Top Cat and Dog Wellness Trends of 2021

Top Cat and Dog Wellness Trends of 2021

Discover trends for supporting cat and dog wellness in our daily lives and homes, including CBD for pets, all-natural pet food, and pet-friendly cleaning products.

Our furry friends can’t advocate for themselves, so the community of pet owners has a responsibility to create wellness trends that will improve the lives of their beloved animals. These trends go beyond diet and exercise to include additional resources and activities that furry families can take to increase cat wellness and dog wellness. Just like with our bodies and our children’s bodies, it’s up to us to create a wholesome, healthy lifestyle for our pets.

Pet trends tend to fall into three categories: diet trends like all-natural and organic foods, activity trends like a pet CBD routine or a monthly toy and treat subscription. And household trends like using eco-friendly cleaning products and pet toys to keep your animal safe. Each trend in these categories is intended to create a healthy, happy, fulfilling lifestyle for you and your pet.

Diet Trends for Cats and Dogs

Diet is the foundation of an optimum wellness plan for both humans and animals. As humans become more aware and concerned with what they are eating, they have become equally worried about what’s going into the bodies of their cats and dogs. Diet trends in the pet wellness world include a demand for all-natural products and fruity ingredients that offer nutrition and flavor.

A Demand for All-Natural Products

In recent years, pet owners have become more selective about the ingredient list on their pet’s food and treats. There is a trend of all-natural food products that feature wholesome ingredients and don’t have artificial flavors or fillers. Humans want their furry friends to have a healthy diet, too, full of foods that the owners recognize and can pronounce.

Fruity Flavors

Pet foods and treats have started to include more fruit ingredients in recent years. While some fruits can be dangerous to animals – for example, cherries are toxic to dogs and cats – there are also many nutritional benefits to including safe fruit ingredients in pet food and treats.

Plus, fruit packs an amazing flavor punch. Our CBD Calming Oil for Dogs comes in a natural blueberry flavor that dogs love.

A golden retriever and a grey kitty cat lay on the couch beside their owner

New Activities for Cat and Dog Wellness

Another trend is the addition of new activities and routines meant to enrich a cat or dog wellness plan. These activities can include a fun CBD routine, virtual vet visits and online shopping for pet items, monthly subscription boxes of treats and toys, and apps that can help you keep an eye on your pet.

A Pet CBD Routine

Pet CBD has become increasingly popular since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. People are finding that introducing CBD to their pets’ daily habits not only provides wellness benefits but also a lot of fun!

Once pet parents have talked to their veterinarian, CBD can be incorporated into their animal’s day in a variety of ways. This might mean a few drops of peanut butter-flavored CBD for dogs tincture in the morning, followed by a turkey-flavored soft chew in the afternoon, then a little dab of CBD peanut butter in the evening. Or, if your home has feline furbabies, a bundle of products featuring CBD oil for cats allows owners to mix it up with tincture and soft chews each day!

Virtual Visits and Online Shopping

The pandemic has certainly generated more virtual trends in every industry, including cat and dog wellness. Pet owners everywhere are turning to their phones and computers to care for their pets through telehealth visits with veterinarians, virtual training and obedience classes, and e-commerce sites to buy their favorite pet products – like CBD for pets! – online.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are becoming all the rage in the pet industry. A pet subscription offers a constant and no-effort way to keep your house consistently stocked with treats, food, and toys for your pet. It’s also a great way to become familiar with new products you didn’t even know your pet needed!

Pet Tech: Tracking and Monitoring Your Animal

The technology available to pet parents these days also influences their approach to the health and wellness of their animals. Pet wellness apps allow parents to log their pet’s food and treat intake, track their pet’s weight, find nearby veterinarians and emergency hospitals, and even keep their pet safe by webcam monitoring when they aren’t home.

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A Fur-Friendly Household

Environment is a crucial part of an optimum wellness plan for pets and humans alike. One of the newest wellness trends centers around creating a safe home using eco-friendly cleaning products and pet toys.

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

There is an entire industry of cleaning tools and products intended to be safe for pets and help you clean up after them. This includes items especially for keeping your house clean from pet mess like fur and accidents, and general everyday cleaning tools free from potentially harmful chemicals that might hurt your dog or cat. Ensure your home cleaning products are pet-friendly so that you and your furry friend can enjoy a sparkling house without any worry.

Eco-Friendly Pet Toys

Pets spend a lot of time with their toys – chewing on them, snuggling them, pawing and clawing them to pieces. So it makes sense that, how pet owners are selective about their dog food and cat treats, they are selective about the materials used in their pets’ toys. Many companies have started making toys out of organic cotton and natural rubber rather than chemical-laden synthetics.

Following Trends for Pet’s Health

While being a trend-setter is great, it’s also good to be a trend follower when it comes to movements that increase our pet’s health. All-natural foods, pet CBD routines, and eco-friendly cleaning products are just a few of the many ways to support cat and dog wellness in your household. And a healthy pet is a happy pet, which makes for a happy pet owner!