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Can I Give My Hyper Kitten CBD Oil?

Yes, CBD oil for cats can be used for a hyper kitten over the age of four months, but the amount of CBD you give to your kitten is extremely important.

Yes, CBD oil for cats can be used for a hyper kitten over the age of four months. Before this age, your kitten is still developing and we don’t recommend introducing any new substances. They are still learning about their environment and hyperactivity is normal during their first four months of life. If you are looking to use kitten CBD treats for your hyperactive kitten, here is what you need to know.

Why Dosage Is Important with CBD for Cats

The amount of CBD you give to your kitten is extremely important, because a dose of CBD that is too large can reduce the benefits and makes it possible your cat will experience negative side effects like lethargy. CBD is a wonderful tool for calming your cat down and helping them tap into their existing well of calm, but if they are given too much CBD they might feel sleepy and groggy. You want CBD to enhance your cat’s wellness, not dilute their awesome kitty personality!

Finding the right dosage of CBD for cats is especially important with a kitten, because they tend to be smaller and will therefore need a smaller dose. How much CBD for cats to use is as much art as science. While science can give you a starting point according to your kitten’s weight, that might be too much or too little for your kitten’s unique physiology and needs. Like people, kittens are individuals. The kitten CBD routine that works for one cat might not work well for another.

If you notice side effects like lethargy or dry mouth, stop using kitten CBD treats and consult your veterinarian about how to approach your cat’s dosage. But if you don’t notice an immediate change in behavior, give your cat CBD routine a chance to work. You might not see the obvious benefits of CBD for cats within the first few days or even weeks of a chosen routine. CBD builds up in your kitten’s body to impact their endocannabinoid system, so we recommend sticking with your chosen dosage for at least 30 days before making any changes.


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CBD Can Be a Useful Calming Tool for Kittens Over Four Months

CBD for cats is a useful wellness resource for any cat over four months of age. The life stages of a kitten are not unlike those of a puppy. In the first two weeks of life, kittens are considered neonatal. In order to develop normally, it’s crucial that kittens are with their mother during this phase. Between two and seven weeks, kittens start to develop more normal sleep patterns and interact with their littermates. Between seven weeks and four months is the most playful and hyperactive life stage for a kitten. This includes both social play, in which you’ll see a kitten pouncing on littermates and rolling around a lot, as well as object play, in which kittens learn to interact with toys using their mouths and paws.

It’s important that this phase is complete before you start using kitten CBD. You don’t want to disrupt this normal phase of hyperactivity and high energy, because these skills help your kitten move through the world as an adult and are a normal part of development. Rather than introducing any new substances to your kitten, let nature do its work before the four-month mark. After that fourth month, you can start a CBD routine according to your cat’s weight and behavior to support their ability to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Choosing Between Kitten CBD Treats and CBD Oil for Cats

Kitten CBD treats and CBD cat tinctures have different benefits and drawbacks. Cats tend to have dental issues and kittens have especially small and sensitive teeth, so any kitten CBD treat you use will need to be tender, bite-sized, and easy for your kitten to chew. Some cat parents choose to use CBD oil instead of treats because it can be drizzled on your kitten’s food. The only drawback with this method is you have to ensure your kitten eats all of the food onto which the CBD oil has been added, or they won’t be getting their full dosage of kitten CBD and therefore might not experience the benefits. You can also try a combination of kitten CBD treats and oil to ensure your kitten is getting their full dose each day. For example, if you give your kitten 5 mg of CBD daily, you can give them a 2 mg kitten CBD treat and then a 3 mg drizzle of oil over their food.

One of the other significant benefits of using CBD oil for cats rather than treats is that you can be more specific with dosage. While you can cut a 5 mg CBD kitten treat in half for an approximate 2.5 mg dose, it’s not as exact as an oil, where you can measure out the proper amount with a dropper.


So, Can I Give My Kitten CBD?

Yes, you absolutely can give your kitten CBD after their four-month birthday. But remember – kitten CBD is not a substitute for training your cat to be well-behaved and stick to a normal schedule. It is your responsibility as a cat parent to teach your kitten proper behavior, such as how to play with toys, use the litter box, and appropriate sleep and wake times. If your cat is especially hyperactive and crazy, you may need to examine and reassess other parts of your routine to be sure your kitten is getting what they need, including mental and physical stimulation, a proper diet, and enough sleep. When combined with training and a healthy schedule, CBD for cats can be an extremely effective tool for supporting your kitten’s calm demeanor.