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What CBD Chews Do I Give My Pet?

In order to choose the best CBD treats for your pet, you need to start by considering the quality of the pet CBD and other ingredients used in the treat.

In order to choose the best CBD treats for your pet, you need to start by considering the quality of the product: not only the pet CBD used in the treat, but the other ingredients in the product, as well. Good ingredients will make a good treat. Once you are confident in the quality of a pet CBD product, you can narrow down your choices according to your pet’s needs and preferences.

The Best CBD Pet Treats Will Use High-Quality Ingredients

When deciding on the best CBD pet treats for your furry family member, you need to start with the building blocks. A treat that is made from wholesome, pet-safe ingredients and premium, hemp-derived CBD is going to be the best choice for your cat or dog.

The Qualities of the Best CBD for Pets

The best pet treats will be made from CBD that is derived from US hemp, THC-free,* and Superior Broad Spectrum.

When it comes to pet products, hemp-derived CBD is the best choice. CBD derived from any other plant (such as marijuana cannabis) runs the risk of carrying higher levels of THC. By law, for a plant to be called hemp in the US, it must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. If you’re really looking to keep your pet’s CBD treat top-of-the-line, then you should only consider products made with hemp that is grown in the US. Domestically grown hemp plants are subject to rigorous agricultural standards, so you can rest assured that the farmers didn’t use any suspicious or dangerous techniques or pesticides while growing the hemp.

The THC-free* label is also a non-negotiable when you’re looking for the best CBD pet treats for dogs and cats. THC is the part of cannabis plants that causes a psychoactive effect, and your pet doesn’t need that. If a pet treat is certified THC-free,* your pet will get all the relaxing, comforting benefits of CBD without any confusion or disorientation.

Another choice you’ll have to make is the type of pet CBD in your treat. Choices will include CBD isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and Superior Broad Spectrum, a specialized formula made by Paw CBD’s parent company, cbdMD. Superior Broad Spectrum is the best option for CBD pet treats, because it includes an array of best components in the hemp plant – cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN, all of which support your pet’s wellness – while removing the less useful ones, like THC.

Consider the Other Ingredients in CBD Pet Treats

While the pet CBD in a treat is where you should start when seeking quality, it’s important to also consider the other ingredients in CBD dog treats and cat treats. Even if your product has the best CBD for dogs or cats, it won’t matter if the other ingredients in the treat are unsafe or poorly designed.

Additives and fillers should be avoided when shopping for a CBD pet treat. There are plenty of wholesome, healthy ingredients out there and a company shouldn’t have to use wasteful fillers when creating a pet treat. The only reason companies do this is to cut corners and save money. Look for a pet treat that is made with ingredients you can pronounce and flavors you are familiar with – think peanut butter, oats, salmon, and chicken.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) can help you analyze the ingredient list on a CBD pet treat. COAs will show you if the label on the pet treat is accurate and honest about the product’s strength and the presence of THC. These documents also show if there are any dangerous components in the treat, such as levels of heavy metal or pesticides.


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Choosing the Best CBD Dog Treats

The best CBD dog treats will be made specifically for dogs, which means they’ll have strengths and serving instructions best suited to a canine body, and also be available in formulas that address common issues experienced by dogs.

Strength Matters When Selecting the Right Treat

The concentration of CBD in the individual dog treat will be a significant factor in choosing the best product for your dog. You shouldn’t give a small dog any treats that are designed for larger dogs, as you might end up giving them far more CBD than they need, which can make them lethargic and sluggish. Likewise, you probably wouldn’t want to give a large dog any treats that are designed for small dogs, because it might be difficult to give them enough CBD to see the benefits.

Trustworthy CBD dog treats will come in a variety of strengths for dogs based on weight ranges. Start small when figuring out how much CBD your dog needs to take daily. Stick with the same amount for at least 30 days before changing your dog’s routine.

Different CBD Dog Treats Offer Different Benefits

CBD for dogs can support your dog’s wellness by helping them feel more calm, confident, physically comfortable, and active. The best CBD dog treats will enhance the wellness goals you have for your pet, not only through the benefits of CBD but also with additional ingredients.

