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Can CBD Help If My Dog Has Hip Problems?

Your dog’s hip health is important. As part of a complete, healthy routine, CBD for dogs can be a useful tool in supporting your canine’s hip health.

As part of a complete, healthy routine, CBD for dogs can be a useful tool in supporting your canine’s hip health.

Your dog’s hip health is important because the hip joint is crucial to mobility, which allows them to get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy and live a long life. A dog’s hip is a ball-and-socket joint located at the top of their back legs, where the femur bone meets the pelvis. When a dog starts to experience trouble with this part of their body, it can dramatically affect their quality of life.

The more pet owners know about hip problems in dogs, the more supportive they can be of their dog’s hip health to ensure a long, comfortable life for their beloved canine. Here’s everything you need to know about what causes hip problems in dogs, different types of canine hip problems, and how to support your dog’s comfort and mobility with CBD for hip and joint health.

What Causes Hip Problems and How Dog CBD Can Help

Hip problems in dogs are very common and can have a variety of causes, including breed, type of exercise, poor nutrition, and being overweight. Genetics can cause large and giant breeds, like Mastiffs, Great Danes, and Saint Bernards, to experience an excess in growth hormones that causes the ball of the femur and the socket in the pelvis to grow at different rates. When the ball and joint don’t fit together smoothly, there can be grinding and discomfort in the joint. Furthermore, these large breeds put more strain on their joints with their size and weight.

For dogs whose hip problems are caused by the breed or size, changing their diet or exercise habits might not help with their discomfort. That’s why CBD for dogs made in the right strength for dogs of this size can be a vital support tool for maintaining better mobility and comfort.

Other common causes of hip problems include certain types of exercise, like agility courses and long-distance running, which aggravate the joints. If you learn that this type of high-impact exercise is contributing to your dog’s pain, you’ll need to exchange it for less intense exercise. This might leave your dog with a surplus of energy, and CBD for dogs (especially a calming formula with additional soothing support) can help them relax and reduce hyperactivity as they transition to a new, more chill exercise routine.

Being overweight or having a poor diet can contribute to poor hip health and poor general health for your dog. If you’re using CBD chews for dogs, you need to be especially mindful of how many you give your dog because the amount of daily CBD is important to their experience of the wellness benefits. Ensure you’re using a healthy CBD dog product with wholesome, nutritious ingredients that won’t spike your dog’s blood sugar or cause weight gain. Especially if you’re trying to get your dog to lose weight for mobility, CBD can be a useful tool to help ease the discomfort of joint and hip pain and encourage increased activity to help with weight loss.


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Using CBD Dog Treats for Canines with Osteoarthritis and Hip Injuries

As with any part of the body, some hip issues will be caused by external factors. Your dog can dislocate or bruise their hip with a fall or any kind of trauma, such as being hit by a car. Hip dislocation is when the ball comes out of the socket and the joint can no longer function as needed.

This is very painful and often causes limping – a dog with a dislocated hip will not place any weight on that leg. Hip injuries like dislocation are usually treatable but recovery can be long and slow. Dogs who have experienced a hip dislocation can also benefit from CBD for dogs to support their physical comfort while they recover.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that can affect any joint in a dog’s body, and its impact is often seen in the hips. This condition causes swelling in the joint and a dog with osteoarthritis will also lose cartilage, which makes the joint less limber and mobile. While osteoarthritis in dogs is incurable, it can be managed with medication and various lifestyle changes. Dog CBD can also help support the mobility and comfort of a dog who is experiencing hip discomfort.

How to Support Your Dog’s Hip Health with CBD Dog Treats

While many hip issues are genetic conditions that can’t be completely resolved, there are plenty of ways to support healthy hips for your dog. By selecting appropriate exercises, keeping your dog’s weight down with a proper diet, and introducing supporting supplements and CBD for your dog’s hip wellness, your dog will have a great chance at long-term hip health.

When it comes to exercise, you want to provide enough strain to keep the muscles around the hip joint strong – stronger muscles means less pressure on the joint itself – but you also don’t want to overwhelm your dog’s hips with excessive exercise. Stick to walking and swimming and avoid high-impact activities that require your dog to run or jump for long periods of time. If your dog is reluctant to participate in such activities, you can encourage them with CBD dog treats that will not only act as positive reinforcement for exercise but will also help soothe their joints and support mobility.

Maintaining a healthy, nutritious daily diet will support a normal weight for your dog, which will reduce the strain on their hips and help them avoid hip issues. CBD dog treats should not be a significant portion of your dog’s daily calories, especially because you need to be careful about providing the proper daily serving size of CBD.

You might consider other wellness-supporting resources for your dog’s hip and joint health, like our CBD Hip+Joint Chews for Dogs. These CBD dog chews include glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids, which aren’t direct treatments for ailments, but do support your dog’s mobility and joint health.

If your dog’s hip problems persist with a proper routine, you might consider physical therapy, dog massage, or even surgery. You can try implementing some dog massage techniques at home, or hire a professional dog massage therapist or physical therapist. Massage and physical therapy should be relaxing and rejuvenating for your pet, and they make a wonderful addition to a regimen of daily dog CBD.

If your dog’s hip problems are serious, your veterinarian may recommend surgery. Surgery is complex and multi-faceted, and your veterinarian will need to walk you through the steps of how to navigate this decision should your dog’s hip issues require it. Dog CBD can be a supportive addition to your pet’s recovery after hip surgery.



Dog CBD Can Provide Support and Help Manage Canine Hip Problems

While common, hip problems in dogs are not a definitive end to your dog’s happy days. In fact, some hip issues can be prevented and most hip discomfort can, at the very least, be managed with simple lifestyle changes such as CBD dog treats and changes to exercise and diet. By knowing the signs, you can identify canine hip dysplasia and other problems before they become serious.

A reasonable exercise regimen and an appropriate diet, along with supportive additions like dog CBD and physical therapy, can ensure your dog’s quality of life for many years, even if they suffer from hip problems.