Calm Dog or Cool Cat? Explore the CBD Benefits for Calm Pet

Calm Dog or Cool Cat? Explore the CBD Benefits for Calm Pet

When you have a calm dog or a cool cat, you want to keep them that way. Here’s how to use CBD benefits to support your pet’s relaxed demeanor.

Even if you already have calm dogs or a cool cat on your hands, your pets can still experience the benefits of CBD. CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats can help support your pet’s overall wellness and comfort and help them maintain their chill, calm demeanor even as they face stressful situations or as they age.

CBD oil is just one of many ways to calm dogs and ensure that your cool cat stays cool.

Excited dog running with owner

How to Calm a Dog Down

If you already have some calm dogs, you want them to stay that way. Some ways to ensure your pet maintains its relaxed demeanor include giving your pet exercise regularly, providing them with a safe space, and introducing CBD oil for dogs into their wellness routine.

Establish an Exercise Routine

The importance of exercise for dogs can’t be understated. All canines need plenty of exercise, though the amount changes depending on a dog’s breed, size, and other factors. It’s also important to consider weather conditions when you approach your dog’s exercise routine. During hot seasons and in particularly warm locations, dog owners need to exercise their pets during the coolest parts of the day.

By starting a consistent and appropriate exercise routine with your dog, you can help them stay calm in all the other parts of the day. They need an outlet for their energy to maintain their chill in different situations.

Create a Safe, Comfortable Space

One of the best ways to calm dogs is with a safe, comfortable place to retreat to when they feel nervous or hyperactive. Dogs need to feel like they have a personal haven in your home. This should include a soft place for them to curl up and preferably be separated from the rest of the house. It should be their exclusive space, not open to other pets or children, where they can retreat to recuperate their calm demeanor if they feel stressed.

Introduce CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD can support your calm dogs as they try to stay relaxed throughout the day. CBD calming oil for dogs features the calming support of melatonin to maintain your dog’s healthy sleep schedule. And CBD calming chews for dogs feature the tranquil properties of L-tryptophan and chamomile. Combined with the wellness benefits of CBD for dogs, these ingredients ensure your pet can maintain their peace no matter where they are or what they’re doing!

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How to Calm a Cat Down

Cats are known for their cat naps, but they can also be hyperactive and intense sometimes. While a little bit of cat crazy is often entertaining, you also want to know how to calm a cat down when needed. The best strategies for keeping your cool cat cool are providing plenty of play and mental stimulation, respecting their unusual sleep schedule, and introducing CBD oil for cats to their wellness routine.

Ensure Plenty of Mental Stimulation

Cats are highly intelligent creatures, and they need consistent mental stimulation. In the same way that dogs need plenty of exercise for their bodies, cats need plenty of exercise for their brains. While games are not a substitute for exercise, your cat will likely meet their physical needs on their own by prowling around the house or scaling their cat tower with regularity. But cats need their owner to participate in keeping them entertained and mentally sharp.

You can engage your feline with laser pointers, a ball of yarn, or even just a piece of string or a feather. Just a few minutes of play each day can go a long way in supporting your cool cat.

Respect Your Cat’s Sleep Schedule

Cats are crepuscular animals, which means they are most active during twilight hours at dawn and dusk. They tend to sleep a lot during the day and be more active at night. While this can seem inconvenient for you, it’s important to respect your cat’s biological clock. If you try to interrupt your cat’s natural rhythm and make them match your sleep schedule, they might end up underslept and tired. And lack of sleep is a quick way to turn a cool cat into a crazy cat!

Try CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil for cats has myriad benefits for helping your cool cat maintain their chill. CBD oil for cats in a delectable catnip flavor can help your cat stay relaxed and comfortable. Soft chews for cats are a great option for your kitty with sensitive teeth who needs some calming support.

Keeping Your Calm Dogs and Cool Cat as Your Pet Ages

Senior pets can benefit from the maintenance power of CBD. As pets get older, their bodies and minds change. They might become restless, and their ordinarily chill attitude might become grumpy or sensitive. To help them hold on to their relaxation as they age, you can adapt their exercise schedule, consider a new pet food for their sensitive teeth, and introduce unique, senior-specific formulas of CBD for cats and CBD for dogs.

Adapt Their Exercise Schedule

As your cat or dog gets older, their body will have different needs. In the same way that humans can’t handle the same physical endeavors at age 60 that they could at age 20, cats and dogs need to have their exercise schedule adapted to their age.

Connect with your veterinarian to discuss the best length and style of exercise for your dog or cat. You might need to limit your pet’s walks or movement if they are experiencing the stiffness that is common with senior pets. Pet owners need to be diligent about ensuring their pet’s exercise routine is appropriate for their needs.

Consider New Pet Food

Older dogs and cats sometimes develop sensitive teeth and gums as they age, so the hard kibble they use to love might become difficult for them to eat. Not eating a sufficient amount can make your pet feel frustrated and not behave normally, and if they eat too little for a long time, they might even start to lose weight.

It’s important to keep an eye on your pet’s meals and be sure they’re getting enough nutrition. If you notice your senior dog or cat isn’t finishing their food, it might be time to consider soft or wet food.

CBD Oil for Dogs Who Are Older and Cats

There are many formulas of CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats that can support a senior pet’s comfort and ongoing wellness. CBD hip and joint chews for dogs deliver the powerful, comforting properties of CBD to your calm dogs, along with the joint support of glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids. Senior cats can be prone to kidney issues. Many would benefit from the CBD kidney support chews for cats, promoting kidney wellness with licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract.

paw CBD 600 mg bacon flavored hip and joint chews for dogs and paw CBD 150 mg kidney support chews for cats

Consider How CBD Benefits Your Calm Dogs and Cool Cats

Even if your pet is already pretty chill and easygoing, they can still use your support to stay that way. By carefully monitoring and adapting your pet’s exercise routine, diet, and environment and incorporating other wellness resources like CBD for cats and CBD for dogs, you can ensure you continue to be the owner of a cool cat and calm dogs.