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Can I Give My Puppy CBD Oil?

The short answer is yes, you can give your puppy CBD oil – but there are some rules to keep in mind before implementing this wellness resource. Read on.

The short answer is yes, you can give your puppy CBD oil – but there are some rules.

Just like with humans, the needs of a dog change throughout their life: a puppy will need a different type of food, levels of exercise, and amount of sleep than an adult dog or a senior dog. In the same way, CBD for puppies needs to be approached with a slightly different mindset and plan for usage. If you have a puppy, CBD might be of great interest to you to support your new dog’s sleep schedule or anxiety level. CBD for puppies can be a useful tool, but there are a few rules to keep in mind before implementing this wellness resource with your young dog.

What Is a Puppy?

It’s important to clarify what we mean by the word “puppy.” Many dog parents still call their 115-pound, seven-year-old Labrador a puppy! Most dogs are still considered puppies up to two years of age, though most puppy-like behaviors might have dissipated by then. Most dogs are full-grown by the time they are a year old but then continue to fill out for that second year and gain some weight, leaving them at their adult size by age two. But of course, a two-week-old puppy is a very different animal than a one-year-old pup!

It’s generally thought to be good practice for a puppy to stay with its mother and litter until three months old, so many puppy owners will start living with their new dog around this age. Three months old is also when some new puppy behaviors begin, including teething and chewing. Around six months, a puppy may enter adolescence and start exploring dominance behaviors with other “pack” members (human or animal).

CBD for puppies is not advisable for brand new puppies that are still in the early stages of development. Puppies are considered “neonatal” for the first two weeks after birth, when they often haven’t even opened their eyes. Puppies start to become more independent in the “transitional stage” between two and four weeks. Up to twelve weeks, puppies are still learning social behaviors from their mother and littermates. It’s not recommended to give CBD for puppies this young because it could disrupt their social development.

Only Use CBD for Puppies After 4 Months

CBD for puppies can start being a part of your dog’s daily routine after their 4-month birthday. At this stage, they will likely have been living with you for about a month, so you’ll be familiar with various behaviors they might be demonstrating (including chewing, biting, and stress responses like barking). You will need to consult your veterinarian before introducing CBD as a wellness resource in your puppy’s routine. Before initiating this conversation, be aware of how veterinarians are limited in their ability to discuss CBD.

Many new pet parents wonder, are CBD treats okay for puppies? The answer is yes – CBD dog treats are probably the best way to administer CBD for puppies. Treats are easy to use and, if you’re using a high-quality CBD oil for dogs, the treats will come in carefully pre-measured amounts to help you ensure you’re giving your puppy the right dosage of daily CBD. Using the right amount of CBD each day for your puppy will be crucial to seeing benefits and ensuring you don’t cause negative effects like lethargy or disrupt your puppy’s digestion with too much CBD.

What’s the Right Dosage of CBD for Puppies?

Whether you’re looking to use CBD for puppies to sleep, CBD for puppies with anxiety, or puppy CBD to help with chewing and teething discomfort, you need to be sure you’re using an appropriate amount of high-quality CBD for puppies.

The right dosage of CBD for puppies will depend on your puppy’s size. For puppies, it’s very important to start with a super low concentration of CBD in the dog treats or oil you decide to use. Start with the CBD product that is intended for small dogs, even if your puppy is a large breed. Even a low concentration of CBD dog treats might need to be broken down into smaller pieces for your puppy. The CBD oil for dogs that you use should have clear instructions for the appropriate amount for your dog’s size. Start with the smallest amount and try it for 30 days before changing your puppy’s CBD routine.

Can Puppy CBD Help with Chewing and Teething?

CBD oil for dogs in a puppy-sized dosage can be useful to keep your pet comfortable and calm during their teething months. As your puppy starts to grow its new teeth, chewing is a natural habit. This process is called “teething.” Shortly after your puppy arrives at your home, it will start to lose its deciduous teeth, or baby teeth. Over the course of a few months, its permanent set of teeth will start to grow in. This process will cause one of the most common and often most frustrating puppy behaviors: chewing.

Your puppy not only chews to soothe their itchy teeth and support the growth process of their new teeth, but they also chew to explore their new world with their mouth. Some chewing is appropriate – such as chewing on toys and treats – while other types of chewing – like chewing on your fingers or furniture – is not okay. It is your job to teach your puppy which chewing is okay by encouraging them with positive reinforcement. You’ll also need to show your puppy that certain chewing is not okay, by ending any play time or redirecting your puppy when they bite or chew something like a human hand or shoe.

Teething can be an uncomfortable process that causes inflammation in your puppy’s gums. CBD for puppies can help with the discomfort caused by teething, but it can’t make your puppy stop chewing – that’s up to you and your training strategies. As always, puppy CBD can be a supportive resource and tool for helping your dog feel comfortable and calm while you teach them appropriate behaviors – but it should not be used as a substitute for proper training.

Using CBD for Puppies to Sleep

Puppies will have somewhat irregular sleep schedules in their early days in your home – this is normal. Not only is your puppy learning so many new things that it can be hard to sleep, but they are also exploring their environment with curious, exciting things around every corner. It might be hard for a human child to sleep in a toy store, and that’s a little like how your new puppy feels at your house!

It’s very important that you teach your new puppy the rules about sleeping times. This might include some crate training before you introduce a dog bed. This can be useful because the crate indicates to your puppy that it is time to relax and calm down. There need to be boundaries and rules in your home about quiet times. Not only does your puppy need to sleep to stay healthy, but the humans need to sleep for their health, too. A puppy tearing up the house all night can be a major struggle that stresses everyone out, so you need to train your dog about appropriate sleep and waking times.

CBD for puppies can be a useful tool in tandem with training your new dog. The right dosage of calming CBD dog treats can support your puppy’s sleep and wake schedule and encourage them to relax at the appropriate times, so everyone stays well-rested!

Can I Use CBD for Puppies with Anxiety?

Using CBD for puppies with anxiety is a complicated topic, because it can be hard to identify anxiety in a puppy. Many of the behaviors we know as signaling anxiety in a dog, such as chewing, barking, whining, or bathroom accidents, are just typical puppy behaviors. It’s important to be sure you’re not using CBD for puppies in place of training your puppy and guiding them into positive behaviors for their adulthood.


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Hyperactivity and excitement are extremely normal in a puppy. If you feel your puppy is experiencing a specific type of anxiety, such as separation anxiety when you leave or noise aversion when your neighbor mows the lawn, you should consult your veterinarian about training techniques that will help them overcome this anxiety.

Can puppies have CBD calming treats to help with anxiety? Yes, a calming CBD dog treat in the proper dosage can be used as a tool to help your puppy with their stress signals while you train them to handle these triggers more effectively.

So, Are CBD Treats Good for Puppies?

Yes, CBD treats can be good for puppies if used in the right dosage and in combination with proper training and attention. CBD for puppies can’t be used as a substitute for spending time and energy teaching your new dog how to behave. A puppy requires patience and devotion from their owner. They need to be taught how to control their impulses to jump and overreact, how to use the bathroom outside, and how to sleep on a normal schedule. CBD can’t teach these things to your puppy, but using CBD oil for dogs in the right amounts for your puppy’s size can help during the training and transition phase of your dog’s life as they adjust to being in your home.