Our Hip and Joint formula CBD dog treats include glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate, and omega-3 fatty acids to enhance your dog’s joint health and mobility so they can stay limber and active. These treats are great for helping your dog maintain physical comfort and healthy levels of daily movement. Calming CBD dog treats deliver the soothing qualities of CBD and additional relaxation support from L-tryptophan and chamomile to help your dog tackle everyday stressors with confidence.

Think About Texture and Flavor When Choosing CBD Dog Treats

The best treats for your dog will be the ones they are going to enjoy and have the easiest time consuming. A treat is meant to deliver wellness-supporting CBD and other healthy ingredients to your canine companion in a way that is exciting and fun for your pooch. That’s why flavor and texture are an important part of finding the best CBD dog treat. You don’t want your dog to have to choke down a chicken-flavored treat if they don’t like the taste, or spend several minutes crunching away on a treat that’s too tough for their teeth.

Soft CBD dog treats are a great choice for dogs with small teeth, teeth or gum sensitivity, or any other kind of dental problem. The tender texture makes them very easy to enjoy. They also come in different flavors than crunchy dog treats. Try a variety of treats and watch your dog’s reaction to see which they enjoy most.

If you’re struggling to find a pre-made treat in the proper flavors and textures for your dog, consider making a batch of homemade CBD dog treats using a CBD tincture. This allows you to design your very own treat that is tailor-made to your pooch’s palate.

Choosing the Best CBD Cat Treats

The best CBD pet treats will always be designed for a specific species of animal – dog treats for dogs and cat treats for cats. When it comes to our feline friends, sensitivity is the name of the game. Cats have fickle digestive systems and small, sensitive teeth – not to mention very discerning, picky palates – so you’ll need a very specifically designed CBD cat treat to meet their needs.

CBD Cat Treats Can Support Cat-Specific Issues

Many pet parents use CBD cat treats because of their calming, relaxing qualities. Cats can sometimes experience intense stress from daily life, whether that’s the ringing doorbell, the neighbor’s barking dog, or a nail trim or visit to the vet. This stress can make life uncomfortable for your cat and can also be particularly frustrating for owners who have to deal with destroyed furniture, scratches, and other results of their cat’s stress. Cat CBD treats can support your cat’s chill.

If you need an added boost of calming support for your crazy cat, you might use a calming CBD oil for cats in a homemade cat treat. This also gives you the opportunity to cater to your cat’s flavor preferences and create a variety of treats they can enjoy.

Another problem that plagues many cats is kidney issues. Because of their physiology, cats are prone to many problems in their urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys. To support multiple wellness goals in one tasty treat, consider a specialized kidney support CBD cat treat with the powerful properties of licorice root, astragalus root, and nettle leaf. By combining the wellness-enhancing benefits of CBD to this herbal blend, you can help support your cat’s kidney health for many years.



Dental Needs, Strength, and Flavor Preferences in CBD Cat Treats

Texture is hugely important when selecting the best CBD cat treats because many cats are prone to dental issues. Even cats with perfect dental health will likely prefer a tender, chewy treat to a crunchy one because they have small mouths and sensitive teeth.

A CBD pet treat designed specifically for cats will also consider cats’ unique flavor preferences. Even the most finicky feline is going to be drawn to some classic flavors like catnip and salmon. But, on the off chance you can’t find a pre-made treat that your cat enjoys, you can always design your own with a simple homemade cat treat recipe.

The CBD concentration is a crucial component to selecting the best treat for your cat, as well. Cats tend to be smaller than dogs and therefore the concentrations of CBD cat treats will trend smaller. Choosing the proper strength ensures your cat will experience all the benefits and no side effects from their daily treat routine.

The Best CBD Pet Treats Will Support Your Pet’s Wellness

The whole point of introducing a CBD pet treat into your dog or cat’s daily routine is to support their wellness and enhance their existing lifestyle. With a little research and consideration, you can find a high-quality CBD dog treat or cat treat that not only delivers the miraculous benefits of the hemp plant to your pet, but also addresses their other physical and mental needs. Take your time and don’t be afraid to try different strengths, flavors, and textures to discover the CBD routine that works best for your pet.