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What Is in Paw CBD Oil for Pets and How Is It Made?

Paw CBD oil for pets is made with premium, hemp-derived CBD that is combined with tasty, pet-safe ingredients to support your dog or cat’s wellness.

Paw CBD oil for pets is made with premium, hemp-derived CBD that is combined with tasty, pet-safe ingredients to support your dog or cat’s wellness.

Responsible pet parents have questions when it comes to the pet CBD oil they are giving to their beloved dogs and cats. Transparency and information are important to us here at Paw CBD. We know that our CBD products for pets are high-quality, trustworthy, and effective. Here is everything you need to know to use our CBD pet tinctures and CBD pet treats with confidence!

It Starts with Premium, Hemp-Derived Pet CBD

We’ll walk you through the process of how our CBD oil for pets is made, from seed to shelf. We source our hemp from American farms, then use our special Superior Broad Spectrum formula to create a pet CBD oil that is THC-free* and carefully regulated for your pet’s safety.

Where Does the Hemp Come From?

The hemp from which we derive our CBD oil for pets comes exclusively from farms located in the United States. Using domestically grown hemp has a variety of benefits, not least of which is that it supports our local economy and reduces the carbon costs of manufacturing our products.


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Perhaps more importantly, American farms are subject to strict manufacturing standards when compared to other parts of the world. American hemp farms are subject to inspections to ensure they are meeting various safety requirements regarding both consumers and the environment. Furthermore, by definition, hemp grown in the US must have less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight. This regulation, outlined by the 2018 Farm Bill, ensures that American hemp farmers have a vested interest in keeping THC levels low in their plants. If their plants test above this limit, they have to destroy the crop.

Some companies use a synthetically created CBD or CBD sourced from an international hemp grower because there are less regulations, and these sources tend to be cheaper as a result. Our choice to use exclusively American-grown hemp allows us to closely monitor our process and ensure proper growing and cultivation. By keeping a watchful eye on the farms from which we source our hemp, we can pass on peace of mind to our customers.

How Is Pet CBD Oil Produced?

So how does one get from a leafy hemp plant to a CBD oil? Through extraction. There are two common ways that CBD is extracted from the hemp plant: ethanol extraction, by which ethanol is used as a solvent to separate CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant, and the Paw CBD method, CO2 extraction, that strips cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant using CO2 at extremely low temperature and high pressure.

When the plant is broken down by either method, CBD isn’t the only resulting component – there are also other terpenes and cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. While CBD isolate is just CBD alone, many companies have found that adding in some of these other parts of the hemp plant for a Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum product makes the benefits of CBD even more prominent. Our parent company, cbdMD, created their very own specialized formula called Superior Broad Spectrum. This not only delivers the incredible benefits of CBD to your pet, but also includes some of those other functional parts of the hemp plant to create an entourage effect, allowing all of the plant’s components to work together more effectively in your pet’s body.

Is There THC in Paw’s Pet CBD Oil?

All of our Paw CBD products for pets are THC-free, which is defined as below the level of detection using validated scientific methods. Our Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula removes all traces of THC from the final product that you are giving to your dog or cat, which is why we can boast the THC-free label.

The THC content in your pet CBD oil is extremely important because you don’t want your pet to experience any of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. CBD for pets that is made with hemp grown outside of the US might have THC levels above the 0.3 percent limit established by the 2018 Farm Bill. Even a pet CBD that is made from American hemp plants may still contain the allowable amount of THC. While a 0.3 percent concentration won’t cause any psychoactive effects, it’s better and safer to opt for a THC-free product that is made with the Superior Broad Spectrum formula.

How Is Paw CBD Oil for Pets Regulated?

Not only do we test every batch of our CBD products for pets through every step of the process, but all of our finished batches are also sent off to an independent, third-party laboratory for assessment. This laboratory acts as a quality control and provides its lab results in the form of a Certificate of Analysis. This document is readily available to all customers and easy to find on our pet CBD oil product pages. It provides information about ​​the amount of CBD in the product, if any THC was detected, and the cannabinoid and terpene content of the product. It also shows that the product passed several safety tests for the presence of things like pesticides and heavy metals.

What Other Ingredients Go into Paw CBD Products for Pets?

Each individual Paw CBD product has a unique ingredient profile, but one thing is for sure: all of our pet CBD pet tinctures and CBD pet treats are made with carefully selected, pet-safe ingredients. Let’s break down the ingredients in some of our most popular products:

CBD Oil for Dogs

Our CBD pet tinctures for dogs are our most simple products, containing just three ingredients: CBD, MCT oil, and natural flavors. The MCT oil acts as an easy-to-digest delivery method, often derived from palm kernels or coconuts. Both our peanut butter and natural-flavored oils are designed to be tasty without any additives or fillers that will disrupt your dog’s experience.

CBD Oil for Cats

Likewise, our CBD pet tinctures for cats have a short ingredient list not unlike that for our dog CBD oil. Premium, hemp-derived CBD is mixed with MCT oil and either no flavoring or catnip flavor for a mild taste that your cat will love.


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CBD Dog Treats

The ingredient list gets a little longer for our CBD pet treats, but still includes wholesome, clean additions that you can pronounce. In addition to CBD, our crunchy peanut butter CBD dog treats include recognizable, safe, whole food ingredients like flour, oats, honey, vegetable oil, eggs, and cultured rice flour. Not only are these ingredients safe for your dog’s consumption, but they even offer added benefits: for instance, eggs add some additional protein to your pet’s diet and oats are an important source of fiber.

CBD Cat Treats

Our CBD oil pet treats for cats have simple, healthy, feline-friendly ingredients baked into a soft, tender little bite that will be easy for your kitty to enjoy. Paw CBD cat treats include real chicken because your cat is a carnivore and real catnip to create a combo flavor that makes these treats irresistible. Rather than mystery binders or fillers, we use garbanzo flour and pea flour to hold our treats together and give them that soft, chewy texture that’s perfect for small or sensitive teeth.

Paw CBD Oil for Pets Is Safe, Trustworthy, and High-Quality

At Paw CBD, we pride ourselves on educating our customers. As a company, it’s in our best interest for you to be a well-informed shopper, because when you have all the information and understand exactly what kind of CBD product for pets your dog or cat needs, you will come to us. Our CBD pet products are legitimate, safe, and carefully designed for your pet’s benefit and enjoyment – so try one today!