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Are There Different Kinds of CBD to Give My Pets?

The world of CBD is expansive, and yes, there are many different kinds of CBD to give to your pets! Here’s what you need to know when choosing pet CBD.

The world of CBD is expansive, and yes, there are many different kinds of CBD to give to your pets! Choosing from the array of CBD pet products can be overwhelming because you have so many options: CBD for cats and CBD for dogs, CBD pet treats and CBD pet tincture, plus many other options like topicals and products with additional ingredients. Here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of CBD for pets.

Yes, Use Different CBD for Your Pets Than for Yourself

First, you definitely want to use a different kind of CBD for your pet than you use for yourself. It’s never advisable to give human CBD to dogs or cats because it may have levels of THC that are tolerable for humans but disorienting and even dangerous for your animal. You should ensure that any CBD oil for pets you give to your animals is THC-free* and derived from the hemp plant. In the US, there are many human CBD products that have significant THC levels and can present a threat to your pet’s health, so get specific CBD products for pets rather than sharing your human CBD.


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Not All CBD for Pets Is the Same

A quick Google search will show you an endless array of CBD products for pets, but they are not all created equal. It’s crucial that you not just buy the first pet CBD you find, but shop carefully to find the best CBD for your pet. Unfortunately, because the CBD space is relatively new, there are still many companies out there that can’t be trusted and are selling unsafe and low-quality pet CBD.

To ensure the CBD pet tincture or treat you’re getting is high-quality, look for a Certificate of Analysis that indicates the product has been tested by a third-party, independent laboratory. You also want to make sure the product is made from domestically grown hemp and carries a THC-free* label so you know your pet won’t experience any psychoactive effects. A top-notch CBD for pets will also be free from additives or fillers that are unnecessary for your pet’s health and might even add unwanted calories to their diet.

CBD for Dogs and CBD for Cats Is Different

Another crucial thing to consider when choosing from the many different CBD products for pets is what kind of pet you have. In the same way you shouldn’t give human CBD to your dog or cat, you shouldn’t give CBD dog treats to your cat or give cat CBD to your dog. While CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system that is shared by humans, dogs, and cats, dogs and cats have different digestive systems and physiologies, so it’s best to seek out CBD products that are formulated specifically for your animal’s species.

Another reason that you should use dog CBD and cat CBD instead of a generalized pet product is because of the importance of dosage. The strengths of CBD for cats will tend to be on the lower side when compared to dog CBD concentrations, not only because cats are generally smaller than dogs but also because their digestive systems tend to be more sensitive. Plus, a CBD oil for cats will be offered in flavors that appeal more to finicky felines.

CBD Pet Treats, Pet CBD Oil, and Other CBD Pet Products

The different kinds of CBD for pets can also be categorized by delivery method. The two primary types of pet CBD are pet CBD oil and CBD pet treats. CBD oil for dogs and cats can be especially useful if you have several dogs or cats of different sizes. Some pet owners also prefer to just drizzle the pet CBD oil on their pet’s food or treats, or even use the oil to make their own homemade CBD dog treats.

CBD cat treats and dog treats are another appealing way to deliver your pet’s CBD because they are portable, pre-measured bites in tasty flavors and crunchy or tender textures. There are plenty of other CBD pet products to choose from, including topicals like our Pet CBD Nose to Toes Dog Balm.

Some Pet CBD Products Have Supportive Ingredients


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When it comes to the different kinds of CBD you can give to your pets, supportive ingredients are another factor to consider. Different kinds of CBD pet products will offer different ways to support your pet’s health goals. For example, if your dog needs hip and joint support, you might consider a CBD dog treat with glucosamine HCL and chondroitin to support their mobility and physical comfort. Likewise, if your cat struggles with kidney health issues, a CBD cat treat with licorice and astragalus root powder provides an extra boost of wellness in a single, great-tasting bite. You might also be looking for a CBD calming product for your dog or cat that is specially formulated to help them deal with daily stressors or specific situations that make them anxious, like separation, loud noises, or travel.

The Different Kinds of Pet CBD Give You Choices

At the end of the day, your pet can’t choose the CBD product they want – you have to do it for them. There are many different kinds of CBD to give your pet, so it’s important that you’re choosing a high-quality CBD pet product that is made for animals, not people. For canines, you should use CBD for dogs, and for felines, only use CBD cat products. Whether you choose oil, treats, or another CBD pet product is entirely up to you and your pet’s preferences!