It’s National Pet Month! Here Are 7 Ways to Celebrate

It’s National Pet Month! Here Are 7 Ways to Celebrate

May is National Pet Month, a perfect time to celebrate and honor our animals with treats, presents, CBD oil for pets, and special activities.

May is National Pet Month, and there are so many great ways to celebrate!

This month was created to acknowledge and celebrate the companionship between humans and animals. National Pet Month offers an opportunity for us to reflect on our pets and honor them by thinking of ways we can improve their lives – from doggie spa days to a new cat tower to the introduction of a new wellness tool like CBD oil for pets.

We know all the doting pet parents out there want to participate in this important month of national recognition. Once you understand the purpose of this holiday, you’ll find there are plenty of ways to celebrate your beloved furry friend!

The Purpose of National Pet Month

Nearly 70 percent of American households have pets – that’s about 85 million families! It’s no wonder we want to dedicate a whole month to their pets.

While the history of this celebratory month isn’t entirely clear, the purpose is very explicit: to celebrate our pets, promote adoption, increase awareness of companion and service animals, and acknowledge those who work with pets.

To Celebrate Our Beloved Animals

Of course, the obvious purpose of National Pet Month is to honor and pamper our pets! Cats, dogs, birds, bunnies – any animal that you count as part of your family is meant to be celebrated every day. But this month, bragging is not only acceptable, but encouraged!

Encourage Adoption

Almost every community has a local shelter or rescue nearby where pets wait to be taken to their fur-ever home. One of the purposes of this holiday is to encourage people who have considered adopting to finally make the commitment and change a deserving animal’s life forever.

Increase Awareness

Part of the purpose of National Pet Month is to increase awareness about the many benefits of pets for human beings. Pets are extremely positive for people’s mental health and can also encourage their physical health by promoting exercise and play.

This month is also intended to draw attention to companion and service animals and the work they do. Working pets keep our communities safe and inclusive by supporting those with disabilities in their daily lives.

Acknowledge Those Who Work With Pets

There are many people who work with pets, from veterinarians to dog massage therapists to guide-dog trainers. As we celebrate our pets this month, it’s also important to express appreciation for those who keep them happy and healthy.

A kitty cat lays next to a tub of cat treats from paw cbd

Seven Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

There are countless ways to celebrate your pet this month and every month. Some of our favorite ideas include pet adventures, grooming activities, presents, CBD oil for pets, bonding over new tricks, dog massage, and homemade pet treats!

1. Take Your Pet on an Adventure

Your pet should be getting regular exercise daily – and this means different things for different pets – but National Pet Month offers an opportunity to take your furry family member on an extra-special adventure. Your canine companion might want to go on a long car ride or a special hike, and your feline friend might want to spend a few hours safely prowling the backyard or bird watching from the window. Whatever your pet loves to do, find some time to take them on a special adventure in May.

2. Squeaky Clean: A Trip to the Groomer or a Special Bath

Like humans, pets get a lot of pleasure out of being pampered and feeling clean and well-groomed. A special visit to the local pet spa or groomer is a wonderful way to celebrate pet month. Even a nice, warm, soapy bath – maybe followed by a special blow-dry – would be a treat for most pets!

3. Pet Presents!

What is a celebration without presents? Cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies can all appreciate a shiny new toy, a special bag of treats or snacks, or even a pretty new accessory like a collar, bow, or blanket. You can even get a few little presents to spread throughout the month.

4. A Wellness Update with CBD Oil for Pets

Your pet’s wellness routine is one of the most important ways in which you show love for them. This includes exercise, a healthy diet, lots of love and play, and – for many furry families – CBD oil for pets!

Whether you’re new to pet CBD or a veteran of this resource, National Pet Month is a great time to get your animal some fun new pet CBD products. CBD oil tinctures for cats and chewable soft treats can promote your feline’s comfort and our CBD products for dogs include peanut butter, balm, chews, and hard treats.

If you really want to go all out for pet month, or if you’re looking to establish a new wellness routine and aren’t sure where to start, our CBD bundles for dogs and CBD bundles for cats are the best option.

A little dog stands next to a bag of dog treats from paw cbd

5. Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Teaching your pet a new trick is a great way to celebrate this month because it offers an opportunity to spend quality time with your animal. The trick could be something simple, like sit or stay, or something more complex that might take the whole month to learn – like how to fetch the paper!

Remember that trick training is about positive reinforcement and bonding. Even if Fido never learns how to roll over, the happy time you spend together will demonstrate your love for him.

6. Schedule a Dog Massage

Many humans might count a massage appointment as one of the best gifts they can receive – and you can do the same for your dog!

Dog massage can promote circulation and comfort in your pet and it’s a very luxurious, pleasant experience. Consider scheduling a massage appointment for your canine companion to celebrate National Pet Month.

7. Make Homemade Treats

Nothing says love and appreciation like a homemade goodie from your own kitchen. Using wholesome and animal-friendly ingredients, you can make delicious pet treats for your beloved animal. The ingredients that go into a cat treat will be different from the recipe for a dog treat, but you can adapt most recipes to your furry friend’s tastes and preferences. And, of course, you can make it extra special by adding the appropriate serving size of CBD oil for pets to your homemade treats!

Celebrate Your Pets!

Happy National Pet Month! While we know pet parents love celebrating their animals each and every day, this month offers a special time to do so, while also increasing awareness about the importance of adoption, companion animals, and those who work with our pets. So this May, do something extra special with your pet. Take a hike, make a special visit to the groomer, or treat them to a bag of pet CBD treats!

Spoil Them, Earn Rewards!

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