4/20 for Pets: 3 Ways to Celebrate with Dogs and Cats

4/20 for Pets: 3 Ways to Celebrate with Dogs and Cats

Don’t give your pet any marijuana on 4/20. Instead, celebrate 4/20 for pets with CBD products galore that will leave your dog or cat feeling comfortable and relaxed.

The greenest of all holidays has arrived! The marijuana holiday, celebrated on April 20 (4/20) at 4:20 PM, is a longstanding celebration among cannabis proponents across the world, particularly in the United States. While 4/20 is typically associated with marijuana cannabis, which contains high amounts of THC, hemp is another type of cannabis that is worthy of celebration – especially in regards to our canine and feline companions. Here’s how to celebrate 4/20 for pets without any THC!

Keep the Celebration Fun: Don’t Give Marijuana to Your Dog or Cat

4/20 for pets is about the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. This holiday generally celebrates marijuana as a whole, and while THC is legal for humans in many states, you never want your pet to experience the effects of THC, which often appears in high concentrations in marijuana. This means you should always stick to THC-free CBD products for cats and dogs when it comes to celebrating this holiday with your animal companions.

There are important, significant differences between how THC and CBD impact your animal. It’s important to understand the difference between these two types of cannabis plants and the products that are derived from each. Hemp, by definition, contains less than 0.3 percent THC, ensuring that your pet won’t experience psychoactive effects from a hemp-derived CBD product. It’s crucial that you never give marijuana to your dog or cat. When you celebrate 4/20 for pets, stick to CBD products derived from hemp that are certified THC-free!

Here are three fun ways to celebrate cannabis with your canine and feline companions this year.

  1. Celebrate 4/20 with CBD for Pets

Cats and dogs alike can enjoy a variety of delicious options infused with CBD oil, or chews formulated for calm and comfort. With an array of flavors and textures, you can easily find your pet’s favorite combo and the proper daily amount they need to experience the benefits of this incredible cannabis plant.

Or try our award-winning CBD treats for dogs in a crunchy peanut butter bite. Once you know how much CBD your pet needs daily, you can mix and match to give them a variety of fun treats on 4/20 and every day!

Pro tip: Don’t up your pet’s daily amount of CBD in an effort to celebrate the 4/20 holiday. Pets experience the benefits of CBD most effectively when they are given the same amount daily for at least 30 days. If you increase their daily amount, they might get sleepy or dehydrated, which is no fun.



  1. Design a Doggie Safe Space for Your Pooch on 4/20

Surprise your pet with a doggie safe space on 4/20 this year. You can deck out a corner of your house with all of your dog’s favorite items: a soft bed, dim lighting, his favorite toys, food and water bowls, maybe even a sound machine. This space can be a place for both fun and relaxation, but let your dog lead the way. If they want to relax and be alone, a doggie safe space can be a wonderful way to provide them with privacy during a stressful time (like thunderstorms). Or plop a bean bag chair in the area so you can hang out with them and provide endless pats!

  1. Make Some Homemade Goodies with CBD Oil

Another great way to celebrate 4/20 with pets is by making homemade treats. Recipes abound for healthy homemade dog treats, with various ingredients that support your animal’s wellness. To really celebrate the cannabis plant on this special holiday, drizzle a little CBD oil for dogs or cats into the dough or batter so that your pet can experience the wellness benefits. Be sure you know what ingredients are safe and healthy for dogs and cats because some ingredients that are a treat for humans can be dangerous for your pet. Choose a recipe, turn on some tunes, and play with your pet while you bake!


Celebrate 4/20 for Pets with CBD Products – Not THC!

The most important thing to remember about 4/20 is this: while you might want to celebrate this cannabis holiday with a little bit of marijuana (if it’s legal), your dog or cat doesn’t want or need to partake.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the party, though! Hemp is a type of cannabis that allows our pets to experience the remarkable benefits of CBD without any of the negative impacts of THC that make animals uncomfortable. Make sure you use quality CBD products designed for cats and dogs to ensure your pet enjoys this holiday experience!