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How to Help Calm a Hyper Dog: CBD Oil vs CBD Dog Treats

How to Help Calm a Hyper Dog: CBD Oil vs CBD Dog Treats


Dogs naturally have a lot of energy, and that’s not something we want to change about them. But when your canine companion’s zest for life turns into a nuisance for you by keeping you up at night or destroying your furniture, or for themselves by causing them stress and discomfort, then you might start wondering how to calm down a hyper dog. 


Why Some Hyper Dogs Might Need Calming Support

Dogs get hyperactive or unusually energetic for a variety of reasons. Some reasons your dog might become hyper include nighttime activity, noise aversion, and separation issues. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Then you might need to know how to calm down a hyper dog.


Struggling with a Hyper Dog at Night 

Sleep is important for both your health and that of your dog. If your furry friend barks at every gust of wind or scurrying critter on the rooftop all night, you both might find yourselves exhausted the following morning. Nighttime noise and hyperactivity are common reasons many pet owners start wondering how to calm down a hyper dog. 


dog afraid of thunderstorm hiding under blanket


Noise Aversion In Dogs During Thunderstorms or Holidays

Noise aversion in dogs causes them to show stress signals in response to thunderstorms, fireworks shows, and other loud environments. A dog’s sensitive hearing means that they often struggle to stay calm during these experiences, and it can cause them to be hyperactive out of fear and stress. 


Separation Issues

Being separated from its owner can cause a normally calm dog to become a hyper dog and often destructive, too. Separation issues are a very real experience for many pets and a common reason people search for strategies for how to calm down a hyper dog. 


paw CBD canine CBD oil 300 mg and golden retriever


Difference Between CBD Calming Oil and Calming CBD Dog Treats 

One of the best ways to support your dog’s maintenance of calm is by introducing CBD oil for dogs into their wellness routine. CBD won’t treat your dog’s hyperactivity. Still, it can help your dog avoid being triggered into hyperactivity and continue to maintain their calm demeanor even when they hear that squirrel on the roof or that thunder boom. 

When it comes to our calming CBD products, many people wonder about the difference between calming CBD oil for dogs and calming CBD dog treats. The products have different ingredients and offer a different delivery method, but they both give your dog the same high-quality CBD.


melatonin chemical breakdown that can be included in cbd oil and cbd dog treats


Different Ingredients in CBD Oil and CBD Dog Treats 

The primary difference between the calming CBD oil for dogs and the calming CBD treats for dogs is the ingredients. The only ingredients that appear in both products are chamomile and passion flower. 

The CBD oil features melatonin and an herb blend of valerian root, passion flower, lemon balm, and chamomile. The calming treats deliver the powerful properties of CBD with chamomile, passion flower, ginger, and the mellowing support of L-tryptophan


Different Delivery Method for Different Needs

Of course, CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats are very different in other obvious ways. The calming CBD oil for dogs is in liquid form, which gives pet owners very exact control over how much CBD to administer to their dog at one time. It comes in a delicious, sweet blueberry flavor that dogs love and is perfect for making your own homemade dog treats.

Alternatively, calming CBD chews for dogs are a tasty, turkey-flavored treat that offers a pre-measured amount of CBD in each serving, and they are compact and portable enough for use during travel as on-the-go snacks. And their soft, chewy texture is perfect for small, aging, or sensitive teeth.


The Same High-Quality CBD 

Both calming CBD oil for dogs and the CBD dog treats feature the same premium, high-quality CBD derived from domestically grown hemp. So Sparky can enjoy his calming support however he wants and still get the same Superior Broad Spectrum formula! 


How to Decide Between Calming CBD Oil for Dogs or CBD Dog Treats

When it comes to choosing between these two calming CBD products, it really comes down to your lifestyle and your goals for your pet. Both products have unique benefits and applications for you and your dog.

To decide if you need a CBD tincture or CBD dog treats, consider when you want to give your dog CBD, what flavors your pet likes, and how you administer your pet’s daily CBD serving.


paw CBD canine calming oil 250 mg and curious jack terrier


When Does Your Dog Need Calming CBD?

Do you tend to give your dog calming CBD each evening with their dinner to support their sleep schedule, or do you think their CBD is more useful when administered right before a visit to the dog park? Knowing when your dog needs CBD the most will help you identify which product will work best for you.

If you want to administer calming CBD while you’re on the move, then the portable CBD dog treats are your best bet. If you are always home during your pet’s CBD time, then CBD oil for dogs might be a better fit. 


What Are Your Dog’s Favorite Flavors?

It might come down to flavor with your pooch. Our calming CBD oil for dogs comes in blueberry flavor, while the calming CBD treats for dogs come in turkey flavor.

Some pooches love one flavor much more than the other, and some love both. If you’re not sure which flavor or method will work best, your furry friend might need a CBD calming bundle for dogs


Do You Always Give Your Dog the Same Amount of CBD?

While the complete serving size will always be the same, you might want to break up your dog’s total CBD serving into a few different servings over the course of the day.

You might start the day with a half-serving of calming CBD oil for dogs as part of their morning routine, and then give them the rest of their daily serving as an after-dinner treat with the CBD dog treat chews, which are pre-measured. The important thing is never to exceed their total daily suggested serving size.


blueberry flavored paw CBD 500 mg calming cbd oil with turkey flavored paw cbd 600 mg calming chews for dogs


CBD Dog Treats and CBD Oil for Dogs Can Help Answer the Question ‘How To Calm A Hyper Dog’ 

Calming CBD oil for dogs and calming CBD dog treats offer the same high-quality CBD with different CBD benefits and ingredients. One important thing to remember is that you don’t have to choose between these two calming products when deciding how to calm down a hyper dog – you can use both!

As long as you’re giving your dog the same serving size of CBD daily, you might want to use a combination of CBD oil and chews throughout the day or tincture one day and CBD dog treats the next.


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