How Much CBD Should I Give My Cat?

How Much CBD Should I Give My Cat?

Proper CBD dosage is crucial to your cat experiencing all the benefits of this wellness resource. But how do you know how much CBD to give to your cat? Every cat is different and it’s important to take a careful, intentional approach to figuring out the proper dose for your feline friend. Here is how you can find out how much CBD for cats you need.

Why Dosage Is Important with CBD for Cats

When your cat is given the proper amount of CBD every day, they can experience a number of benefits like increased calm, physical comfort, and mobility. CBD makes it possible for your cat to feel his or her best every day and be comfortable in the face of every situation – even those that might otherwise create stress or anxiety for your feline friend.

In order for your cat to experience these benefits, they need to be taking a certain number of milligrams daily that is appropriate for their size, breed, and personal physiology. If they aren’t taking enough CBD, then they won’t experience the maximum benefits, and you’re just wasting your money on a tool that isn’t going to be effective. But if they are given too much CBD, your cat might experience sleepiness, dry mouth, and general lethargy. We don’t want to subdue your cat’s amazing personality with a dose of CBD that’s too large, but we also don’t want to deny them the amazing benefits by giving them a dosage that’s too small.

If you’ve decided to introduce CBD to your cat, you likely care deeply about their experience and comfort, and your goal is to enhance their life in a positive way. You can do that with the right amount of CBD, but it takes some time to figure out what that means for your unique cat.


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How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Cat?

A reliable CBD company will provide products in differing strengths according to your cat’s weight. For example, our CBD oil for cats comes in two concentrations. The 150 mg bottle is intended for cats under 15 pounds, while the 300 mg bottle is intended for cats who weigh more than 15 pounds. Once you’ve decided on the proper strength for your cat, you’ll want to start by giving your cat the smallest recommended serving size – in this case, a single dropper, or about 1 milliliter of oil. With the 150 mg bottle, this delivers a 5 mg serving of CBD, while one dropper from the 300 mg bottle delivers 10 mg of CBD to your cat.

Unless you see an immediate adverse reaction, you’ll want to maintain this CBD routine for 30 days before changing anything. It takes time for CBD to accumulate in your cat’s body and apply the full impact to the endocannabinoid system, so you might not see the benefits right off the bat. If you aren’t noticing increased comfort, calm, and relaxation after a month, you can increase the dosage by small increments, adding 2 or 3 mg of CBD and trying the new amount for another 30 days. (This is easier to do if you have a cat CBD oil with a lower concentration.) Your cat’s weight will be a great starting point for figuring how much CBD for cats you need, but it won’t be the only factor. Your cat’s age, breed, energy level, and general demeanor will also influence how they are affected by CBD.

Keep a close eye on your pet when first starting a CBD routine so you can see the benefits even if they are subtle: maybe your cat doesn’t run and hide anymore when the doorbell rings, or they climb up their cat tower with a little more ease. Some CBD benefits won’t be obvious, so monitor your cat when establishing a new routine.

Maintaining the Right Dose with Multiple Cat CBD Products

While maintaining the same CBD dose daily will ensure the best experience for your cat, you can deliver that dose using multiple products to serve a variety of wellness goals. A diversified routine also keeps your cat interested. Drizzle some catnip-flavored oil over their morning kibble and give them a chewy chicken-and-catnip CBD treat in the evening. As long as their total amount of daily CBD remains the same, you can be as adventurous as you want! So, if you see the most benefits when your cat gets 10 mg of CBD each day, you can give them a 5 mg serving of CBD oil and five 1 mg chews to complete their daily serving size. The proper cat CBD routine can be fun, easy, and adaptable.

This also means you can introduce specialized wellness formulas into your cat’s CBD routine. For example, you might have an older kitty and you’re concerned about kidney health – a common issue in cats. Incorporating CBD kidney support chews into the daily routine can not only complete your cat’s daily CBD dose, but will also deliver kidney-supporting ingredients like licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract. Or perhaps you are seeking some additional restful, calming support for your high-strung cat. In that case, you might apply part of their daily CBD dose with a cat calming oil, which enhances the regularity of your cat’s sleep and wake schedule with the help of melatonin.



Make Sure Your Cat Consumes All Their Daily CBD

Once you know how much CBD your cat needs, it’s important to ensure they’re getting their complete dose daily. If they leave behind some of their breakfast that has been drizzled with CBD oil, they won’t get the total amount they need and might not experience the best benefits. Or – and this is more concerning – they might sneak off with some of their CBD treats and hide them somewhere. This puts them at risk of taking too much CBD on another day when they find the treats they’ve squirreled away! Avoid both of these outcomes by monitoring your cat’s consumption carefully and giving them one treat at a time, rather than a handful at once.

Figuring out how much CBD to give your cat can take some time and effort, but it’s worth it. Once your cat has the right daily CBD routine, they will experience a myriad of wellness benefits that will keep them happy, healthy, and relaxed.