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Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

Many pet owners were inspired to try CBD for pets because they had positive experiences themselves with CBD oil for humans. This path to CBD use has many pet owners asking: Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

The short answer is no. There are many reasons why human CBD oil isn’t safe for our pets, and knowing why will make you a more well-informed and responsible pet owner. The difference between pet CBD and human CBD is significant. A safe product for your dog will have (or exclude) specific ingredients, specific serving sizes, and be a specific formula made with the help of a veterinarian. These factors are vital to what makes it unsafe to use human CBD for dogs.

The Difference Between Pet CBD and Human CBD

Both humans and dogs process CBD with the endocannabinoid system, and we often experience some of the same benefits of CBD as our pets. But the similarities stop there.

There are a number of differences between pet and human CBD oil, including the ingredients, THC content, serving sizes, and formula design.

Potentially Dangerous Ingredients in Human CBD

As most pet owners know, many delightful things for humans – such as chocolate, coffee, raisins, and garlic – can be toxic for our dogs. While we know many of the classic dangerous ingredients, more sneaky ones can show up in CBD products for humans, making them unsafe for dogs. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener often used to reduce the calories and sugar content in human foods, and it can be highly toxic in dogs.
  • Essential oils. Many CBD oil products for humans contain essential oils for flavor and scent. Several of these – including citrus, peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon – can be dangerous for dogs when ingested or even used topically.
  • Additives or fillers. Some human CBD oil, and even some low-quality pet CBD oil, can be full of additives and fillers that are unhealthy and unnecessary for your pet.

Potential THC Content

THC is the compound found in marijuana cannabis that causes psychoactive effects, which are not what you want for your dog when he or she takes CBD. Human CBD oils can be derived from cannabis, and therefore they sometimes contain high levels of THC. The best CBD oil for dogs will be THC-free* and hemp-derived.

Differences in Serving Size

Obviously, CBD oil designed for humans won’t give you any advice or input on what serving size your pet will need. Serving size is crucial to your pet’s wellness experience with CBD, and oil formulated specifically for dogs will be available in different strengths for different sized animals.

Differences Between Human and Pet CBD Formulas

The best CBD oil for dogs will be formulated using the input of a veterinarian. Human CBD oil will not benefit from this expertise; therefore, it might include ingredients or concentrations unsafe for dogs.

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Why Choose CBD Oil for Dogs

Choosing CBD oil for dogs rather than a product made for humans provides a lot of benefits for your pet, including serving-size choices, yummy flavors, and even specialty formulas with supportive ingredients.

Appropriate Serving Sizes

The choices of serving size you get with a dog-specific CBD oil will allow you to adapt your pet’s daily regimen to their size and lifestyle needs. Our CBD Treats for Dogs come in a 150 mg bag for small dogs, a 300 mg bag for medium-sized dogs, and a 600 mg bag for large dogs.

With pet-specific CBD, you also have the flexibility of choosing a few different methods to administer CBD oil to your dog. As long as you keep their total daily serving size the same, you can give it to them in a couple of treats and a squirt of flavored oil in their food, or divvy it up however you like.

Tail-Wagging Flavors for Dogs

An overlooked benefit of CBD products for dogs is that they come in flavors that dogs find irresistible, like our award-winning peanut butter, cheese, turkey, and chicken and bacon! Your pupper would likely prefer that flavor menu to whatever they’re dishing up in human CBD oil.

CBD with Dog Supportive Ingredients

Specialty pet CBD oils can also address some of your dog’s specific needs. For example, our CBD Calming Oil for Dogs contains melatonin to help your best friend relax and maintain a regular sleep schedule, while our CBD Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs contain glucosamine HCL for mobility support.

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For a Happy Canine, Use CBD for Dogs

So for those of you who were asking, “Can I give my dog human CBD oil?” now you know: the answer is no. The differences between pet CBD and human CBD are significant, and human CBD oil can even be dangerous to your pet if it contains toxic ingredients or high levels of THC. Furthermore, your pet is likely to have a better experience with dog-specific CBD oil because of the specialty formulas, serving-size choices, and awesome flavors. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider our CBD Bundles for Dogs!


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