Five Reasons to Give Your Pet CBD Treats for Dogs

Five Reasons to Give Your Pet CBD Treats for Dogs

CBD treats for dogs are a safe, wholesome, fun way to surprise your pet and support their daily lifestyle. Here are five of the best opportunities to use CBD dog treats.

It’s no secret that we at Paw CBD love our CBD treats for dogs. We have quite a selection of delicious dog treats, and we believe the uses for these yummy, portable delights are many and varied! Here’s what we think makes a CBD dog treat really great and five perfect excuses to hand over a yummy CBD bite to your canine companion.

What Makes a Great CBD Dog Treat?

Not all dog treats are created equal. Especially because this is a relatively new industry, it’s important for consumers to be careful and responsible in researching CBD products before they purchase. A great CBD dog treat will be:

  • Delicious
  • Available in varying strengths
  • Pet-specific and pet-safe
  • Maybe even homemade!

Yummy, Dog-Friendly Flavors to Make Your Pooch Drool

Treats are supposed to be a pleasure for your pet, so flavor will obviously be one of the most important qualities of a good CBD dog treat. Your dog is a carnivore, so meat-focused flavors like our chicken and bacon-flavored CBD soft chews will always be a hit. Dogs also love savory flavors like baked cheese and peanut butter, and sweet, fruity flavors like blueberry!

Available in Various Strengths According to Your Dog’s Size

All dogs are different, and different sizes of dog will need different amounts of CBD. One of the best ways to identify a trustworthy, reliable CBD product is by seeing if it is offered in various strengths or serving sizes based on your dog’s weight. This makes it much easier to administer the right amount of treats and balance out your dog’s daily routine without worrying about giving them too much or too little CBD.

Good Treats Are Pet-Specific and Pet-Safe

Of course, a natural question many pet owners ask themselves is, “Are CBD dog treats safe?”

A high-quality CBD dog treat will be designed specifically for dogs (not humans or cats) and will be formulated using pet-safe ingredients. Always read the label carefully. It’s important to know what foods and ingredients are not safe for dogs so you can be on the lookout for them.

Someone feeding their dog a dog treat from their hand outside on the grass

Homemade Treats Are Great, Too

If you aren’t finding a store-bought CBD treats for dogs that you and your dog like, you might consider making your own. There are plenty of recipes for homemade CBD dog treats that allow you to have complete control over the ingredients and strength of the treat itself. Perhaps you want to make some very small, low-strength treats so that you can give your dog more of them throughout the day, or you want to include your dog’s favorite flavors. Whatever your reason, homemade dog treats can often be a perfect substitute for store-bought treats and might even meet your needs more efficiently.

Five Perfect Opportunities to Give Your Dog a CBD Treat

Really, there aren’t many times that aren’t perfect for a CBD dog treat! That said, here are five perfect opportunities to let your pooch indulge:

  • Help ease separation stress with farewell CBD treats for dogs
  • Make bathtime even more chill with a pre- or post-bath reward
  • Nighttime routines can be enhanced by CBD dog treats
  • Use CBD treats when you’re on the move
  • Give as a reward for a successful training session

CBD Treats for Dogs As a Goodbye Surprise

If your dog has separation issues, one way to support them is by creating positive associations with your departure. This might mean they get a favorite toy right before you leave the house or a CBD dog treat as you walk out the door. Especially because CBD has natural calming properties, it can be a great way to help your pet feel chill and relaxed while you’re gone. You might even consider a calming CBD chew for dogs with the extra calming support of chamomile and L-tryptophan.

paw cbd pretty pup cbd dog shampoo 250mg in a body of water with leaves and cucumbers around it

Dog Treats with CBD Can Sweeten Bath Time

Bath time can be a stressful experience for many pets, and a CBD treat can go a long way in helping them relax and enjoy the warm water and soothing massage. Especially when combined with a nice lather of CBD dog shampoo, a treat administered before, during, or after bath time can make your pet look forward to this part of their routine rather than dreading it.

A Special Bedtime Snack

When it’s time to wind down at night, you don’t want to get your pet all revved and excited. Instead, you can create a calming nighttime routine including CBD treats that signals to your dog it’s time to quiet down and rest. You might even choose to make a homemade treat using our calming CBD tincture for dogs, so your pet has the added sleep support of melatonin. After a long, busy day of play and movement, a CBD treat can be the perfect way to wind down and prep your pooch for a solid night of sleep.

Use Portable CBD Treats During Adventures and On-the-Go

One of the best things about treats is that they are portable and easy to carry for times when you and your pooch are out adventuring. Resealable, lightweight packaging on our CBD treats for dogs means you can take these yummy bites with you anywhere you go, from the dog park to the mountain trails. These can be especially meaningful opportunities to give your dog a treat because many dogs are triggered by the presence of other people or pets. If you’re on a particularly busy hiking trail, or it’s a crowded Saturday at the dog park, pull out your portable bag or jar of CBD dog treats and support your canine companion with a special snack.

CBD Treats as a Reward After Dog Training

Training your dog is a great way to bond with them and can make your life together not only more enjoyable but also safer. Even just helping your dog learn some basic commands can be a great experience for both of you, and it can be made even sweeter with the addition of a CBD treat for dogs at the end of the training session for a job well done.

Because you want to be careful about the amount of CBD you give your dog each day, we don’t recommend using CBD treats as a reward during training. Instead, they should be the grand finale that signals to your dog that training is over, and they did a wonderful job.

CBD Treats for Dogs Are Safe, Yummy, and Convenient

You want your dog’s life to be full of special moments of surprise and joy, and treats are a very effective way to achieve that. Dogs are inherently happy creatures and they’ll appreciate a treat any time you hand one over. But with the added wellness support available in CBD treats for dogs, you can also use these tools to make your dog more comfortable and relaxed in specific situations. These are just five of countless amazing ways you can use CBD dog treats to make your pet’s life better.