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Review of Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Paw CBD has gathered this authoritative review of our favorite dog CBD oils so you can have all the information you need at a glance.

If you’ve chosen to use CBD oil for dogs as a wellness resource for your canine companion, you’re now tasked with the job of finding the best product for your family and needs. Choosing a high-quality dog CBD oil is straightforward in some ways – you likely know if your dog needs to avoid certain allergens or has distinct flavor preferences – but in other ways, the process of selecting the best CBD oil for dogs can seem overwhelming because there are so many choices. To help you select the best product for your furry family member, we have gathered this authoritative review of our favorite dog CBD oils so you can have all the information you need at a glance.

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs from Paw CBD

At Paw CBD, we’ve gone to great lengths to design a dog CBD oil that is truly the best for your canine’s body and wellness. Our dog CBD oils are specifically formulated to support your pet’s lifestyle goals and help them maintain mobility, comfort, and relaxation.

What Makes Paw CBD Oil for Dogs the Best

Paw CBD oil for dogs has all the qualities of an excellent dog CBD oil – many of which are hard to find in other products on the market. Not only is our CBD derived from domestically grown hemp, ensuring proper and safe farming practices that carry through to the final product, but Paw CBD also uses Superior Broad Spectrum CBD. This formula is unique to the Paw CBD line of products because our parent company, cbdMD, designed it.

Superior Broad Spectrum CBD carefully selects all of the effective cannabinoids and terpenes – not only cannabidiol, but the other parts of the hemp plant like cannabigerol and cannabidiol that make CBD work best for your pet. We also carefully remove as much THC as possible from our products, which gives us the hard-earned THC-free* label and ensures your pet won’t experience any psychoactive effects from our dog CBD oil.

Since all of our CBD oil for dogs is third-party tested and comes with a Certificate of Analysis, you can rest assured that the ingredient list is reliable and you don’t have to worry about additives, fillers, or other unfriendly ingredients that might not be good for your dog. Our CBD oil is designed to support your canine’s body and address their wellness needs without sacrificing on anything – that’s why we use MCT oil as a delivery method, because it’s shown to be easy on canine digestion.

Beyond our own high standards, we also have gone through the strict quality and regulatory process to have our CBD oil for dogs and cats certified by the National Animal Supplement Council, putting us in a select group among pet CBD brands.

Different Dog CBD Oils from Paw CBD

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Paw CBD CBD oil for dogs comes in a variety of strengths, which gives you plenty of options and control for how to incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily wellness routine. The amount of CBD your pet needs every day depends on their size, and Paw CBD wants you to have an abundance of choices for your pet’s daily delivery method. If you use a less concentrated CBD oil for dogs, you can combine it with CBD dog treats or other CBD products to make your dog’s day varied and interesting. Furthermore, the oils come in both delicious peanut butter flavor and an unflavored option, which you can add to flavored items like kibble or treats that your dog already loves.

Paw CBD also has two different strengths of calming CBD oil for dogs, a formula designed to support your dog’s stress management and general relaxation. This product has all the wellness benefits of our regular CBD oil for dogs, but it also includes melatonin for relaxation and a regulated sleep schedule and a soothing blend of herbs designed to send your pooch into ultimate chill: valerian, passion flower, lemon balm, and chamomile. Paw CBD canine calming CBD oil for dogs is the best product for pets who need some added comfort in their day to help them enjoy their favorite activities stress-free.

Penguin CBD Oil for Dogs

Another excellent CBD oil for dogs on the market is made by the brand Penguin. This broad spectrum CBD oil for dogs is made from hemp grown in Oregon. The chicken-flavored oil is tasty for canines and comes in two different strengths for smaller and larger dogs. Their CBD for dogs has been accredited by a third-party, independent laboratory, and they provide results to prove it.

Petly Dog CBD Oil

Like Penguin CBD oil for dogs, Petly makes a great option that satisfies many dog owners. The CBD oil for dogs from Petly is made with broad spectrum CBD and comes in three strengths for different-size dogs, giving you a few more options the the Penguin brand. Petly is also proud to have a product made from hemp that was organically grown in Colorado and ensures that their products are free from any additives. Their strict quality control and third-party lab testing also reassure consumers of the reliability and honesty in their dog CBD oil products.

CBDfx Dog CBD Oil

CBDfx makes a dog CBD oil that is cruelty-free, domestically made, and free from solvents as well. Their chicken-flavored CBD oil for dogs is also vegan, made from broad spectrum CBD, and available in four different strengths so you can design an effective regimen that works best for your pet. Pet parents also love that their CBD oil for dogs is organic and non-GMO. Every CBDfx product has a third-party lab report for your peace of mind so you can verify the potency of the product and also ensure your furry family member isn’t consuming any pesticides or other contaminants.

Choose from the Best CBD Oil for Dogs on the Market

The best CBD oil for dogs is the one that generates the benefits your dog needs the most and ensures you feel good about what you’re giving them. Since you’re in charge of your dog’s wellness routine, you have to be selective and careful about introducing new products and resources into their daily life. With this authoritative review of the best dog CBD oils on the market, you can make educated decisions about what product will be best for your furry family member.