How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs: 6 Easy Ways

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs: 6 Easy Ways

After you’ve chosen a high-quality CBD for your pet, it’s time to decide how to give CBD oil to dogs. Here are 6 easy ways to try today.

Once you’ve discovered that CBD is beneficial for your dog’s daily health regimen, it’s time to look at the practical application of how to give CBD oil to dogs. CBD for dogs comes in a variety of forms, all specifically designed for your dog’s body, so you have no shortage of choices. For those wondering how to give CBD to their dog, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Finding the best method for you and your furry family member will depend on your daily routine and your pet’s needs. But, to make an educated decision, it’s important to know the details of each CBD oil product, what type of support it offers to your pet, and how to use it.

Curious about how to give CBD oil to dogs? Here are six easy techniques for you to try at home.

  1. Give Your Dog CBD Oil Straight From the Dropper

CBD oil tinctures for dogs are a favorite of many pet parents because they are so easy to use. With a plastic dropper for safety, you can simply squirt the appropriate amount of tincture directly into your dog’s mouth. They’ll love it!

Choose the Right Strength and Amount

If you want to give CBD oil for dogs straight to your pet’s mouth, it’s important to choose the appropriate strength when buying your product and also be very careful about the amount you’re giving your dog. Our CBD oil for dogs comes in five different strengths, ranging from a 150 mg bottle for small dogs to a 3000 mg bottle for very large canines. If you have a medium-sized dog, you might choose a strength intended for smaller pets because you want to give your pet multiple CBD items throughout the day. Whatever you choose, it’s important to measure your pet’s CBD oil carefully when applying it directly to their mouth and mark it down as part of their daily amount so you don’t give them too much CBD.

The Benefits of This Method

This quick and straightforward method is no-fuss, and you can give the product to multiple pets with ease. Tinctures give you a lot of control over how much CBD you give your dog. Once you’ve decided how much daily CBD your dog needs, you can choose to give them their entire amount this way or only a small bit. You don’t even have to give them a full dropper with this application method – perhaps you want to give them half a dropper of CBD oil, then save the rest of their CBD for another method on the list. Flexibility is key in your busy schedule with your pooch, and this strategy allows you to administer CBD without needing any other components (such as food).

CBD Oil Flavors Your Dog Will Love

The only reason it works to give your dog CBD oil straight from the dropper is that the CBD oil is tasty and they enjoy the flavor. While you might be able to convince your dog to consume a natural flavor of CBD oil, it’s best to get a flavored tincture if you want to use this method. Our blueberry-flavored calming CBD oil for dogs is a popular fruity taste for pets, and our peanut butter-flavored oil is also a favorite. CBD oils for dogs that are flavored with natural ingredients are the best choice for your pet.

  1. Mix CBD Oil with Your Dog’s Food or Treats

Despite the delicious flavor of the peanut butter CBD tincture, some dogs are not crazy about being fed from a dropper. Perhaps they have bad memories of yucky-tasting medicine. But never fear – CBD oil for dogs can be administered through your pet’s food and treats as well.


Paw cbd canine cbd oil 300 mg peanut butter bottle laying in a bowel of dog food


CBD Oil Can Be Mixed with Any Dog Food or Pet Treat

Drop the proper amount of CBD directly into your dog’s hard kibble or soft food and mix it all together. Our CBD oil tinctures even come in a natural flavor if you think peanut butter might interfere with the flavor profile of your pet’s food. Similarly, you can drop a little bit of oil onto a hard treat, let it soak in, and then give it to your pet – and add in a few pats and kisses for good measure!

Oil Can Be Dropped onto Any Edible

You can also drop CBD tincture onto any kind of whole food or snack you might give your dogs, such as a bite of apple or a piece of broccoli. Just ensure that they eat the whole CBD-soaked treat so you know they’ve gotten their entire amount.

