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Choosing CBD Dog Chews for Hip & Joint Support

Can CBD help your dog’s hips and joints? Here are some reasons you may want to consider CBD treats for your dog’s hip and joint comfort.

Most dog parents can spend hours watching their pet play gleefully. Whether it’s chasing their favorite tennis ball across the yard, swimming through the lake to catch a stick, or jumping up and down in excitement for a tasty CBD dog treat, your dog’s joy is communicated through activity and movement. And your dog’s happiness is often your joy, too.

Dog parents also notice when their dog’s movement is somehow hindered. Perhaps games of fetch don’t last as long as they used to, or your dog is a little slower to get up from his bed when he hears you rustle the treat bag. Activity and movement – vital parts of a dog’s quality of life – can be limited when a dog experiences discomfort in the hips and joints.

Providing the best hip and joint support for dogs is very important to your pet’s overall wellness. Because our furry friends walk differently than we do, they require a little extra love in their hip area, and their joints tend to carry more stress than our own. That’s why many pet owners are curious about dog CBD for hip pain and mobility issues. Here are some reasons you may want to consider CBD treats for your dog’s hip and joint comfort.

Can CBD Help Your Dog’s Hips and Joints?

To talk about hip and joint health in dogs, we need to understand exactly what hips and joints are and how they are supposed to work, as well as what it looks like when they aren’t functioning correctly and might be making your dog uncomfortable.


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Understanding the Anatomy of Your Dog’s Hips and Joints

Time for a little anatomy lesson! Your dog has two hips. These ball-and-joint type sockets are located at the top of the dog’s hind legs. The ball is located at the top of the thigh bone, and it fits into a socket in the pelvis.

Dogs, like humans, have many joints in their bodies, including elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles. A joint is any place in the body that two bones meet and are supported together by tissue. Some joints have a large range of motion, like a dog’s hips and shoulders, while others – like toes – have a very narrow field of movement. Regardless of their range of motion, all of your pupper’s joints need to be healthy for him or her to have a happy, busy lifestyle.

Signs Your Dog May Need Hip and Joint Support with CBD

A dog’s need for care in the hip and joint area will probably be visibly clear to an owner. It’s always a bummer that our pets can’t tell us what they need with words, so we have to be extra diligent in watching them for signs of discomfort that might indicate your dog needs more support for its joints.

Be on the lookout for changes and restrictions in movement. You are likely familiar with your pet’s activity patterns and moves around the house and the yard. If these begin to change or become limited, your dog might be experiencing stiffness in its hips or other joints. They might be slower to get up and greet you at the door or not be able to sustain your typical walking distance anymore.

If you have any suspicions that your dog is experiencing discomfort like this, talk to your veterinarian. Veterinarians can offer great insight into your pet’s health and wellness, and they should always be consulted if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior, health, comfort, or activity levels and are considering CBD for your dog. While your veterinarian may not directly suggest CBD for hip pain because of the regulatory limitations on a veterinary license, you can certainly ask about it as a potential course of action to relieve your dog’s discomfort.

The Best Hip and Joint Care for Dogs, Including CBD

There are many ways to help support freedom of movement and flexibility for your doggo. These include stretching, massage, activity, a healthy diet, and dog CBD for hip pain.

Stretching for Your Dog’s Hip Health

Your dog can benefit from stretches after a long day of play or hiking, or really anytime. While your pet does some of her stretching – we’re all familiar with the origins of the “downward dog” yoga pose – you can help your pet by providing additional stretching in hard-to-reach areas, keeping her perky, loose, and happy! Here is a simple hip and leg stretch: grasp your dog’s back leg near the knee, and pull gently and slowly backward. Hold the stretch for a few seconds, release, and repeat.

Dog Massage Offers Relief and Relaxation

Ever had a great massage and walked away feeling fresh and relaxed? Dogs can benefit from a nice massage, too! Gentle pressure and rubbing can be really pleasant and useful for your dog’s hip and joint health. Ask your veterinarian about the best techniques and places for massaging your pet’s muscles and joints.

Keeping Your Dog Active Ensures Long-Term Hip and Joint Health

It’s important that your pet has an appropriate level of activity in his or her life. This fact means different things for different pets. Some dogs will need miles of running and hours of play almost every day, while other dogs will just need a short walk around the block. Senior dogs will naturally need a little less exercise as they get older.

While you don’t want your dog to overdo it and risk any injury, you should definitely encourage your pet to play and stay active. The appropriate activity can keep hips and joints nimble and healthy for years to come.

