5 CBD Benefits for Pet Wellness

5 CBD Benefits for Pet Wellness

Pet CBD is a tool that supports your dog or cat’s general wellness in a powerful way. CBD impacts your pet’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn enhances the baseline function of your pet’s body and helps them achieve balance – or homeostasis – more easily. When your pet is balanced and centered, they experience a variety of benefits. Here are the benefits when you start a CBD routine with your dog or cat.

  1. CBD Promotes Calm in Pets

Your pet’s endocannabinoid system helps to control and maintain their nervous system, which is part of the reason that CBD can support your pet’s sense of calm. Many pet parents discover CBD oil for pets because they are seeking a way to get their dog or cat to calm down. A crazy pet can not only be an annoyance for the owner, but living in a heightened state of anxiety is also unhealthy for the animal.

Incorporating CBD into a daily wellness routine will allow your pet to feel more confident and less triggered. Because CBD complements your pet’s wellness in a holistic way, everything will go a little more smoothly – meal times, exercise and play times, and sleep schedules. If calm is your primary goal with CBD for pets, you should look into a formula that is specifically designed to aid in your pet’s relaxation, like calming CBD dog treats with L-tryptophan or calming CBD oil for cats with melatonin.


  1. CBD Can Be Used to Support Specific Pet Wellness Goals

One of the primary benefits of CBD for pets is that it can be used in tandem with many other resources to achieve specific wellness goals for your pet. For example, if you have a senior dog that is struggling with physical discomfort or movement issues, you can use a specialized CBD dog treat with joint supportive ingredients to keep your pet’s hips and mobility in tip-top shape. Likewise, if you have an older cat, a CBD cat treat with kidney health ingredients like licorice and astragalus root will be a useful tool for your feline.

You should always check with your veterinarian to see if CBD is going to interact with any of your pet’s medications. But often, the properties of CBD actually amplify your pet’s general health, making it easier to achieve other wellness goals.

  1. CBD Can Enhance Your Pet’s Physical Comfort and Mobility

CBD is not a pain relief medication for your pet, but because it impacts so many bodily systems, it can support your pet’s ability to be more comfortable. Maintaining your animal’s physical wellness is crucial because when they can move more easily, they can enjoy their life more and engage in their favorite activities. There is nothing worse than seeing your pet stiff or uncomfortable, and a proper wellness routine with CBD can give them the best chance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Cats and Dogs Can Manage Stress Signals More Effectively When Taking CBD

Many pet parents come to discover CBD as a wellness tool because they are seeking a way to address stress or anxiety in their pet. Dogs and cats are both subject to emotional duress that can stem from a number of causes. Stress triggers for pets can include loud noises, strangers, other animals, new situations, or even circumstantial events like moving to a new house or the arrival of a new family member.

Whatever it is that stresses your pet out, they are going to be better able to handle it if they feel their best. A daily routine that includes a healthy diet, proper treat habits, plenty of exercise and play, and the wellness support of CBD will make them feel as well as they can – and a pet who feels well can cope with stress more effectively.

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  1. CBD Complements Your Pet’s Daily Routine

Pet CBD is easy to incorporate into your cat or dog’s existing daily routine. It’s not a complicated or involved addition to their current healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple way to support your pet’s wellness and for them, the tasty chews or flavored CBD oils seem like a special treat – they’d never guess it was for their wellbeing!

The ease with which you can add CBD into your pet’s life – just by giving them a few yummy CBD treats or a drizzle of oil over their kibble – is one of it’s greatest benefits. CBD works with your current lifestyle habits to keep your pet living their very best life – and that’s all anyone wants for their furry friend!