As long as you provide your pet the same total amount of CBD daily, you can be flexible about when and how you give it to them. Perhaps you give them a few drops in their food in the morning, a few drops with a treat mid-day, and a few drops with dinner. Just be careful that the total amount of CBD given each day is appropriate for your pet’s weight and needs.

  1. Treat Yo ur Pupper to a CBD Treat or Soft Chew

Even when it comes to a special treat, you want everything you feed your dog to be useful, wholesome, and healthy. If you’re a super busy person, taking the time to measure out specific amounts of oil into your pet’s mouth or food might sound like too much work. In that case, CBD treats might be perfect for you (and your dog!).

The Benefits of Crunchy CBD Treats for Dogs

Paw CBD’s CBD treats for dogs are baked to perfection for crunchy delight and are available in mouthwatering peanut butter and baked cheese flavors. Portability is one of the best things about using this method of CBD application. The resealable bag means you can toss them anywhere – your beach bag, hiking backpack, or the trunk of the car – for the wellness support of CBD, no matter where you and Fido end up.

You can also rest easy about their daily CBD consumption because the treats have a specific amount of CBD baked into each one. No measuring or dropper-filling necessary – just hand over the treats and get on with your adventure.

Our peanut butter CBD treats are so good, they won Product of the Year in the CBD Pet category for 2021! Even better, this award was voted on by people just like you. “Product of the Year” awards are determined by a survey of 40,000 consumers by Kantar, an independent research firm.

The Benefits of CBD Soft Chews for Dogs

CBD chews for dogs offer a different experience with their soft and chewy texture, well suited to older dogs or small dogs who tend to have tender gums and teeth that can make crunchy treats a challenge. Dogs who need special dental care will really appreciate the soft texture of these treats. They also come in a different flavor – chicken and bacon. While it might be hard for any dog to decide between crunchy peanut butter treats and chicken and bacon soft chews, you just might find that your furry friend has a preference!

Like all high-quality CBD products, both our hard and soft treats are available in various strengths for dogs of different sizes, including:


  • 150 mg for itty-bitty dogs like Chihuahuas and Teacup Poodles
  • 300 mg for the mid-sized dogs like Australian Shepherds and Border Collies
  • 600 mg for our gentle-but-giant dogs like Alaskan Malamutes and Mastiffs


  1. Upgrade Snack Time with CBD Peanut Butter

Most dog parents love the satisfying “smack smack smack” of their beloved pooch enjoying a little peanut butter snack. And all the better if that peanut butter is infused with the wellness-supporting properties of CBD! Simple, wholesome ingredients, along with a canine enthusiasm for anything peanut buttery, make this product a popular choice for dog parents. Just scoop out a carefully measured spoonful at any time of the day for a treat that’s good and good for them.

Plus, when you’re feeling like a chef, you can use this peanut butter to make a delightful homemade CBD dog treat – read on!

  1. Add CBD Oil For Dogs to a Homemade Pet Treat

If you’re feeling like Betty Crocker, you can bake the oil right into your very own homemade CBD treats for dogs! This process doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can find many different recipes online. Most of them feature healthy, natural ingredients like sweet potato, pumpkin, blueberry, oats, and coconut.

Easy Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Here is a super simple, three-ingredient recipe for making your own CBD dog treats. Combine a quarter cup of our CBD-infused peanut butter with a cup of oats and a third cup of pumpkin puree. Scoop the batter into balls, plop them onto a baking sheet, and bake at 300 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Let cool before serving. It’s that easy!

Calculating the CBD Strength of Your Homemade Treats

The important thing to remember when baking your own CBD dog treats is how much oil to use, so you know the exact strength of the individual treats. Start by deciding how strong you want each treat to be – let’s say 10 mg of CBD per treat. Then, think about how many treats you want the recipe to make. If you want to make 10 dog treats with 10 mg of CBD each, you’ll need to add a total of 100 mg of CBD to the batter or dough.

