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How Long Does It Take for Dog CBD Oil to Work?

Here is what you need to know about how dog CBD oil works in your pet’s body, what the timeline looks like, and when you should start seeing the benefits.

When pet parents are starting a new regimen of CBD oil for dogs, one of their first questions is often, how long will it take for my dog to start seeing the benefits of dog CBD oil? Generally, CBD starts to take effect in your dog’s body within 30 minutes or an hour. But every dog is different, and just because dog CBD oil is working doesn’t mean you’ll immediately notice its effects. Here is what you need to know about how CBD tincture for dogs works in your pet’s body, what the timeline looks like, and when you should start seeing the benefits of this wellness resource.

Will CBD Oil for Dogs Make My Dog Immediately Calm Down?

No, you probably won’t notice an immediate reaction when you administer CBD tincture for dogs. If your dog is given a proper dose of CBD oil, you should notice a more calm, relaxed demeanor within 30 minutes or an hour. The benefits of CBD will also be more noticeable after you’ve been giving your dog the same dose for a few days or weeks. We recommend administering the same amount of CBD for a minimum of 30 days, even if you aren’t seeing the desired benefits within a week or so. CBD has a cumulative effect in your dog’s body, so the consistency of daily use can improve the outcomes. It might take you a month to see the full benefits of a dog CBD oil dose.

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CBD is not a substitute for good training to calm your dog down or get their attention in an immediate or urgent setting. CBD oil for dogs should be used as a complement to your dog’s daily wellness and training routine to help them feel confident, secure, and relaxed for every part of their day.

Choose the Right Time to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

Most pet parents give their dog CBD oil daily at the same time because it’s convenient. This can be according to your schedule and your dog’s specific needs. The CBD in your dog’s system will probably be strongest within an hour or two of when they initially consume the CBD, and it will wear off as time passes. So, with this in mind, you can use CBD oil for dogs in a way that best suits your schedule and when you want your dog to be at the height of their chill mode.

If your dog struggles with separation anxiety, it might make the most sense to drizzle their dose of CBD oil for dogs over their morning bowl of breakfast kibble, about an hour before you leave the house for work. Alternatively, if your dog needs some support with their sleep and wake schedule and you’re using a specialized CBD oil for dogs formula that features sleep-enhancing ingredients, it might make more sense to give them their dog CBD oil closer to bedtime.

Choosing What Kind of Dog CBD Oil Product to Use

If you’re looking for a product that will relax your dog more quickly, CBD tinctures for dogs are the way to go rather than CBD dog treats or other kinds of CBD ingestibles. When you use tinctures, the CBD oil can get into your dog’s bloodstream faster and start impacting their endocannabinoid system more quickly. With the CBD treats, there is more to digest and the process takes a little longer.

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Remember that you can use a combination of CBD tinctures for dogs and CBD dog treats in your pet’s daily routine, as long as the dose of CBD given to them is the same each day. For example, let’s assume your dog responds best to 10 mg of CBD daily, and you want them to calm down quickly in the morning when you leave for work. You can give them 5 mg of CBD oil in the morning before you leave. Then, when you’re home at night and they’re less likely to be hyperactive (so you don’t need a super immediate reaction) you can give them their remaining dose in a 5 mg CBD dog treat.

Increasing the Dose of CBD Oil for Dogs Won’t Create Faster Results

The amount of CBD oil you give to your dog is the single most important factor in creating a highly beneficial and effective routine for your pet. With the right daily amount, you will see all of the benefits of CBD for dogs – increased calm, improved mobility, and general relaxation – and none of the possible side effects, like lethargy or dry mouth. Increasing your dog’s CBD oil dose will not make these benefits appear more quickly. In fact, a CBD dose that is too large might just put your dog at risk for those pesky side effects, which make the benefits less apparent. Don’t increase your dog’s CBD dose in an effort to create a more immediate reaction. Instead, plan out a careful CBD routine so you know when to give your dog their daily amount, how much to give them, and when you can expect to start seeing the impact of CBD for dogs.