CBD Soft Chews for Pets: 6 Reasons To Try Them

CBD Soft Chews for Pets: 6 Reasons To Try Them

CBD soft chews for pets are a perfect choice for many families, including those with senior pets, small pets, or pets with sensitive teeth.

Pet parents everywhere have discovered that CBD is a wonderful support tool for their pet’s healthy lifestyle. And, when faced with the variety of ways to administer CBD, many people have found that CBD soft chews for dogs or CBD soft chews for cats work best for their beloved animal.

One of the best things about being a pet parent is finding new things that your pet loves. The pet product industry is vast and for a very good reason: pets are just as unique as their owners. Every pet has its quirks, moods, likes, and dislikes. And because our pets can’t talk, it falls to us to figure out what they want and need!

Curious about how CBD soft chews might work for you and your furry family member, too? Here are some reasons why you might choose CBD soft chews for pets.

A brown french bulldog sits up to receive a cbd treat from his owner

6 Reasons to Choose CBD Soft Chews for Pets

1. Your Pet is Getting Older

As our pets get older, their dental health begins to deteriorate. While they will always be a baby to you, most animals start to approach their seniority around seven years old. It, of course, depends on many factors, including the type of animal (cats tend to live longer than dogs), the breed, and the size (smaller animals tend to live longer).

But your pet’s dental health isn’t something you can predict according to their age. It’s important to stay on top of your pet’s teeth and gums throughout their life with veterinary care and special attention. Dental health is essential because cats and dogs need healthy mouths to consume their nutrition and enjoy their treats!

Older dogs and cats might start losing teeth and develop gum sensitivities, making soft, chewable treats a perfect way to give them their daily CBD.

2. Your Pet is Small

The size of your pet’s mouth might dictate what kind of pet treat you use. A small pet will have a little mouth, and softer treats offer an easy-to-consume option for such pets. Many cats and some smaller dog breeds, like Dachshunds and Bichon Frise, tend to have tiny teeth that will have an easier time with chewable treats.

3. Your Pet is Picky

You might find yourself choosing a CBD soft chew because it comes in the flavor your pet enjoys most! While our crunchy CBD dog treats come in peanut butter and baked cheese flavors, some doggos simply prefer a meatier option, like the chicken and bacon flavor of our CBD soft chews or the turkey flavor of our calming soft chew formula. And for our feline friends, we have CBD chews for cats in two mouth-watering options: chicken and catnip flavor or salmon!

4. Your Pet Has Sensitive Teeth or Gums

Even a large pet that isn’t a senior yet might still have sensitive teeth or gums. Like people, each dog or cat has a different mouth, and their dental comfort will vary.

You should always consult your veterinarian if you think something is off with your pet’s dental health – and during the visit, you should chat with them about your plans to give CBD soft chews to your pet.

5. You Find the Formula You Like in a Soft Chew

Perhaps the best reason to use a CBD soft chew is that you’ve found a formula you like, and it happens to come in soft chew. The most important thing when choosing a CBD treat for your pet is the ingredient list. Soft chews and hard treats are going to be made with different ingredients and offer other wellness support.

Our CBD kidney support chews for cats feature a trio of supportive kidney health ingredients: licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract. For dogs, our CBD hip+joint chews include glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate to keep Bonzo chasing after that tennis ball every afternoon. And our CBD calming chews use L-tryptophan and chamomile to help your cuddly canine maintain a consistent bedtime and continue to enjoy rejuvenating nights of sleep.

6. You Like Less Mess

Crunchy treats, while they have their appeal, can sometimes be messy. While Sparky might try to lick up every crumb, he might miss a few – especially if he devours his hard treat on the carpet. On the other hand, soft chews tend to be easier for a pet to consume entirely. No crumbs and no mess – just a happy pet and parent!

A brown and black and white corgi lays down and opens up for a cbd treat

The Best CBD Soft Chews for Pets

The CBD quality used to make a product is the most important component when choosing a well-suited treat for you and your pet’s lifestyle. A great CBD soft chew for dogs or cats will be veterinarian-formulated, animal-specific, THC-free*, derived from domestic hemp, and free from mystery ingredients your pet doesn’t need, like artificial flavors and fillers.

If you think CBD soft chews might be the ticket for you and your animal family, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Did a veterinarian help make this product? The expertise of a veterinarian is key when designing a high-quality CBD for pets.

What kind of animal is this CBD product made for? Trustworthy products will be designed specifically for a specific species, so be sure you’re buying CBD for cats or CBD for dogs.

Is it hemp-derived? The best CBD oil for pets derives from industrial hemp.

Is it THC-free? The industrial hemp plant cannot legally have a concentration of THC that is greater than 0.3 percent. Products that are labeled THC-free have been tested and the results showed that THC is undetectable at the lowest levels that can be found using valid scientific tools.

Where was the hemp grown? Hemp grown in America is subject to the highest standards, so try to find products made from hemp grown in the U.S.

Does this CBD for pets include artificial flavors or fillers? CBD for pets that have been third-party tested by an independent laboratory will have a Certificate of Analysis, which is proof that the product has an honest ingredient list. Be sure that list doesn’t include any artificial flavors or fillers that your pet doesn’t need!

A jack russell terrier sticks his whole face into a tub of cbd soft chews from paw cbd

How to Give CBD Soft Chews to Your Pet

If you’ve decided CBD soft chews for pets are a great solution for your family, it’s time to determine how much CBD to give your pet.

A reliable CBD product will come in different strengths, and that’s a very intentional and important design choice. Pets of different sizes will need different amounts of CBD to support their healthy lifestyle. For cats, we have a 150 mg option for smaller kitties and a 300 mg option for the big floofs. Our CBD soft chews for dogs come in three different sizes for small, medium, and large pooches.

The best way to introduce CBD to your pet is to start with a specific daily amount and maintain that routine for 30 days. After that, you can adapt as needed.

Once you’ve identified the proper amount to give your pet each day, you can use a CBD soft chew as just one delivery method for your pet’s daily CBD regime. With Pet CBD bundles for dogs and cats, you can try different options to administer some of their CBD as oil and the remaining serving size as a treat. Just make sure their daily intake is consistent and appropriate, and you can divide it up however you see fit!

Consider CBD Soft Chews to Keep Your Pet Going Strong

You know all the time and energy you spend on your pet is worth it. You can tell when your dog gazes at you with those sweet puppy-dog eyes while you cuddle on the couch, or your cat rubs up against your legs while you work. Your pet is happy, and it’s not just because you love them – you show that love for them by keeping a healthy daily routine with a nutritious diet and plenty of opportunities to exercise and play.

CBD soft chews for pets are a great way to help your pet maintain that vibrancy you so love. You might choose CBD soft chews for cats because Fluffy is getting older, or CBD soft chews for dogs because Fido has tiny, sensitive teeth, or maybe just because your pet has a picky palate.

There’s no shame in the hours spent shopping for the perfect dog bed or cat tower. It’s how we show our love to our pets: by spending time, energy, and money finding the best products for them. And that extends to choosing the most high-quality and tasty CBD product for your best friend – which might be a CBD soft chew!