Paw CBD Launches New Products with CBD for Dogs and Cats

Paw CBD Launches New Products with CBD for Dogs and Cats

Get all the details on our new CBD products for dogs and cats, including a calming cat CBD oil, CBD oil shampoo for dogs, and an improved dog balm!

Paw CBD is always working to improve the lives of pets through CBD with a varied and diverse selection of products and October has been an especially busy month here at Paw CBD. In addition to celebrating National Pet CBD Month, we’ve launched four new products! We’re paw-sitively proud to introduce a CBD cat calming oil, CBD oil shampoo for dogs, and a new-and-improved CBD balm for dry dog noses and dog paw care. Here’s everything you need to know about these fantastic items so you can find your pet’s new favorite CBD product today!

Cat Calming CBD Oil

Customers love our calming CBD products for dogs, so we wanted to offer the same benefits to our feline friends. Paw CBD’s new cat calming tincture comes in a 150 mg bottle of unflavored CBD oil, perfect for drizzling on your kitty’s favorite treats or a bowl of food. Here’s what you need to know about this calming CBD product for cats.

The Benefits of Cat Calming CBD Oil

There are many reasons why you might have a nervous cat on your hands. Cats are creatures of habit, and many daily factors can stress them out, from strangers in the house to a new kind of cat litter. A stressed-out cat might hide, pace, or show more serious stress signs like weight loss and spraying behaviors.


A calm cat laying down next to a bottle of paw cbd feline claming hemp oil unflavored 150mg


A calm cat is a happy cat, so it’s vital that cat owners give their feline friends every chance they can to stay relaxed and composed. This all starts with a well-rounded, balanced daily routine that includes plenty of playtime with interactive toys, a healthy cat diet, and a CBD wellness routine. This cat calming tincture delivers the powerful benefits of CBD along with other calm supporting ingredients like melatonin and a blend of soothing, pet-friendly herbs. A daily amount of this oil will help your cat maintain their chill even in stressful times.

Helpful Ingredients for a Calm Cat

While maintaining a calm, stable center is one of the general benefits of CBD for cats, this particular CBD tincture provides added relaxation support through a powerful trio of cat-safe herbs, including lemon balm, valerian, and passion flower. These soothing, natural components, combined with the sleep-supporting benefits of melatonin, ensure your kitty can stay chill all day long (and all night, too).

How to Use This Tincture

CBD tinctures are especially popular among cat owners for their ease of use. While many of our cat products are made in delicious, feline-approved flavors like salmon and catnip, this oil is unflavored, which makes it perfect for adding to your cat’s existing favorites. Simply drizzle this oil onto your cat’s favorite kibble or let it soak into a cat treat. You can also use the plastic dropper to apply the tincture directly into your cat’s mouth.

Additionally, you can divide up your cat’s daily amount of CBD into a number of different products, both flavored and unflavored, to keep things exciting and give your cat added benefits. Try a few cat CBD soft chews throughout the day and some calming oil at night, or vice versa. Whatever you decide, this cat calming tincture can be an excellent part of your pet’s daily CBD routine.

Pamper Your Pooch with CBD Oil Shampoo For Dogs

As part of the new topical line, Paw CBD will be releasing CBD oil shampoo for dogs. These shampoos create a soothing lather and deliver topical CBD to your pooch along with other skin-supporting, coat-healthy ingredients to leave your pooch feeling pampered.

Benefits of CBD Oil Shampoo for Dogs

Dogs get dirty – it’s what they do. Even if your canine companion is more of a couch potato than an adventure dog, getting outside for walks and exercise is important for the quality of life and they’re bound to come back inside with dust and dirt on their skin and coat. So, if bath time is a normal part of your pet’s regular routine, why not make it a special occasion with extra-soothing CBD oil shampoo?

While warm water, foamy suds, and a nice rubdown during bath time are all a great way to pamper your pup, why not add the calming properties of topical CBD to the mix so your pet feels extra chill and ready for whatever comes next (whether that’s bedtime or playtime)? Bathing your pet with our CBD shampoo for dogs is a little luxury they’ll love! And if your darling doggo has sensitive skin, our soothing Itchy Pup CBD Shampoo for Dogs will help keep your dog’s coat healthy, soft, and shiny so they look and feel their best.

