CBD Oil for Cats: Your Top Nine Questions Answered

CBD Oil for Cats: Your Top Nine Questions Answered

Pet parents have questions about CBD oil for cats, like how it will affect their cat, and more. We have the top 9 questions and answers!

If you’re considering CBD oil for cats and you’re new to this wellness resource for pets, you likely have some serious questions. Information is power, and pet parents must exercise their responsibility to their furry friends by asking the right questions and seeking complete information before making any changes to their cat’s wellness routine.

Even if you’ve used CBD for people in your daily life, CBD for cats might be a totally new subject for you. Here, we’ve collected nine of the most common questions about this product so that you can have a comprehensive guide to using CBD for your feline. The most common questions on this topic fall into two categories: how this resource will affect your cat and how to use it safely.

Questions About How CBD Affects Your Cat

When pet parents start considering CBD for cats, they have obvious concerns and questions about how exactly CBD will support their cat’s wellness and how it will affect their feline friend. CBD oil has a number of benefits for cats, and many cat parents ask the following:


  • Will CBD help with my cat’s comfort?
  • Does CBD help with stress in cats?
  • What CBD oil is safe for cats?
  • What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil for cats?
  • Do vets recommend CBD oil for cats?


Will CBD Help with My Cat's Comfort?

A daily wellness routine that includes exercise, mental stimulation, a healthy diet, and CBD for cats can support your pet’s comfort and daily movement. Joint stiffness and mobility issues are common as cats get older, and CBD oil can help your cat continue to enjoy an active, youthful lifestyle.

CBD can support your cat’s daily wellness, keeping them comfortable and helping them maintain their playful and curious nature.


A cat laying down on a blanket with its paws crossed in front of it


Does CBD Help with Stress in Cats?

The question of how to calm down a cat plagues many pet owners, and CBD for cats can help support a sense of calm in your frisky feline. Your cat might be triggered by various things, from the doorbell to the neighbor’s dog to a cucumber on the counter, but a healthy foundation can help them manage these triggers in stride.

CBD is meant to be part of a holistic routine along with plenty of exercise and play. A consistent and complete wellness regimen ensures that your cat feels their best every day, and in turn, they are likely to remain calm, happy, and stress-free.

What CBD Oil Is Safe for Cats?

The CBD oil that is most safe for cats is going to be derived from hemp and be free of THC. A CBD product that has been derived from hemp will have less than 0.3 percent THC, but a product that is certified THC-free will have even more of that THC removed to create a product that will not give your cat any psychoactive effects.

Furthermore, a CBD oil that is safe for cats will have been sourced from domestically grown US hemp plants, ensuring that the farming practices followed stringent standards. The CBD oil will also have been tested by an independent laboratory and the products will include a Certificate of Analysis, which shows that the ingredient list is accurate and the company is honest about what is in its products.

What Is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Cats?

The phrases hemp oil and CBD oil for cats are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are different. It’s important to understand that hemp seed oil contains no CBD, which is the cannabinoid that generates so many wellness benefits for cats. That said, hemp oil can have other wellness purposes, such as providing a dietary source of essential fatty acids. Hemp oil and CBD oil for cats will provide different supports for your feline friend.

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Cats?

Veterinarians are strictly limited by law on what they can and cannot say about CBD for cats. In fact, a veterinarian may even risk their license by talking with you about CBD for pets. Because there are limited clinical studies available about CBD oil for cats, many veterinarians are choosing to wait until there is more evidence before they recommend this wellness support to their patients. You can and should initiate a conversation about CBD with your veterinarian if you are curious about how to use this tool effectively for your cat, but be sure you’re aware of how they are restricted about what they can say.

Questions About How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

Once a loving pet parent has decided this resource is a good fit for their feline, there are naturally questions that come up about how to use CBD safely and where to buy it. Like any wellness resource, CBD is only effective when used properly, so it’s essential to get clear, solid answers to these common questions about CBD for cats:


  • Can I give my cat CBD oil for dogs or people?
  • Can I mix CBD oil with my cat’s food?
  • Is CBD for cats best for daily use, or can it be given as needed?
  • Does PetSmart sell CBD oil for cats?


Can I Give My Cat CBD Oil for Dogs or People?

It’s best only to give your cat CBD that was designed with the feline body in mind. A cat-specific product is more likely to deliver the best results to your pet and will also have more appropriate instructions and serving sizes for cats.

CBD products designed for cats can also include supportive ingredients to address the specific wellness needs of your cat. For example, our CBD kidney support chews for cats are made with a special blend of licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract to support feline kidney health.

Can I Mix CBD Oil into My Cat's Food?

Yes, absolutely! CBD oil for cats is simple to use – you can use the plastic dropper to give it directly to your cat’s mouth safely, but it’s usually easier to just drizzle the proper serving size of CBD oil into your cat’s food bowl and let them feast.

As long as you use the same serving size each day that is appropriate for your cat’s lifestyle and weight, you can give CBD to your cat in a variety of ways. Mixing the oil into your cat’s food bowl each day is convenient and works for many families. You can also experiment with CBD cat treats like our soft chews, which come in a delicious chicken and catnip flavor that even the most finicky felines love!

Is CBD for Cats Best for Daily Use, or Can It Be Given As Needed?

Your cat will experience the benefits of CBD more readily with a regular, daily CBD regimen. CBD is designed to be administered to your pet daily in a serving suited to their size and needs.

CBD may need 30 days of consistent, daily use for its beneficial properties to build up in your cat’s system. Giving your cat CBD on an as-needed basis makes it less likely that you will see the benefits of this wellness resource.


A cat laying down relaxing with a paw cbd feline calming hemp oil 150 mg unflavored bottle in front of the cat


Pro tip: If your cat needs some extra kitty calm, like before traveling or a nail trim, consider Calming oil for cats, which is a special blend of CBD, melatonin, and soothing herbs to help your feline friend relax naturally.

Does PetSmart Sell CBD Oil for Cats?

Once you decide to add CBD to your cat’s routine, you may be wondering where you can safely buy it. If you shop at a large pet retailer, know that both PetSmart and Petco have started selling CBD products for cats and dogs in certain states where it is legal and the regulations allow it. These large stores only carry a select few lines of CBD products and don’t offer a lot of variety to cat parents seeking a specific product. It’s wise to call your local PetSmart and ask about the products available before making a trip out and do online research about the product they sell before purchasing.

Helpful hint: If your local store does not carry CBD made specifically for cats, or you want more options, consider Paw CBD for your kitty’s CBD products!


CBD Oil for Cats: A Supportive Wellness Tool

Responsible pet owners know how important it is to ask the right questions and take a holistic approach to their pet’s wellness. When you use a feline-specific formula and an appropriate daily serving size, CBD can help your cat maintain calm and comfort. It can be delivered to your cat in a number of different ways, including by adding a serving of tincture to your kitty’s favorite food. When you’re ready, CBD oil for cats can be a helpful addition to your feline friend’s daily wellness regimen.