  1. Give CBD to Your Dog Topically for Skin Comfort

Topical CBD applications, including CBD balm, dog shampoos, and CBD spray for dogs, are another excellent way to support your dog’s wellness. These topical methods are a little different from ingestibles like tinctures and edibles, so here’s what you need to know about giving your dog topical CBD.

Topicals Don’t Count Toward Your Dog’s Daily CBD

CBD balm and CBD dog shampoo enter your pet’s system through their skin. Because this application method is less concentrated than an ingestible, you don’t have to count topical CBD applications towards your pet’s daily amount of CBD. So, if you’ve already given your pet their 10 mg per day of CBD in treats and tincture, you can still give them a bath with CBD dog shampoo or rub their dry paws with CBD balm for dogs.

CBD Dog Shampoos Make Bathtime Luxurious

Bathtime can be extra special with a CBD dog shampoo that leaves your pet feeling relaxed all over. Topical CBD, along with other powerful ingredients in our Itchy Pup CBD Dog Shampoo, soothes your pet’s irritated skin. A CBD spray after bath time can also contribute to general comfort and calm.

CBD Balms Provide Comfort for Healthy Paws and Noses

One of the best parts of using a CBD topical is you can directly address specific spots of your dog’s body where you want to direct the CBD for comfort. If your pet has a dry dog nose, rough paws, or a hot spot on their elbows, a dog balm with CBD and other moisturizing ingredients can soothe their skin and provide some comforting relief.


Try paw cbd calming oil for dogs


What to Consider When Deciding How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

With all these wonderful ways to administer CBD for dogs, how can you possibly know where to start? Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you identify the best method for yourself and your canine companion:

Are Our Days Full of Routine or Adventure?

If you have a consistent schedule and your dog tends to spend his days at your home or in your yard, you have plenty of flexibility with what kind of CBD oil product you’d like to use. You can keep a jar of CBD peanut butter or a tincture bottle in your cabinet and use it at your leisure – no worries about messy peanut butter fingers or a little oil spilled on the floor.

But, if you have a more unpredictable lifestyle that has you in the car often, then you might want to consider a more portable CBD oil for dogs, like treats in a resealable container that you can toss in the glove box.

Do I Have Two or More Dogs of Different Sizes?

If you have multiple pets who need different amounts of CBD each day, you’ll likely want a CBD product with some flexibility. If you go with a CBD tincture, you can add the appropriate amount to each dog’s dinner bowl very easily. That said, if you have a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, you might still need two different strengths of CBD oil in order to support their individual wellness.

What Are My Lifestyle Goals for My Dog?

If you’re looking to support your pupper in specific wellness goals, you’ll want to consider products with added ingredients. Ever feel like Sparky needs a little help staying chill during your daily routine? Our CBD calming chews for dogs and CBD calming oil for dogs both offer herbal support for relaxation. Or, alternatively, perhaps you and your dog spend a lot of time playing and exercising outdoors. Our CBD hip+joint chews for dogs, which feature glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate, can help support mobility to help your furry friend stay active.

Does My Dog Have Sensitive Teeth?

If so, CBD soft chews or tinctures are a great fit for your furry friend. They might struggle with munching on the crunchy treats, and treat time is definitely not supposed to be a struggle! If your dog has especially sensitive teeth, it might be best to serve their CBD to them in an oil rather than a premade treat.

Choose the Right Daily Recommended Amount of CBD for Dogs

When you decide how to give CBD oil to dogs, it’s important to start with the appropriate amount for your dog’s weight, no matter what method you use. Your dog will need a certain amount of CBD each day to experience the benefits, and you can spread that amount over different delivery methods if you do so carefully and intentionally. Also, CBD can build up in a dog's system over time, so you need to be patient when introducing it to your pet. Stay with the same process for 30 days before changing your dog’s CBD routine.

While the day’s total amount needs to be consistent, don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple delivery methods, from CBD treats for dogs to CBD peanut butter. The perfect wellness regimen might take some time to find, but the process of discovery can be fun for both you and your pooch!