CBD for Cats and Other Cat Calming Tips for Feline Relaxation

CBD for Cats and Other Cat Calming Tips for Feline Relaxation

If you’re wondering how to calm a cat, we’ve got the resources and techniques you need right here. From CBD for cats to increased playtime, there are plenty of ways to relax your feline friend.

Do you feel like you have a crazy cat on your hands? Cats can feel stressed out and behave erratically for a number of reasons. If you’re wondering how to calm a cat, you’re in luck! There are a myriad of wellness resources like CBD for cats, increased playtime, and other strategies you can use to keep your feline in the chill zone. Let’s examine why your cat might need some extra calming support, additions you can make to their daily routine to relax them, and other techniques that will help you maintain a centered and easygoing kitty.

Why Your Cat Might Need Calming Support

Wondering why your cat is so hyper? Cats are sensitive creatures and they might need calming support for any number of reasons, including:

  • Changes to their environment
  • Rapidly shifting moods
  • Schedule changes
  • Cat separation stress when you leave

Environmental Changes

Almost any changes to their environment can cause a cat to be hyperactive or behave wildly. Environmental changes come in many forms, from the dramatic, such as a change in environment, to something simple like the noise of a holiday party. Even moving furniture around or introducing a new member of the family such as a baby or pet counts as a change in your cat’s space. Transitions like this can be difficult for cats and cause them to behave erratically, and calming support resources can be useful in making these changes a lot easier on your pet.

Cats Can Be Moody

Cats can be mercurial, moody creatures. While this is part of what we love about them, it can also be hard to keep up sometimes. It can also be tough for your cat if they’re constantly jumping between happy and stressed out. Many people find themselves looking for ways to calm a cat because keeping a cat more steady in their mood and behavior will make the cat feel more comfortable and will also make the owner’s life easier.

Schedule Changes Can Require Cat Calming Support

If you’re going back to work after being home during the pandemic, your cat might struggle to adjust to the change in schedule. Alternatively, a schedule change that fills the cat’s space with more people – such as summertime, when the kids are out of school and home more often – can also be stressful for a cat. Cats like predictability and expectation in their daily lives, so if something dramatic happens that changes their routine, it can be tough. Providing calming support during schedule changes can help make such transitions easier on your feline.

Separation Stress Can Make a Cat Crazy

While separation issues in dogs are more common than in cats, some cats do feel stressed out by being away from their owners. If your cat appears upset when you leave the house – and these signs can show up in a number of ways, not just simply meowing loudly as you leave – then you might want to offer them some calming support so they can feel relaxed and chill while you’re away. You don’t want to leave your cat to deal with their tension and panic while you’re gone and not offer them a way to be happier.

A cat that is relaxed with it's eyes closed laying on it's back with a bottle of paw cbd feline calming hemp oil 150mg unflavored

Resources You Can Use to Support a Calm Cat

There are many wellness resources available to help you support your cat’s relaxation and calm demeanor. These include all of the ingredients in our Pet CBD Cat Calming Tincture for cats, which includes:

  • CBD for cats
  • Herbal blends
  • Melatonin

Calming CBD for Cats

CBD, or cannabidiol, impacts your cat’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn impacts their nervous system and other bodily processes. By providing this system with a little added support, your cat can maintain their inner balance more easily. CBD functions as part of a well-rounded daily routine to keep your cat centered and more capable of managing their stress signals.

Not all CBD for cats is created equal, though. If you choose to try this calming resource for your feline, be sure you find a trustworthy product that is certified THC-free,* independently lab tested and made from domestically grown hemp. You’ll also want to be intentional about finding the right daily amount of CBD for your cat and set up a detailed, consistent routine in order to really see how CBD can help your cat stay calm.

Feline-Safe Herbal Blends for Calm

Herbs can also contribute to a calm feeling for your cat. Passion flower, valerian root, and lemon balm are three herbs known to have soothing qualities that can support your kitty’s chill vibe. Valerian root is a wild herb that grows all over the world and has long been used to promote healthy sleep cycles. Supporting your cat’s wellness routine with natural herbs known to have relaxing qualities is a great way to calm your cat.

Melatonin for Calming Cats

Another resource for calming your cat is melatonin. Melatonin is naturally made by your cat’s body to regulate their sleep and waking cycle. By adding a little additional melatonin to your cat’s daily life, you can ensure they are getting plenty of restful sleep, and being well-rested will contribute to a more calm feline demeanor.

Other Techniques for Keeping Your Cat Relaxed

Supplementing your pet’s diet with calming wellness resources like CBD for cats is not the only way to support your feline’s relaxation. Some other ways to calm a cat include:

  • Ensuring plenty of play and mental stimulation
  • Avoiding overstimulation
  • Maintaining a consistent routine
  • Visiting your veterinarian regularly

A woman sitting down with a coffee mug in her hands smiling with her cat laying down behind her

Play and Mental Stimulation Are Crucial

Cats are extremely smart, and they need consistent and engaging play time to keep their minds at ease. A bored cat will likely be hyperactive and crazy. A cat that’s receiving consistent play time to model the predator-prey relationship will likely be much calmer. Interactive cat toys can be especially helpful in ensuring your cat gets all the mental stimulation they need – especially if you have a busy daily schedule and don’t always have lots of time to play.

Avoid Overwhelming Your Cat with Activity

While it’s true that cats need plenty of mental stimulation, they also require a delicate balance, because overstimulation can cause stress for a cat and make them hyperactive and nervous. If your cat is engaging with humans and other animals all day long, they won’t have enough time to rest and rejuvenate and their health can suffer. This often manifests in stress signals like aggression, spraying, lethargy, or weight loss. Monitor your cat’s daily habits and make sure they aren’t feeling overstimulated. If so, try to create a space in the home where they can retreat for alone time. Make sure everyone in the family – kids and other pets included – know that kitty is off-limits when they visit their private space.

Maintain a Consistent Routine for a Calm Cat

Since change and transition are some of the primary reasons for cats being stressed out or hyperactive, it follows that keeping a consistent routine is one excellent strategy for keeping your cat chill. Every day, your cat should eat at least two healthy meals, enjoy some play time and affection from you, and get plenty of rest. Setting up a schedule so your cat knows when to expect each part of her day can contribute to a more relaxed pet. Try to feed your cat at the same time each day and even schedule playtime as consistently as possible. A solid routine can be a major support system for keeping your cat calm and centered.

Always Make Regular Veterinary Visits

Visiting the veterinarian regularly is one of the foundations of your cat’s health and wellness. Especially if you’re worried about your cat’s mood, are considering CBD for cats, or feel like your cat needs calming support, your veterinarian should be your first stop. Even if you don’t need to consult them about a specific issue, your cat should be seeing the veterinarian at least once a year to make sure they are generally healthy and comfortable. Cats are masters at hiding pain or health issues, so regular wellness exams are important to monitor and maintain your favorite feline’s health and well-being!

Keep Your Cat Calm with Wellness Resources and a Good Routine

Whether you choose to introduce CBD for cats, increase your cat’s daily playtime, or both, you’re sure to see some increased chill in your cat with these techniques for how to calm a cat. If you have a hyper cat, it’s important to find ways to calm them down so that they can feel comfortable. No one likes to be stressed out and hyperactive – kitties included.