Getting Out More? Help Your Dog Stay Healthy with CBD

Getting Out More? Help Your Dog Stay Healthy with CBD

Summer is here, which means more outdoor activity. Support your pet’s lifestyle changes this season with risk awareness, a solid health foundation, and CBD oil for dogs.

Summer is almost here, and with it comes plenty of opportunity for outdoor play with your canine companion. Your dog is an active creature with a zest for life, and you want to keep it that way. CBD oil for dogs is the perfect tool for helping your pooch maintain their health, happiness, energy, and agility so they can continue their favorite activities.

Your furry family might even be a little bit bigger this season after the adoption of a new pandemic buddy. With fewer restrictions on our social outings and the arrival of sunnier days, people and their dogs are going to be getting out into the world more very soon.

No matter how you plan to enjoy this summer, you’ll need to follow some simple guidelines to keep your pet safe and healthy all season long and for years to come. As we enter into warmer weather and our new post-pandemic normal, beware of the outdoor risks for your pet, support them with a solid wellness routine, and consider introducing CBD oil for dogs to maintain their comfort and energy amidst these lifestyle changes.

New Outdoor Activities Mean New Risks

Last summer, or before the pandemic, your dog might have been an avid hiker who could join you on a big mountain climb, or even an overnight backpacking trip where your pooch carries their own food and water. But that was quite a long time ago. Injury, mental strain, and wildlife dangers are some risks to keep in mind as you start taking your dog outside again and frequenting more populated, busy places.

A woman and a beautiful black and white mottled dog stand on the edge of a cliff in the mountains

Avoid Injury with Slow, Steady Preparation

Your dog is going to be excited to get back outside and back to the activities they love, which they might not have done in a while. Dogs can struggle with self-management and self-control, so the risk of injury is high if you start with an activity that’s too demanding or strenuous.

Take it slow as you reintroduce activities, especially challenging ones like running or hikes with large elevation gain. Your pet needs to build up their strength in the same way a person does. If your dog’s hips or joints need a little extra love, try a joint-supportive formula with pet CBD like our Hip and Joint Chews for Dogs, which features glucosamine HCL to keep them agile and moving.

Your Dog May Get Overwhelmed

If your pet has been cooped up at home with you for the past year, bringing them to busy places with lots of dogs, other animals, or people might be overwhelming. Just as their muscles could get overwhelmed if you do too much too soon, your dog’s mental and emotional state might be overwhelmed by too much socialization too quickly.

Getting back to your normal activity routine might require some steady training and reintroduction. Go slow and take things in spurts. Don’t rush your dog to an outdoor concert right off the bat – maybe start with a quick visit to their favorite dog park or a brewery patio. Keep it manageable and don’t force your pet to do an activity that makes them uncomfortable or anxious.

Seasonal Wildlife Dangers

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! While most of us aren’t going to be playing with our dog in an area where lions or tigers are a risk, there are plenty of other wildlife dangers to consider as you get outside more. Bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and snakes are just a few of the creatures that can pose a danger to your pets if you aren’t paying attention. It’s important to keep your dog leashed in certain wildlife areas for this very reason. Keep an eye out for sneaky critters that might make your pet very uncomfortable, like hornets, bees, wasps, spiders, and even skunks.

A veterinarian holds two small dogs and smiles as he looks at them

Start with a Solid Foundation for Your Pet’s Wellness

Your pet’s summer joy starts with a solid wellness foundation. This includes regular visits to the veterinarian’s office (it might be time for a check-up), a healthy diet, and lots of love and affection.

Keep Your Veterinarian in the Loop

Your veterinarian should be close buddies with your pooch – not just someone they see when it’s time for shots or they’re feeling sick or injured. Regular wellness check-ups are an important part of your dog’s overall health. Veterinarians can offer advice on how to keep your pet in the best shape, and they might also notice something important that you didn’t when it comes to your pet’s general demeanor.

When was the last time you visited your veterinarian? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to give them a call for an annual wellness exam.

A Well-Rounded Dog Diet

What your dog eats is, obviously, a foundational component of their day-to-day life and health. Choosing a high-quality pet food and deciding how to supplement your pet’s diet are important choices that should be researched and considered carefully. Make sure your dog is getting all the nutrition they need from what they consume each day, so they can get back to their summer activities without missing a beat.

Attention and Affection Are Part of Your Dog’s Health

If you’re going back to the office soon after working from home for several months, your dog is likely going to experience some sadness as they miss your presence during the day. Giving your dog daily attention and affection is just as important for their wellness as diet and exercise. Make sure you set aside daily time to give love to your dog, whether that’s by throwing the tennis ball, feeding them some Peanut Butter with CBD oil for dogs, or simply snuggling on the couch.

Three dogs run and play in a brightly lit park with green grass

Summer Is The Perfect Time for a New Routine with CBD Oil for Dogs

As you embark on new activities this season, it might be a perfect time to start a wellness routine that includes CBD for dogs. CBD oil for dogs can help your pet stay in tip-top shape and continue avoiding the drawbacks of new activity, like stress signals and joint discomfort. Plus, the option of CBD treats for dogs means it’s easier than ever to keep your pet comfortable during your adventures.

Calming CBD Oil for Dogs Helps Keeps Your Pet Sweet

Your dog is a sweet animal, but their demeanor might change in stressful new situations, like a visit to the dog park for the first time in a while or seeing more people out on their walks. To help your dog continue to be their sweet, friendly, confident self, calming pet CBD formulas like our CBD Calming Oil for Dogs with melatonin or CBD Calming Chews for Dogs with L-tryptophan can be a great resource. When your pet is relaxed, they are far less likely to demonstrate stress signals like cowering or whining as they return to their previous social activities.

CBD for Dogs Can Help Them Maintain Their Activity Levels

Joint and muscle discomfort can be common even in active, young, healthy pets. Once you have slowly and deliberately returned your dog to their pre-pandemic, pre-winter activity levels, you can help them maintain their energy with CBD oil for dogs. Another great way to support your active dog is with CBD Balm, a wonderful resource for their paw pad comfort if you’re going on regular hikes.

CBD Pet Treats for Dogs Are Portable and Easy for On-the-Go

You’re going to be busy this summer, traveling back and forth from the lake, the dog park, the trails, the pool – wherever you and your best friend decide to adventure. One of the best features of our CBD Treats for Dogs is that they are portable and easy to take with you anywhere. Keep a bag of these tasty, wellness-supporting goodies in the glove box for a reward after a long hike, or just as a way to conveniently give your dog their daily portion of pet CBD without having to measure out the tincture.

Get Your Pet Ready for the Best Summer Ever

Summer is a wonderful time to bond with your animal, and they might need a little extra support because the last year has been strange. Give your pet the best summer ever by being aware of outdoor risks, creating a solid health foundation for your pet, and supporting their daily wellness and activity with CBD oil for dogs as you get into a new warm-weather routine.