How to Use CBD Oil Shampoo

CBD oil shampoo can be used in the same way you use any dog shampoo. Get your dog’s coat wet with warm water and then apply an ample amount of the shampoo, scrubbing it in well to create bubbles and lather all over their body. Don’t forget hard-to-reach spots like the armpits, belly, behind the ears, and between the toes. Also, be sure to remember these spots when you rinse the shampoo off of your dog. Getting all the soap off your pet is very important, as no dog shampoo is meant to dry on your pooch and residue can cause skin irritation.

Unlike ingestibles such as CBD tinctures and treats, this topical CBD doesn’t count as part of your pet’s daily recommended amount of CBD. That means you can feel free to use as much of the shampoo as you want, as often as you want!


paw cbd pretty pup cbd dog shampoo 250 mg green tea and cucumber container sitting in a body of water with cucumbers and leaves around it


Beneficial Ingredients in Paw CBD Shampoos

Our Pretty Pup CBD Shampoo for Dogs is the perfect way to turn bath day into a doggie spa day. Olive oil moisturizes the skin and coat, while green tea and cucumber gently cleanse with a fresh scent to pamper your pooch and leave them smelling and feeling refreshed and clean.

Our Itchy Pup CBD Shampoo for Dogs offers the added benefit of soothing ingredients like oatmeal, honey, and olive oil. These natural, pet-safe ingredients simultaneously cleanse and protect your pet’s skin by locking in moisture and supporting a healthy, soft coat.

All New Nose to Toes CBD Balm for Dogs

Our Nose to Toes CBD Balm has been soothing dry dog nose and providing much-needed dog paw care for a while now, but we’ve improved the product dramatically with an all-new formula and an easy-to-use stick applicator that’s perfectly portable for your on-the-go doggo.

Benefits of CBD Dog Balm

A CBD balm is a wonderful way to apply topical CBD to all of your dog’s hot spots or dry skin areas. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can sometimes have skin issues, whether it’s from the climate they live in or some other kind of irritant. Even without a direct cause, sometimes your dog’s elbows, nose, or paw pads get dry and rough. Our CBD dog balm can soothe and moisturize their dry dog nose or rough paw pads to make them more supple and comfortable. As an added bonus, this balm is unscented so it won’t bother your dog’s sensitive snout!


cbdmd cbd balm for dogs


How to Use This Balm Stick

This roll-up stick applicator makes the balm as easy to use as your favorite lip balm. Simply pop the cap off and apply the balm directly to the dry or affected area. Because the balm is made from pet-safe ingredients, it’s okay if your pooch licks some of it off their nose or paws. This topical CBD application doesn’t count towards your pet’s daily CBD amount, so you can be liberal in rubbing it on your dog’s skin or as part of a doggie massage to really spoil your best friend!

Other Supportive Ingredients in This CBD Product

The dog balm combines the relaxing properties of CBD with extra moisturizing, plant-based ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. These ingredients can soothe dryness to make your pet’s skin supple and comfortable. Cocoa butter has an especially low melting temperature, making it easy to rub the balm into your pet’s skin (unlike a vaseline or petroleum jelly, which might be thick and uncomfortable on your pet’s paws and nose). Plus, the natural scent of these moisturizers is inoffensive, and because they are made from pet-safe plants, you don’t have to worry about curious lickers!

Combine Multiple Products for a Perfect CBD Pet Routine

One of the main reasons Paw CBD continues to expand and improve our line of products with CBD for dogs and cats is because a diverse routine with multiple CBD applications can be beneficial to a pet's overall wellness. Your dog can enjoy a bath with CBD oil shampoo on the same day he gets a couple of Hip and Joint Support Soft Chews for Dogs and a smear of Nose to Toes CBD Balm on his dry dog nose. Your cat can enjoy a few CBD Kidney Support Soft Chews in the morning and a drizzle of cat calming oil at night to encourage restful sleep. Daily routines like this can address your animal’s significant wellness needs, all while applying the powerful benefits of CBD for pets. So check out our new products today and see how you can diversify their daily regimen for a happier, healthier pet!