formula like CBD dog treats with L-tryptophan or cat calming oil with melatonin. This is a great way to prepare them for the holiday craziness and give your pet the best chance of being relaxed and cheerful during your festivities.


Exercise and CBD Work Together to Prep Your Pet for Holiday Chill

CBD not only supports your pet’s relaxation and calm, but it also promotes physical comfort and enhances mobility, which can make it easier for your dog or cat to get enough exercise. Proper exercise is a crucial component to ensuring your pet is prepared for whatever the holidays bring. A dog that has gone on an extra long walk, or a cat that’s played laser tag for an extra 15 minutes, has a better chance of feeling restful during your party. Your pet’s CBD routine can contribute to a more effective and complete exercise schedule, which will improve their party experience.

Consistency Is Key with Pet CBD for Calming Purposes

If you haven’t yet established a CBD routine with your pet, don’t wait until the night before your holiday party to start. Pets have the most positive experience with this wellness resource when it is given in the same amount daily, and it might take you some time to figure out what dosage works best for your dog or cat.


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Start with the smallest recommended amount for your animal’s weight range and remain consistent with this dosage for 30 days. Be sure you’re using CBD products made specifically for dogs or specifically for cats, rather than a generalized pet product. Once you’ve found the magic number for how much CBD your pet needs every day, you can play around with delivery methods, splitting their dose into CBD pet treats or tinctures as you like as long as the daily dose is the same.

Holiday time doesn’t have to be stressful with the help of pet CBD and a proper routine to prepare your dog or cat for the festivities!