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How CBD Can Support Your Senior Cat

CBD can be a wonderful support tool for your older kitty when used as part of a routine that’s catered to a senior cat’s needs. Learn more here.

CBD can be a wonderful support tool for your older kitty when used as part of a routine that’s tailored to a senior cat’s needs. When your beloved feline friend starts to slow down as they get older, it can be distressing. Aging is a natural process, and cat owners must be prepared and knowledgeable about caring for their senior cats. From dental care to environmental accommodations to regular veterinary visits, here is how to structure a perfect senior cat care routine that will be enhanced by CBD.

Common Health Changes in Older Cats and How CBD Can Help

The average indoor cat lives between 13 and 17 years, and cats are seniors when they reach the age of 10. Cats graduate from senior cat to geriatric cat around age 17. You’ll likely start to notice signs of aging long before your kitty reaches the geriatric cat stage.

As your cat’s body gets older, there might be many changes in its behavior. These can include sleep patterns; deterioration of senses like vision, sense of smell, and hearing; physical discomfort and stiffness; mood changes and reduced ability to manage stress signals; and less effective grooming, which can result in skin issues.

Old cats often have issues with their teeth, kidneys, blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion, joints, and cognition. Deterioration of these bodily processes is normal as your cat ages, but it can be treated and even delayed with proper senior cat care. Additionally, an old cat’s immune system is not as robust as an adult cat’s, so they are more at risk for disease.

CBD for cats can generate a sense of calm and comfort that will make it easier for your cat to navigate the many changes that come with aging. Cat CBD has a variety of benefits that can promote health and wellness in senior cats.

CBD Can Support a Regular Sleep Schedule for Your Senior Cat

Sleep is a crucial foundational element for a healthy lifestyle at any age, but particularly for senior cats. Unfortunately, senior cats usually experience changes in their sleep cycles and might struggle to get enough sleep on a daily basis. This might be because of cognitive decline that leaves them feeling lost and confused, or also because of joint stiffness and discomfort that makes it hard to lie down for extended periods.

Senior cat sleep issues can be mitigated by ensuring your cat gets enough mental and physical stimulation throughout the day and establishing a CBD routine that can support their sleep. Calming CBD oil for cats includes melatonin, which can help your cat feel relaxed and calm so getting to sleep and staying asleep is easier. You might also consider a new, fluffier or self-warming cat bed with additional cushioning if your cat seems to be struggling with physical comfort while they snooze.

CBD Oil for Cats Can Enhance Physical Comfort and Soothe Stiffness

One of the primary benefits of CBD for cats is increased physical comfort, which can make it easier for your cat to enjoy their favorite activities. Cats need a combination of physical and mental stimulation each day. It may seem counterintuitive to encourage physical activity in an aging cat, but the more movement your cat gets each day, the stronger they will be and the longer they can stave off the impacts of aging. In order to maintain a healthy exercise schedule, your senior cat might need the additional mobility support provided by CBD.

CBD Support for Stressed-Out Senior Cats

Situations that your cat used to take in stride – such as a trip to the boarding house while you go on vacation or a visit from the neighbor’s dog – might start to stress them out as they get older. Your cat’s moods are another behavior that their age might impact. They might have a little more “cattitude” and be less agreeable about changes in their environment.

It’s important to be respectful of your cat’s boundaries. If being boarded starts to cause stress for your old cat, consider a cat sitter that comes to your house. If your cat hisses and hides under the bed when the neighbor’s dog visits, keep the dog in the yard instead of the house. Your senior cat deserves to have a safe environment where they feel comfortable and at ease – even if that means a few changes to your routine.

But even in the perfect environment, your cat might need some support to deal with their daily stress signals. Because cat CBD oil has a natural calming effect for your cat, it can provide that much-needed support. A regular CBD routine can help your cat feel like their normal, confident self, and manage stress signals with ease.

Senior Cats Can Feel Their Best with the Support of CBD

There are many ways to support your cat as they move into their senior years. Their routine will need to change in many ways, and you might notice differences in their sleeping, eating, and activity habits. You can ensure their comfort with a proper diet, bedding, dental care, adapted exercise, and a consistent dose of CBD for cats.