Beyond CBD: Hemp for Dogs and Cats

Beyond CBD: Hemp for Dogs and Cats

Curious about hemp for dogs? We’re here to teach you all about hemp, its history, and the benefits of hemp for dogs and hemp oil for cats.

Hemp is such a big deal that we honor it with its own day (February 4) and its own month (July) each year. In recognition of this amazing plant and all it has to offer, let's take a look at why it's so celebrated, the benefits of hemp and hemp oil for dogs, and the benefits of hemp oil for cats.

Celebrating Hemp

The first National Hemp Day was celebrated on February 4, 2019. But one day of recognition just wasn’t enough. That’s why cbdMD, the pet parent of Paw CBD, founded July as National Hemp Month in 2019. This celebration caught on quickly with other hemp and CBD product companies as well as the national media – so now hemp gets a whole month of much-deserved attention every year!

National Hemp Month is intended to educate and inspire people around the many uses of this powerful plant. So what’s the big deal about hemp? Here are answers to some very important questions:


  • What is hemp?
  • What’s the history of hemp?
  • How can I celebrate hemp month?


What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a type of cannabis. This word is usually associated with marijuana, but hemp differs from marijuana in a very important way: the content of the psychoactive compound THC is much lower in the hemp plant – less than 0.3 percent, to be exact.

In addition to a very low concentration of THC, hemp also contains the compound cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Paw CBD products are all derived from hemp, ensuring that your pet can never get high from any of our pet CBD products.

Hemp also has a lot of other applications – hemp fibers can be used to make many textiles, including bedding, rope, and dog toys!


A hemp leaf sitting on hemp rope


A Little Hemp History

Hemp shows up in many ancient cultures, as early as 5000 BC, and was prominent in colonial America. It might surprise you to learn that hemp was a cash crop for the first American colonies along with the more well-known plants tobacco and cotton!

Things took a dismal turn for the popularity of this plant in the 1900s, though. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 prohibited consumption of cannabis – including both marijuana and hemp, despite their many differences – and placed strict regulations on hemp production. Though World War II inspired a brief campaign to bring back this crop for its monetary and functional value, the lobbyists against hemp won out, and it disappeared from most American farms until recently.

A few farm bills passed in the last 10 years have loosened regulations on hemp production and opened up this industry. Now that people (and their pets!) are experiencing the benefits of hemp-derived products like CBD oil and hemp textiles, hemp production is taking off like never before.

How to Celebrate Hemp

There are many ways you can celebrate hemp and bring your dog or cat in on the fun:


  • Try a hemp-derived CBD product yourself, or introduce it to your pet’s routine
  • Get a set of nice hemp sheets or a new hemp chew toy for dogs
  • Read up on hemp, educate yourself, and share what you’ve learned with your friends and family


The Benefits of Hemp for Dogs

As people have discovered how they can benefit from hemp products, many started to consider how this plant and products made from it can also help their pets. And they’ve discovered that hemp pet products are safe, useful, and highly beneficial for almost all canines!

The benefits of hemp for dogs include:


  • Hemp makes a tough fiber for dog toys
  • Hemp is safe for your pet
  • Hemp is eco-friendly


Dog Toys Made from Hemp Are Extra Tough

Hemp fibers are especially strong – coarser than both cotton and wool. The fibers come from the strong stalk of the hemp plant and can be turned into a very tough chew toy for those pooches who have super strong teeth.

Hemp is also useful for making other eco-friendly, safe pet textiles, like dog beds, harnesses, collars, and leashes. A hemp rope makes a very effective chew toy for your dog that can last through countless games of tug-of-war, withstanding strong teeth, and slobber for hours of fun. There are also plush toys made from hemp for the more snuggly canine companions, some of which include squeaky toys inside for added intrigue.

Hemp for Dogs Is Safe

With products made from hemp, pet parents don’t have to worry about their pooch chewing on strange chemicals or ingesting toxins and additives. Hemp fibers are safe, organic, and antibacterial. Hemp also rejects mold and mildew naturally – so you won’t have to worry about Sparky’s tug-of-war rope that sat out in the rain for a few days.

Hemp oil or CBD oil derived from hemp won’t impact your pet psychologically at all because of that low concentration of THC. Even better, many CBD products derived from hemp – including our CBD oil for pets – are certified THC-free,* which means they have been additionally processed to remove even more of the THC from the final product.

While some products might leave you with questions and concerns about your pet’s health, hemp is a wholesome resource that you can feel confident giving to your dog. Hemp-derived CBD products like chewables, hard treats, and even CBD-infused peanut butter can be an incredible addition to your pet’s wellness routine.

Hemp Fibers Are Good for the Planet

A major benefit of hemp for dogs that appeals to many pet parents is that hemp fiber is extremely good for the environment compared to other fibers like cotton and wool. It grows quickly, doesn’t need too much land space or water, and can be grown without pesticides and fertilizers.

Plus, like many plants, hemp sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, reducing the amount of damaging greenhouse gases in our air. The nutrients carried by the hemp plant are also great for soil, and the deeply rooted plants spread those nutrients throughout the dirt, a regenerative process that leaves a plot of land better than it was before the hemp was planted.

The Benefits of Hemp Oil for Cats

It’s not just canines that can benefit from hemp products – our feline friends can enjoy products derived from this wonderful plant, too. Here are some of the benefits of hemp oil for cats:


  • Hemp promotes a calm demeanor
  • Hemp oil for cats has no psychoactive effects
  • Hemp supports digestive comfort


Promotes a Calm Cat-titude

Hemp oil for cats can help your feline companion maintain their sense of calm and relaxation throughout the day, even during situations that might otherwise stress them out, like a visitor to the house or a change in routine when you go on vacation.


paw cbd chicken and catnip soft chews 300 mg container next to a paw cbd feline cbd oil 300 mg catnip flavor bottle sitting on bricks outside


A consistent wellness routine that includes hemp oil for cats or hemp-derived CBD for cats can really help your cat tap into its calm nature and maintain a peaceful attitude.

Hemp Has No Psychoactive Effects

One of the greatest benefits of hemp oil for cats is that it won’t impact your cat’s psychological behavior and experiences at all. The mandatory low THC content in hemp oil for cats means your furry friend is purring because she’s happy – not because she’s experiencing a “high.”

Many hemp toys made for cats are actually intended as delivery devices for catnip, which will cause your cat to experience a neurological reaction something akin to a high. Hemp toys with little pockets for catnip, such as this stingray hemp toy or this mouse toy, offer a durable way to allow your cat to interact with catnip without a mess or concern about them ingesting too much of it. Since the catnip is stored away within the strong hemp fibers, your cat can smell and rub and even lick the toy without worry.

Hemp Oil for Cats Supports Digestive Comfort

Cats often have digestive challenges, either because they’ve snacked on something they shouldn’t or because they simply have tender gastrointestinal systems and a treat didn’t sit right. Hemp oil for cats supports general wellness, and that includes keeping their digestive tract in tip-top shape. No litter box surprises!

Consider Hemp for Dogs and Cats in Your Pet’s Wellness Routine

Hemp is a beneficial plant that has been ignored and demonized for far too long. Hemp can make life better for you and your pet because it is safe, natural, and eco-friendly, and it has a variety of applications.

Whether you choose to introduce hemp for dogs with a hemp chew toy or hemp oil for cats to support your cat’s daily wellness, hemp and hemp-derived products are worth a try!