Can Dogs Overdose on CBD Chews?

Can Dogs Overdose on CBD Chews?

Your dog will not overdose on a hemp-derived CBD dog treat. If you give your dog too many CBD treats, however, they can experience negative side effects. If you are giving your dog high-quality CBD that is made for dogs and comes from a reliable, reputable source, you won’t have to worry about your dog overdosing. While overdosing in the literal sense – giving your dog a dose that is over the recommended amount for them – is possible, it will not result in extreme harm unless there is something wrong with the CBD product you’re giving to your dog.

What Happens If I Give My Dog Too Much CBD?

Most dogs will display similar symptoms if they take a CBD dose that is too large for their body. These symptoms, while minor, can be very uncomfortable and should be carefully monitored.

One of the most common side effects in dogs who consume too much CBD is gastrointestinal upset, including stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. The other most common side effect is extreme drowsiness, sleepiness, or lethargy. While increased calm is a commonly sought benefit of CBD for dogs, you don’t want your pooch to seem groggy or less like themselves. The proper amount of CBD will enhance your dog’s existing cheerful personality with some added relaxation. Too much CBD might have them napping all day and seeming less interested in their favorite activities.


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Why It’s Important to Find High-Quality CBD for Dogs

Unfortunately, there are CBD products out there that might cause your dog to overdose because they aren’t made responsibly. It’s your job as a dog parent to ensure the CBD dog treats you buy are safe for your pet and won’t cause an overdose. This means you need to be looking for high-quality, hemp-derived CBD that is specifically designed for dogs.

While a dog won’t experience severe overdose symptoms on a hemp-derived, THC-free* CBD product, a negative overdose reaction is possible if your dog accidentally consumes THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. THC can be toxic to dogs, meaning it has almost no benefits for canines but can create extremely negative physical effects. THC toxicity in dogs might happen if your pet consumes a CBD product intended for humans. These products are often made from marijuana rather than hemp, and marijuana has higher levels of THC.

Hemp-derived CBD treats are the best because the hemp plant has naturally low levels of THC – no more than 0.3 percent THC by weight. So if your dog consumes a hemp-derived CBD product that isn’t technically labeled THC-free, they might experience some disorientation or discomfort, but they won’t experience toxicity. Giving your dog THC-free treats is the best choice, but even if you can't find the THC-free label, you should always use a hemp-derived CBD to avoid psychoactive effects.

How to Find the Right Dose of CBD for Your Dog

Beyond shopping carefully for high-quality CBD treats, the other step you can take to prevent your dog from overdosing on CBD is finding the right dose for your individual pet. Every dog is different and a number of factors will play into how much CBD your dog needs to experience benefits without any negative side effects.

Your dog’s weight is a very important factor when choosing the right CBD dose, so you’ll start with the lowest recommended amount for their size. The first step will be choosing treats of the right strength. Our award-winning CBD dog treats come in three different strengths. The 150 mg bag features 5 mg of CBD per treat and is intended for dogs that weigh less than 25 pounds. There is also a 300 mg bag with 10 mg per treat, best suited for dogs between 25 and 50 pounds. For dogs over 50 pounds, the 600 mg bag with 20 mg of CBD per treat will be the place to start.

After you’ve chosen the right strength, you can still adapt your dog’s CBD routine to make it work best for them. For example, a dog that weighs 20 pounds and a dog that weighs 8 pounds will both need the 150 mg bag of treats, but you might give three or four treats to the 20-pound dog while you only give one or even a half of a treat to the 8-pound dog.

Start with the smallest amount and stick to it for 30 days to see how your dog reacts. Because CBD will accumulate in your dog’s body, it might take a few days to notice negative effects that indicate you’ve given your dog too much. To reduce the risk of overdosing, take your time and graduate your dog to higher CBD doses in small increments.



Don’t Worry About Overdosing with the Right CBD for Dogs

If you are giving your dog high-quality CBD oil treats, you don’t need to be concerned about overdosing. Your dog will perform best if they are given the appropriate dose of CBD treats that allows them to experience benefits with no negative side effects. And if you accidentally give your dog too many CBD treats, you won’t have to be worried about major repercussions if you’re using a hemp-derived, THC-free CBD product for dogs.