A Healthy Dog Diet Is Crucial for Overall Wellness

Being overweight can increase stress on a dog’s hips and joints, so keeping your pet at an appropriate weight can serve their joints as part of their overall health. The best way to prevent your dog from gaining too much weight is to ensure their diet is appropriate for their size and give them opportunities for daily activity. Different sizes and breeds of dogs have different needs, so consult your veterinarian about what’s best for your pooch.

CBD Treats for Dogs with Hip and Joint Support Ingredients

CBD Hip+Joint Chews for Dogs are formulated with premium, hemp-derived CBD and include ingredients like glucosamine HCL and omega-3 fatty acids to help support physical comfort and complement your pet’s healthy lifestyle. These chewy bacon-flavored CBD treats for dogs are a great addition to a wholesome wellness routine for your pet.


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Choosing the Best Hip and Joint CBD Treats for Dogs

It’s important to know exactly what is in the pet treats to find the best CBD hip and joint treats for dogs – both the type of CBD oil and the ingredients specially selected to promote joint health – and how to give these CBD dog treats to your pet. If you’re considering giving your dog CBD for joint pain, make sure you’re using the best product available.

What Makes a Good CBD Dog Treat

A CBD dog treat is only as good as the CBD oil it contains. The best CBD treats for dogs will be specific, domestic, clean, and THC-free.

When shopping for a CBD dog treat with added ingredients that support your pet’s hip and joint health, look for a product that is:


  • THC-free. THC is a compound found in cannabis plants that causes the psychoactive effects of feeling high, so you want to ensure your CBD treats for dogs don’t have any of that. Legally, hemp-derived CBD products can’t have any more than 0.3 percent THC. The label “THC-free” indicates that no THC can be detected at the lowest levels using valid scientific analytical tools.
  • Third-party lab tested. Independent lab testing ensures that your product’s ingredient list is honest and real.
  • Made from U.S. hemp. America’s hemp farming regulations are strict and well-monitored, so buying a product made from domestic hemp can give you peace of mind and security.
  • Veterinarian formulated. Veterinarians are experts in dog health, so if a product has been designed with a veterinarian’s help, it will likely be high-quality.
  • Superior Broad Spectrum. CBD products are made from hemp extracts. Hemp extracts come in different forms, including isolate, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and Superior Broad Spectrum. Superior Broad Spectrum (crafted by cbdMD, the parent company of Paw CBD) is specially designed to give your pet all of the power of pure CBD, combined with some other supportive terpenes and cannabinoids from the industrial hemp plant.
  • Free of artificial flavors and fillers. A good, clean CBD dog treat won’t have mystery ingredients or unnecessary fillers.
  • Specific to dogs. A CBD product for humans should not be given to dogs. Instead, the best CBD dog treats will be made specifically for dogs and offered in varying suggested amounts for dogs of different weights.
  • Delicious! This one might seem obvious, but not all dog treats are necessarily tasty for your pet. With our classically yummy bacon flavor, Fido is sure to come running when it’s time for a CBD dog treat!


Additional Ingredients for Hip and Joint Support

If you’re considering CBD for joint pain in your dog, the right treat will deliver CBD along with other ingredients that can support your animal’s joint health. A treat doesn’t have to include CBD alone!

For example, the formula for our CBD Hip+Joint Chews for Dogs includes the joint-buffering power of glucosamine HCL and chondroitin, along with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. These ingredients can help support mobility, so your good boy or girl is ready to rock as soon as you are!


How to Give CBD Dog Treats to Your Pet

Once you’ve found a treat you’re happy with, it’s time to introduce your pet to CBD. If CBD dog treats are a new wellness tool for your family, you’ll need to be intentional about how you deliver it to your pet.

First, talk to your veterinarian. They should always know any changes in your pet’s life, and they can offer expert advice.

Size matters when it comes to CBD dog treats, so you’ll need to start with an appropriate amount. Start with the lowest recommended amount of CBD for your dog’s weight. Wait 30 days to see results because CBD builds up in the system over time. Observe for slight or subtle signs that your pet is experiencing the wellness benefits of CBD. If needed, increase the serving size and wait another 30 days.

Support Your Dog’s Hips and Joints for Overall Health

You love every bit of your doggo – from the tips of his furry ears right down to his tippy-tappy toenails. You know it’s important to care for all of his specific body parts, including providing hip and joint support for dogs so your pet can feel great and stay active.

You make good health choices for your pet every day by taking them for walks, giving lots of cuddles and pats, and feeding them a healthy diet. The best hip and joint support for dogs will include the powerful properties of CBD dog treats, making for a welcome addition to their daily routine!