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Celebrate CBD Oil for Pets This October!

There is a lot to look forward to this October. Celebrate the health of pets everywhere with National Pet CBD Month!

There is a lot to look forward to this October: crisp and cool temperatures, colorful leaves, pumpkin spice everything, jack-o-lanterns, dressing your pets up in Halloween costumes… and of course, an amazing opportunity to celebrate the health of pets everywhere with National Pet CBD Month!

CBD oil for pets is such an important wellness resource that there is a whole month dedicated to educating pet owners about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and cats. Read on to learn more about how you can take part in this celebration of your pet’s comfort, joy, and health.

What Is Pet CBD Month?

In order to fully enjoy and celebrate National Pet CBD Month, it’s important to understand the purpose and history of this month. Here’s the 411 on how and why we created National Pet CBD Month to celebrate CBD oil for pets.

Founded by Paw CBD’s Parent Company, cbdMD

Paw CBD’s parent company, cbdMD, established October as National Pet CBD Month in 2019. This was the first dedicated, specific, month-long celebration of pet CBD oil as an important wellness tool for pet health and happiness. The company decided to establish National Pet CBD Month because they see pets as part of the family and want them to live long, happy, healthy lives. The more people that know and understand the benefits of this remarkable resource for their pets, the better.

A Month to Educate and Inform About CBD Oil for Pets

The purpose of this month is not only to encourage people to consider and implement CBD use to maintain their pet’s quality of life, but also to educate and inform those who might not understand how CBD oil for pets can help their animal. That’s a big job, because there is a lot to learn about pet CBD – including how CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system in cats and dogs to create wellness benefits for your pet, how it’s different from THC and won’t get your pet stoned, why it’s a valuable part of a healthy daily routine, and how to choose the best CBD oil for your dog or cat.

As the weather gets colder, we’re likely spending more time indoors with both our furry friends as well as the humans we love. October is a wonderful time to share the remarkable benefits of CBD oil for pets with a friend or family member. National Pet CBD Month was founded so that we can spread awareness about this easy way to support our beloved pets!


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Why Should We Celebrate: The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

So, why are we so excited about CBD oil for pets? Because CBD benefits pets in a variety of ways to help them enjoy a long, happy, full life. At Paw CBD, we are passionate about this wellness resource because it can:

  • Help your pet stay physically comfortable
  • Support your pet’s rest and relaxation
  • Complement your pet’s current daily health routine

How Pet CBD Helps with Maintenance of Physical Comfort

Your pet’s physical comfort is central to their quality of life. Your animal needs to be able to move, jump, play, chase, and frolic as much as possible. Not only do these activities make your pet happy and keep them from becoming overweight, but they also contribute to your pet’s heart health and cardiovascular strength, which contributes to a longer lifespan.

Whether it’s a walk around the block, a game of laser chase, or summiting a mountain, your pet needs to be physically comfortable to enjoy both daily and one-off activities. CBD oil for pets can help your dog or cat maintain existing activity levels by keeping their body limber and moving. There are even specific formulas, like our Hip and Joint CBD Soft Chews for Dogs, that deliver additional mobility-supporting ingredients like glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids for a one-two punch to tackle stiffness and discomfort.

You Can Use CBD Oil for a Cat’s Anxiety or a Dog’s Hyperactivity

It’s a sad reality that our pets experience stressful situations, often on a daily basis. Whether being away from you stresses your dog out, or you have to move to a new house with your cat, stress is a part of life. CBD oil can calm cats and dogs during those times when your pet is faced with otherwise intense or uncomfortable situations. When your pet has a solid wellness plan, they’ll be able to face the day with more security and mental strength. Even if your pet is simply hyper or crazy by nature, CBD can help them find their inner chill.

Combined with other soothing ingredients, the power of CBD is even more pronounced. That’s why we have products like our CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs, which includes L-tryptophan to encourage relaxation for the most hyperactive pooch. Our CBD calming oil for cats is perfect for a pet parent who is wondering, does CBD oil calm cats? While you can use plain CBD oil for your cat’s anxiety, the added ingredients in our calming formula offer extra soothing comfort for your feline friend.

The Best CBD Oil Is Part of a Complete Daily Routine

One of the most significant benefits of using CBD for pets is that it fits easily into your family’s daily routine with your dog or cat. Your pet needs many things to stay healthy: a well-balanced diet, daily exercise and mental stimulation, and abundant love and affection. CBD oil for pets can be introduced to your animal easily, and this wellness habit is simple to maintain but provides remarkable benefits and makes all of your normal daily activities even more enjoyable for your pet.

The many different types of CBD products for dogs and cats mean you can find a way to introduce CBD to your pet regardless of their flavor preferences or other issues. For senior pets or dogs with sensitive teeth, our tender, chewy CBD Hip+Joint chews lend amazing flavor in a soft and tasty bite. Or you might choose a simple CBD tincture for dogs or cats so you have perfect control over their daily amount of CBD. Plus, CBD products for cats and dogs come in a variety of flavors like salmon for felines and peanut butter for pooches. The variety of application methods, textures, and flavors make it easy to find the best CBD oil for your pet and incorporate it into a healthy schedule.

How You Can Celebrate National Pet CBD Month

Education and information are the central tenet of National Pet CBD Month, and there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate. If you’re looking for a way to acknowledge all the benefits of CBD oil for pets, here are some ideas:

  • Purchase a pet CBD product bundle for a friend
  • Read up on CBD for pets
  • Stock up on more products for your furry best friend

Educate Yourself on Pet CBD

Hemp extract and pet CBD are constantly getting news coverage because we are learning so much about these remarkable resources every day. Since the Farm Bill was passed and regulations on growing and selling hemp products were loosened, research is emerging on the many benefits of CBD oil for people and pets. Even if you’re already familiar with how CBD works in pets and the differences between CBD and THC, there is always more to learn. Reading and educating yourself about CBD oil for pets is a direct way to support the mission of National Pet CBD Month.

Replenish Your Stock of CBD Products for Cats and Dogs

As we are the founders of National Pet CBD Month, you can rest assured that Paw CBD will be running plenty of promotions throughout the month of October. Be on the lookout for great ways to save and stock up on your favorite products for your pooch or kitty. It’s always a good time to spoil your pet with a tasty bite of CBD that they already love, or try something new.

Variety is key with a healthy CBD routine for your pet, and we encourage the use of multiple products throughout the day. As long as you are consistent with your pet’s daily recommended dose of CBD, you can deliver it in a variety of products. Try something new this month!

At Paw CBD, Every Month Is Pet CBD Month

Paw CBD makes it a point all year to educate and inform the public about the many benefits of CBD oil for pets. We are passionate about giving all furry friends the most robust, happy life, and we think CBD products for dogs and cats are an integral part of that. Whether you have an established CBD routine for your pet, or you’re just curious to learn more about how CBD could improve your animal’s life, visit pawcbd.com to sign up for our emails and check out our blog pages to learn more. (And get great discounts!)